Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Next Best Thing

I know that is lame to start with...who the hell wants the NEXT BEST THING? We all want THE BEST THING EVER - EVERY FREAKIN TIME NO MATTER WHAT IT IS.... well, tough s&*^....sometimes you just have to be happy with the next best thing... and today it is the recipe for "Ms. L's Best Ever Green Icing Cookies"...IF you were at my best ever - Girls ONLY, PJ's Optional Christmas Party and you were smart enough to grab one of these cookies and forget about carbs for 5 seconds then you too will be jumping up and down right now hoping I'm going to tell you how to make some more...

But, this is the real world - so SORRY....if ya didn't grab one. And we are all SOL because Ms. L. prefers to keep this recipe to herself. So, she will be invited next year and we will all hope and pray she comes and brings some more again. In case she decides not too...based on all the shit I've given her about these cookies and her lack of sharing so far - we will just hope for the best next year and in the mean time make our own damn version of these awesome and amazing cookies. Wha freakin LA!!

Sooooo....here we go. And by the way - I am NOT the only FREAK online trying to duplicate these cookies...I have help. They prefer to remain nameless and therefore unable to be sued or beaten up by thugs....this is my best shot at these cookies and yes, I have gained 13 lbs. in the process - but it was worth at least 8lbs. Those last 5 will be a bitch to loose....cookies are good but are they worth it?...you decide, if ya dare...

Girly Girls Version of the Best EVER Freakin Cookies with Green Icing...
1 c. flour
3/4c. cornstarch
1 c. butter
1/2 c. powdered sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. almond flavor extract

mix butter, sugar, vanilla and almond extract until fluffy and combined
mix cornstarch, flour and salt

add dry ingredients to butter mixture & drop by small spoonfuls on ungreased cookie sheet.

bake at 350 - 10-12 minutes

Let cool and add icing:
2 c. powdered sugar
2-4 Tbsp. milk
2 tbsp. butter softened

cream all together and add food colorin if desired...frost cooled cookies.

Wait let me go get another cookie and eat it just to make sure this is all worth your time and trouble...and an extra five pounds for me to loose...be right back.

OMG - HELLS FREAKIN YES!!!! These are really good cookies and not even hard to make people - so I say, go make a whole bunch and call them New Years Cookies and don't worry about calories or anything boring like that cause it is a New Year and who know's what may happen - so eat lots of good cookies while you can an worry about it the hell later... Life is short so ENJOY and be five lbs.- over so what!!!!

Love, Hugs, Peace and Blessings to ALL!!!

You're the best!! Now go forth and share with all the rest!!! That is my motto!! If it's that good - then ya need to share it!!!! Why the hell not????


Girly Girl...The Queen of ALL Good Things!!! And all good things must be shared!!
Raise a glass to 2010!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Recipe Time!!!

While I'm on a sickening sugar high from being in the kitchen all afternoon and way into the night I'm going to push on through it and get ya'll those recipes from my Girls Only Pajamas Optional Girl's Got to Have IT!!! Christmas Party...right now I would kill for some Chicken Enchilada Dip to cut the sugar running thru my veins. This could be a long night for me!!!

So let's start with that:
Chicken Enchilada Dip
3 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts - don't skimp and use tenderloins either - big fat chicken boobies only...
2 (8oz.) packages of cream cheese softened
1 1/2 C. grated cheddar cheese
2 tsp. minced garlic
2 tsp. chili powder
1 1/2 tsp. cumin ( I prolly used a cup cause I LOVE - OMG we need to rename this spice,or at least change the spelling to queman)
1 tsp. oregano
1 1/2 tsp. paprika
3/4 c. chopped cilantro
4 green onions sliced
1 (14 oz.) can Rotel w/ lime or fresh lime juice
dash of hot sauce to taste
dash of salt & pepper

Now anytime I need cooked chicken for a recipe this is what I do and it smells so good you might want to throw in another chicken breast so you can just eat it while you're making the recipe...Tear off a big piece of aluminum foil and center the chicken - sprinkle it with garlic, salt, pepper, lots of cumin and just about any spice ya like that goes with the dish) wrap it all up tight folding all the edges over to make a pouch. Use more foil and double wrap it. Place on baking sheet and cook at 350 for at least 45 - 60 minutes. Unwrap carefully and save any juice if ya can - that is liquid gold - chop it up and wha la...try not to eat it all before you put it in the recipe. That extra piece is a really good idea next time...

So while that is cooling, mix the following together in a large mixing bowl - cream cheese & cheddar cheeses until smooth. Add next five spices and mix well. Add the chopped chicken, cilantro, green onions and Rotel. If you can't find the Rotel with lime juice add that too.

Season with hot sauce and refrigerate 4 -5 hours. Add salt & pepper and more hot sauce if needed before serving with chips or flour tortillas. Yum!!

White Chocolate - Cranberry Bread Pudding
* This one came from Sandra Lee's Slow Cooker Recipe Book
1 loaf of Texas Toast ( or other thick sliced bread) torn into pieces
1 (12oz) bag of white chocolate chips
1 c. dried cranberries or craisins
3 large eggs
1 c. milk
1 c. heavy cream
1/2 c. sugar
dash of salt
2 tbs. butter
1 tsp. cinnamon
* I added one small airline size bottle of Kahlua- just cause :)

coat your slow cooker/crock pot with cooking spray
In a large bowl toss together bread pieces, white chocolate chips and cranberries.
In another bowl whisk together the eggs, milk, cream, sugar, Kahlua and salt. Pour over bread mixture.Stir all together and put in slow cooker. Slice the butter into pieces and place on top and then sprinkle with cinnamon.

Cover and cook on Low for 3 - 4 hours!! Isn't that easy!!! Just wait... it is really good!!
Now Sandra ( we love her) is all about semi homemade and she used Hershey's Syrup over hers when she serves it...but I like this chocolate sauce better and it is quick and easy too.

Chocolate Sauce:
1 12oz. bag of semi sweet chocolate chips
14 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk
4 tbsp. butter
1tsp. vanilla extract
In sauce pan over medium heat combine all except for vanilla...Stir constantly (or ask someone else too, Thank you Lisa W.!!! She saved the chocolate sauce cause I forgot all about it - party hostess duties called)When completely melted remove from heat and add vanilla. Set aside til bread pudding is ready - warm up if needed. Don't forget to stir it!!!

If ya really want to be fancy serve the pudding in martini glasses and cover with chocolate sauce...or just stand around crock pot with a spoon and dig in....I'm thinking some caramel might be good in there too next time...or coffee ice cream under the bread pudding...so many ways to eat it!!!

Dark Chocolate Key lime cups
This is really easy too - if ya can find the Botticelli rich dark chocolate Miniture Dessert Shells - recipe is on the back. If not here is the filling and it is so good you can put it in or on anything and it will be fab.
1 tsp. grated lime peel
1/2 c. fresh lime juice - I got tired of squeezing after three limes so I filled it to 1/2 c. with the green bottle stuff. So shoot me. I had a lot to do that day.
1 can (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk

Beat sweetend condensed milk with lime juice until combined - add lime peel. Done. If ya have the chocolate shells fill and sprinkle with green sugar or slice of lime. You can even add cool whip if ya really want to. I personally could just eat it with a spoon and skip the chocolate and whipped stuff. Actually, had about 1/2 c. left over and I'm still enjoying that little secret stash in the fridge. I've decided that next to heavy cream in a recipe my next favorite would be sweetened condensed milk....you could also make with lemon juice. Yum yum yum!!!

Now for those of you at the party last week - I KNOW...you want the Green Frosted Cookie Recipe. I've already explained that Miss L. does not share that recipe. This is a major bummer cause they are really good. So I spent a little time on this wonderful thing called Google looking up recipes and then several hours -the cause of my sugar rush - in the kitchen trying to make these freakin cookies. I've also been making a huge batch of sugar nuts, sand tarts and cream cheese candy (which tastes a lot like divinity but really easy to make) so my taste buds are shot tonight, but my taste tester who enjoyed several of the real thing the other night thinks these are pretty darn close. Cookie part is great it's the icing that is hardest...working on it and will let ya know as soon as I think I've got it. Good thing I'm going to dentist tomorrow cause I'm sure I've got sugar rot going on tonight...

Oddly enough, I'm getting sleepy so I better go brush my teeth about 10 times and double floss...which will wake me up again. Got about 10 magazines and more books than I can count to read so if I do stay up all night I'll have plenty to do. Might even get in a few more episodes of Army Wives!!! Love this show!!! Can ya tell the sugar is kickin in again????And "DAD" is out of town and I'm the boss of me tonight so I can stay up late if I wanna....pepcid might be a good idea too....maybe a dose of Nyquil....

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Give me a break....it's not only Christmas but I gave a big party - people. And as my dear friends and family know - when I give a party - I GIVE A PARTY!! I try to invite everybody (more on that later) and I really try to make it fun. And because I am anal, I try to make all of it JUST RIGHT. Which means I like to do it all myself. Until the two weeks before, when total PANIC sets in and I realize I need help. Specially if this is not a catered affair. This one wasn't. And I had to use EVITE because I was too late to mail invites. And I had to send Christmas Cards - a WHOLE other blogpost - so shoot me. Any hoo - Evites go out, my first time ever doing that and it took me five days to figure that all out (STRESS). Let's just say my computer skills are pretty much limited to emails and when I find the time, this blog and my other one at girlygirl.pnn.com - and both of these have been suffering lately. I always have to ask some poor soul to remind me how to cut and paste. Sad. I know damn it. But true. I think I have it now....anyway - evites go out to over 100 plus people.

Now, if you live in McKinney and you are one of the 16 REGISTERED readers - lots more TELL me they read but just aren't listed - AND you did not receive an Evite - YES, YOU DID!!! Check your junk mail - actually read your email - ON A COMPUTER - and not your fancy iphone...I have one too and you can get into a lot of trouble reading your email at traffic lights (besides all the angry people with guns behind you blasting their horns cause you are into the middle of a really good email) Honestly, If I smile and say hello - anytime you see me - you were invited. If I ignore you and run - prolly not. Anyway, A really good time was had by all. Most really did trust me and wore their comfy jammies - a few even wore their VS jammies - and I'll tell you Victoria's Secret...they are all 14 years old, really tall, freakishly skinny girls with big ole BOOB Jobs!! 'Cept for Heidi and she's just not human. She is proof Aliens are alive and married to handsome black men with cool facial scars and lots of babies on our planet. Nuff about her. Back to me and my party.

I got it all together - friends brought some yummies and all brought extra wine and NO ONE went home hungry or sober. We had a lovely cut throat girls all want it gift exchange and no one lost any hair...girl fights can get nasty. There are a few pictures out there floating around on FB and I just want to say for the record - my eyes are blue. Not that weird silver/red scary color they look like in those pictures.

So if ya know me and ya think you weren't invited - you were. Maybe I had an old address or maybe it went to junk mail. Next year - come!! And for Goodness Sake - if ya open the Evite just check Yes, No or Maybe!!! Unless ya see me face to face - I'd like to know....Yes, No or Maybe!!! Lots less stress for the hostess if she isn't worried about 58 people showing up at the last minute....ya know who you are and by the way - just so you all know - evite shows the date every time you read the invite!!! How cool is that!!So People let your hostess know!!! Yes, NO or Maybe!!!

And for all the yummy recipes - I will be glad to share the ones I made that everyone wanted...mainly the Chicken Enchilada Dip, Key lime chocolate cups and the White Chocolate Craisin Bread Pudding with Hot Chocolate Sauce....as for the to die for Cookies with Green Frosting you are SOL...Miss Leslie does not share recipes. I KNOW...HOW DID THIS PERSON GET INVITED TO MY PARTY??? I am the QUEEN OF IF I HAVE IT AND YOU LIKE IT - I WILL TELL YOU WHERE I GOT IT AND HOW MUCH IT COST....That is why the blog is called THEGOODSTUFFROCKS!!!!!So I have no answer - SHE does not share the recipe. So to that I say, "Well, Leslie/Bitch bless your heart, we just love yoooou, but either just give us the freakin recipe or SELL the cookies already!!!" Cause seriously - I really hate to admit it, they are just that damn good. F*&^. So Miss L, you really do need to get off the pot and start baking cookies for the masses....or just come on over and visit and bring more. They are all gone. As for my recipes...it's getting late and Wonder Man has been an absolute SAINT these last few days while I spend all our money on Christmas so I better go play Happy Wife/Happy Husband and send ya'll those recipes next time!!! Remind me if I forget....cause ya know I LOVE TO SHARE!!! LOVE YA'LL!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hello!! Remember Me???

I apologize...been waaay too long since I was here....so those that have been following this blog - hold on tight - it could be a long bumpy ride....got lots to say and catch up on and even I DON'T KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING!! BUT I'M BACK! Ha...feels good. Which reminds me, it really feels good when I'm out and about, just doing my thing and you say hi and then that you too are reading my blog and you laugh and like it....sorta like finding your picture in US mag and it's a REALLY good picture that you didn't even know someone was taking. Prolly, don't want that. I am still waay to anal and want and need total picture control but, wow - I will admit - I do love hearing that you are reading. So what does that make me??? Flattered. Very, very flattered. And thankful - but that was last month. So, Christmas is here - when the hell did that happen??? ARE YOU READY?? Prolly not. Who ever is? I try really hard every fucking year to get a handle on this whole thing and WHAM! Here it is!!! Seriously - how do you do all the crap ya need to do - JUST to sit back and enjoy all the stuff you are supposed to enjoy??? And I don't even have a real full daytime job....other than being the MOM and CEO of all FAMILY business.

For those that know me - I have been working my fanny/ass off for the last couple of weeks transforming my lovely home into a Christmas Wonderland. Why? For who?? Well, ME!! Nothing gives me more pleasure than to walk around every DAY around 5:20 making sure that all the Dept. 56 houses/villages/amazing scenes on almost every table top in my house are all turned on...then the trees (just two - I have a friend with five trees, love ya but can't even imagine!!!! The Work the work!) Oh, forgot three outside that have to be switched on - but not decorated thank god!...just really freaking cold sometimes but I'm smart and the switch is easy. Yes, I could have an automatic timer but that would just be showing off. The lights on the roof have that. And I have the sweetest man that comes and puts up and takes down every year! Thanks - Luis.

So Back to now - and Christmas - if ever there was a time to be thankful, and to count my blessings, this would be it. I think that is what all the stuff: the trees, decorations, food, presents, cards (and don't forget Christmas stamps!!!)is all about. I am so thankful to have all this, to decorate all this and to just sit back every day and enjoy it. I do this every year. Because I am so lucky that I can. Please know that the important word in that sentence is "lucky" - not, "because I can". Lucky - for so many reasons. I am lucky for two parents that taught me what really matters in life and to avoid what doesn't. I am lucky for friends that shaped me along the way. For experiences in life, good and bad, that made me know who I was and what I wanted. For John/Wonderman for seeing only the good in me. My two precious children that put up with crazy mom and all her decorations!! And for all my friends that love me!

Nuff - almost getting sad and teary eyed...not tonight!!! My boys are freezing their asses off in Green Bay at a Monday night football game. Why? - because they can!! Ha! Yes, they are spoiled rotten, not me. I'm home - just working on Christmas and drinking wine!!! LOL, enjoying my big, ole, beautiful home with all the Christmas stuff on - ALL DAY LONG - cause it is rainy and cold and no sun today in McKinney.LOVING it....did I mention comfy clothes??? Even better!!! Don't ya just love sitting and looking at your Christmas tree and thinking about all the years and all the ornaments and stuff - and then, wait a minute??? What about the ornaments you spent a long time the year before you got married cross stitching by hand...yea! you know all 35 of those ornaments...where the hell are they???Not on the tree thank you very much!!!

So, out comes the ladder - again!! Read my facebook page and all the freaking drama with my smoke alarms...major ass pain. Been spending alot of time on ladders lately. Anyhoo, back to the closet and one last box and yes, there they are!!! Now, back safely on the tree...all is good in my world. Christmas is up and wine is poured (again)...dogs are snoring and boys are freeezing. Baby girl is studying for finals (right???) and all is good. So what do I do now??? Rewatch the last episode of Vampire Diaries - duh!!!!For the fourth time...why? Because I can and because it is the BEST SHOW EVER!!! Trust me on this...this is what the Good Stuff is all about!!! December 14th a week long marathon of the whole first season. Watch THIS show. On the CW channel....best dialog/acting/storylines...EVER. If you know me and like me - watch it. If for some reason you do and don't like it - don't tell me. I still want you for a friend. Might not if you don't like it. And, I'm not really worried. YOU will like it or you are just not right. So, make sure you watch it - and love it. And to Patty, Melinda, Leah, Tracy, Dee, Linda, Sharon, Luanne, Ashley, Margie, Kelli, Shirley, Lori, Lisa, thanks for making my day!!! And Merry Christmas to all!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vampireholics Anonymous

Hello, My name is ....... and I'm a vampireholic. It all started with a show called Dark Shadows. We were not allowed to watch it, which meant we sneaked and did, and that made it even better. We were seven. Years old. I am now a lot older than seven. 41 years older to be exact. Not sneakin anymore and the name of the show is Vampire Diaries. Thursday nights on the CW channel. Fear not, if you have not been keeping up with the hottest phenom in literary and movie and tv history...starting Dec. 14th the CW channel will have a week long marathon to catch you up. Honestly, do not miss it. All things Vampire are in it and worth watching. This show is amazing!!If you are a Twilight fan do not miss this!!! If you wonder what the hell is going on and why is everyone talking about vampires - watch this show!!!

Back to my problem. I read all the Twilight Books and loved the first two - last one was okay. The Host was just weird and long, and I bought it, so I read it. Nuff said. But, the whole fantasy of the vampire that has a heart and loves, is very powerful and there are a lot of books out there and now tv shows and movies that are cashing in. Don't miss out. Before all of these, was Moonlight, which for some unknown reason some di**hea* ( you fill in the blanks - my kids might read this) cancelled. You can rent or as I did buy the season and trust me it is a movie worth viewing. Such a good show. With a huge, crazy, angry following when it got cancelled. So, go watch it too.

After this show got canned, I happened to see a little book by Charlaine Harris, Dead Until Dark, in the bookstore and it was also about vampires. Read them all and was so excited to find out some genius had found and read it too and since he was a Hollywoood bigshot he decided to make them into a tv show for HBO called True Blood!!! With all the stuff I read, I think I have truly missed my calling...I should just read and tell people what movies and shows to make...instead I get to share and tell you my favorite followers. True Blood is a big hit and lots of fun - BUT go read the books too. Most excellent. My list of favorite vampire series just keeps growing. For the non-readers, I apologize and for the Oprah bookclub fans - get over it!! Try something that will make your heart race, your face flush and other parts of your body come alive. Or as Wonderman says - foreplay books. Sorry kids - Mommy and Daddy do it. STILL!! I KNOW...EEEHHWWW.

So, if you are still with me and want to read some really good stuff...try the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton - she is a character like no other in any fiction series. Next on the list, would be the J.R.Ward series the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Then Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress Series, Patricia Briggs series about Mercy Thompson and Karen Marie Moning's Fever series.

My final piece of advice is to look these all up on Amazon which will also tell you the order all the books are written in. Being vampireholic and anal - it is VERY important for me to read a series IN ORDER....not to mention you can also order them all online and not have to be embarrassed to actually buy them...in public. Call me silly, but some of these covers are fine to look at in private - but omg in the store!! I still find it hard to do...love it when the person behind the counter goes "OMG - best books ever!!!" Another vampireholic....Now don't forget - set your tivo or your direct tv or however you record to the Vampire Diaries starting Dec. 14 - and yes, I just bought but have not read this book series too!! I told you I am a Vampireholic....and we love it!! :)Now go read or watch!! And don't forget to tell me if you are now too a VAMPIREHOLIC!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Call Me Crazy...but....

It all started about a year ago when the old feets started hurting again. This is not good for tennis, sanity walks, and wearing my sky high shoes. The problem, besides the gianormis bunions I inherited, was that I lived in flip flops. While cute and comfy they offer zero arch support. That is when I discovered Fit Flops...the most comfortable flip flop ever. Their claim to tone the legs and buttocks was fine but all I cared about was that my feet stopped hurting and all was good in my world. That fall when the weather turned colder I panicked because by now I was addicted to them. Wha la those super smart flopper people made clog style fit flops. Sorta like Ugg slippers. Sorta ugly but hey, ugly by day and sky high at night. Again all was good in my world.

Now with all my running around during the day in my ortho flops my feet are happy and maybe-maybe not the legs and buttocks were shaping up too. That is a touch and go deal. Prolly depends more on how much crap I'm eating vs. how much exercising I'm doing. Then I started hearing more in the media about studies done on these shoes and the benefits to the legs and buttocks (sorry that word just makes me smile - I still hear Forrest Gump saying it "I got shot in the BUTTOCKS")and then Reebox got in on it and did all these studies and came out with their version of a fitness sneaker that tones and blah, blah, blah. Well, yippie but theirs costs over $200.00 and it better damn well work! Little pricey for me for fugly shoes. But, it made me think that MAYBE these fit flop people are right and these shoes do tone you up.

So here is the crazy part...I've been doing my own scientific experiment. I've been walking on my treadmill wearing my fit flops. Slow speed (3.2), level 6 incline for about 20 minutes. Call me crazy but I can tell a big difference!!! I KNOW!! And I'm even down a few pounds on the scales - even better!!

So I am passing this little exercise info along and if you don't already have a pair of fit flops you can find them at Nordstroms or online at Sole Provisions.com My two favorites are the black sequin and bronze ones. I have also found that if the sole is darker they look better on. So call me crazy but my feets are happy and my buttocks are too!! And even better - it is finally cool enough to wear tights and leggings and omg all our legs look great in those!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

That Time of Year Again

I know it's been awhile...falling off the blog wagon. For those still reading - thank you. Don't forget to tell me you are - keeps me motivated and yes, I just like to know someone is reading this. I just spent a while on girlygirl.pnn.com blogging about Thanksgiving and why I am thankful. Go read it too - too late and my wine glass is empty so I won't repeat all of it. Just know that I am thankful for all of you and this little world that let's me write about whatever is important to me each day. Or at least right now. It's funny but I never kept a diary even though I tried. I just liked the whole locked book idea. I always loved to read. Even those speed reading timed books in the second grade. Read at your own pace, answer the questions and go on to the next level....OMG. I was in heaven and I didn't even know why. Not how I taught my first and second grade students to read when I was a teacher. I wonder where and how they are all doing now??? Funny, I haven't tried to find any of them on facebook...just old friends my age. That might be something I try tomorrow. I am thankful for those ideas that keep me going each day. What am I going to do tomorrow? This amazing world we live in gives us so much to do each day. No wonder we are sometimes just worn out and too tired to enjoy it. Really.

I am blessed to be able to stay at home each day and just try my best to make my little family of four happy. Okay, six counting the four leggeds. For the most part, they are easy. Lots of bones. Food & water and just bones/treats. They are good.

Clean house and clean clothes and something to eat and the two leggeds are okay. One has flown away and as long as I keep in touch thru texting and bank account she is fine. And as long as I am availabe to ride shotgun with the other one for just a tiny while longer he will be happy. I am thankful that I get to make them the focus of my day - everyday. That has always been such a privilege to me. How lucky am I - that I can stay home and just make this the best place for them to be. Never once have I been uncomfortable saying, " I am a stay at home - Mom." And never was I uncomfortable saying,"I am a teacher." Working in the home and/or out we are all working FOR our family. How lucky are we? I am so thankful to be working here and I'm so thankful that my husband is working there. Times are tough and our country is trying so hard to make it right for everyone everywhere. I am thankful for here. And all we have.

Thanksgiving is such an amazing time of year. For our family it was always spent at my sister in law's house in South Carolina. It was wonderful and each year we all looked forward to it. We haved missed the last couple of years and are sad not to be able to go again this year. I am thankful for all those memories of Thanksgiving past and I am thankful for the memories we will make of Thanksgiving future. To friends and family everywhere I am thankful for you. You make each and everyday the best place I could ever be.

Take a minute and think about all you are thankful for...now go tell someone that loves you and needs to hear it. They will be thankful you did. And so will you. That is what November is all about. The most amazing time of the year.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why My Boytoy thinks I Have a Boyfriend

As we all know the boyfriend trend is very in right now. I even mentioned it two blogs ago. Love my new bf blazer and jeans. Finally discovered the secret to the jeans - roll them up don't fold them up. Thank you J.Crew Catalog...I have also added a large face black watch which could be called a bf watch. And I couldn't help but notice a really cute black and grey sweater in the men's dept. at Old Navy when I was looking for some sweaters for Gman. I remembered back in my college days after I snapped out of my freshman year preppy mode (thank god!), I loved wearing long sweaters from the men's side of the store with jeans and boots (or clogs). For some unknown reason cashmere sweaters are always less in the men's department. Just like their dry cleaning bill....

Anyway, I noticed in this months onslaught of magazines piling up by my bed that this sweater look is in and that is fine with me. As we all know, anything that hides the whole middle area is a good thing. For some of us anyway. For those with flat tummies and tiny waists - just wait. You too will grow up one day. In the mean time, just put a thin belt on with it. Show off. Also in the mags are some shoes that are leaning a little to the men's look. This is where I draw the line. I am good with the blazer, jeans, sweater, watch and even hats. If you can rock the fedora go for it. But when it comes to shoes??? Hells,NO! This is the time for heels - that is what reminds them that there IS a girl under all the boyfriend stuff!!!

I also saved/snatched two flannel shirts from Wonderman's donation pile to a men's shelter for me to sleep in. Felt a little guilty about the men that probably needed them more than me, so I just added two more. Don't tell Wonderman. He is already eyeing all this stuff on my side of the closet that does not look very girly - until I wear it with the sky high heels. Usually, when he asks if something is new - which is man speak for "Oh, my God - how much did that cost???" I answer, "No, honey, I've had this for awhile" which is woman speak for "Drop it buster, if you want sex tonight". Well, you see the problem here...why would I have all these new items of clothes that obviously came from the men's department???? I'm working on that. Funny thing number two - Baby Girl and I have always shared if something fit both of us...whoever would have thought I'd be eyeing Gman's closet for things to share!!! I am sure Gman won't mind sharing sweaters with his mama...and that is what I can tell Wonderman!!!" What, this old thing? It's Griffin's and I don't know why it is in my closet. Now, let me show you my boyshorts underwear...."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rained Out

Thank God the sun came out again ...we have had about 3 weeks of rain. No, I did not move to a tropical rainforest but it was starting to feel like it. You'd think with all this time stuck inside I'd be blogging away...not so. Found out without my daily sunshine, I kinda lost my funny. By day four, I was clinical and needed a shower and fresh pj's. See, the first rainy day is always FABULOUS!! I ditch all my out of the house plans and stay in my jammies all day and do absolutely as little as possible that is not just fun. Which usually involves comfy clothes and a good book. This continues on to day two. By day three, I am starting to feel a twinge of guilt about all the junk food and lack of exercise. Day four and not only are the jammies feeling snug but I am too antsy to really enjoy my book and I'm all caught up on my taped shows. House is a wreck and it's not the week the house fairies are coming to clean. The lack of sun, fresh air and vitamin D is sucking all the funny out of me and I'm not in the mood to blog. Even my emails are boring.

Day Four becomes the day I finally snap out of it, hit the treadmill, shower, play Hazel and throw in some laundry. Now I am a big fan of clean clothes. I am not a big fan of folding and putting away clean clothes. When I run out of baskets to put the clean clothes in I finally drag them to the living room and pray there is something on tv to entertain me while I try to match all 289 pairs of Wonderman's black and navy patterned dress socks. And let me just tell you Oprah had better up her game cause there is a new fab Sista on daytime tv and her show is FUN!!! Wendy Williams is my new BFF "in my head" - her line....and she is rocking the wigs, hot shoes, accessories and she is all about telling it like it is. She dishes on hot topics and gives advice to audience members. Never a dull moment. Now, she is really into wigs and hers change every day. She had a male guest the other day from Melrose on and they are having a big ole time on the couch when she mentions her fab wig and he admits he is wearing "a piece" too!! I KNEW IT!!! See, on laundry day my usual tv game is turn on a soap like Young and the Restless - which I was addicted to in the 90's. Turn off the sound - I swear some of the story lines are still the same - and just look at all these people that are still on there after all these years!!!Oh, my!! If they haven't ruined their faces with too much surgery, they NEED to! And then there are the ONES THAT NEVER AGE...proof that vampires really do exist and they work on daytime tv. But for me, the most fun lately has been trying to figure out what the hell is on top off all the guys heads!!! Some of them look like Chia Pets...and some just have an unlikely head of hair for their age. Remember, they have been on these shows for the last thirty years. So this Melrose dude from the original show - admits to Wendy that yes, he is wearing a weave for men! She of course tries to touch it - but he was all "No touching the HAIR". Now, I am so distracted by trying to guess who's hair is real I can't even focus on my nighttime shows. I am almost positive Rob Lowe was wearing one on Brothers and Sisters this week. He is still smokin hot, but something was a little off with his do this week. By the end of the show, it had improved. If you still have it taped, go check it out.
I bet it is just a matter of time before Jessica Simpson jumps on the hair extensions for men!

So, the next time you are home and bored - check out Wendy William's show, turn on a soap and play "I Spy Fake Hair Guy", or read a good book. I was up til 3:00 AM trying to finish Destined for an Early Grave - book 4 in a series by Jeaniene Frost, great Vampire series. Got her done today, and started The Help by Kathryn Stockett for bookclub. Would love to know what Wendy thinks about this book. It really makes you realize how much has changed for black women in my lifetime. Keep rockin Daytime TV Wendy!!! And if you are a laundry basket queen like me you have got to get the Downy Wrinkle Releaser Spray!!! Just spray the wrinkled clothes and throw them back in the dryer with a clean, wet washcloth and dry for about 20 minutes. Now don't forget them - Go Hang Them Up!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Boyfriend Craze

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or totally given up on staying current on all the trends in clothing, you know that you must have a boyfriend now. And he needs to be the right size so that you can steal/borrow his jeans and blazer. I know!! Who thinks up these styles??? Personally, I never ever wanted a boyfriend that was my size...I always preferred boyfriends that were bigger than me cause then no matter what - I got to feel dainty and girly. If his thighs or butt were smaller than mine, well, THAT was a definite deal breaker. Cause yes, my friends THAT does make your ASS look BIGGER!!! Cause it is!!!Which is probably why I ended up married for the last 21 years to a Wonderful Man (Wonderman), who just happens to be 6'7. Which is perfect for always making me feel small and dainty even if I'm wearing 5" heels. Okay, 4" is my limit but I could if I wanted too. So as far as shoe shopping goes the sky really is my limit.

Back to the boyfriend trend. You see my problem here???First of all, Wonderman would not be too understanding if I went out and got a boyfriend my size. And his jeans and blazers are out of the question. Hobo is not the look we are going for here. So then I tried my son's closet. Yes, that felt a little creepy due to the whole "boyfriend" part. But, hey - he has a practically unused blazer from NORDSTROMS that he got for his seventh grade cotillion class...perfect. Except it would fit me better if he'd gotten it in the eighth grade when his shoulders were a little bit wider. Dang! If I wore it with nothing on underneath it just might fit, but then we'd have another problem. Well, two actually. Crap - was really hoping that would fit me. Then I saw his jeans - Bingo!! Okay, I am not telling his size but in my head and a perfect world these should fit me too. And I did get them on. Just barely.

Let me just say, lycra is truly a miracle fiber and all us girls have gotten so used to it being in just about everything we wear that it is truly a shock when we slip/stuff ourselves into anything/especially jeans that do not have it. That last little inch/or 3 more between the button hole and the freakin button - well, there is no give at all. That sucker is not going to slip into that hole easily. No wonder guys are always messing around down there!! Some genius fashion designer needs to make men a pair of jeans with a little touch(naughty monkey!) of lycra down there...then when stuff happens...instead of all that grabbing (and by the way, YES - we can't help but notice when you get all busy down there!!) the magic jeans would just give a little and no one would have to know. Like when we have on our best jeans and we eat a little too much and those jeans just take care of that little extra food baby for us.

So hubby's closet and Gman's closet are not showing me the love - time to take this fashion hunt to the store. Now, being stubborn and fixated on this whole boy part of the trend that is where I headed - the boys department. I want a REAL boyfriend blazer and jeans - minus the real boyfriend. Plus, I know for a fact just like shopping in the junior department the boys's stuff is cheaper. And since this is a trend let's try that first. It was a good idea but again the lack of lycra was a problem. That and all the funny looks I got when I tried on a blazer. Even I was smart enough not to try on jeans there. So back to the girls department. Hello Pretties!!!

Save time - hit the girlfriend side of the store!! Lots of lycra and cute little blazers that are slightly fitted at the waist so no more hobo looks. And the jeans are just right too! While baggy and comfy they still manage to make your butt look smaller! Pocket size and placement along with a touch of lycra works wonders. So now I am the proud owner of a cute little perfect size for me boyfriend blazer and just the right amount of baggy without making my butt look bigger pair of boyfriend jeans. Without all the drama of a real live boyfriend. And best of all it's Saturday! Time to try it all on with some rockin heels - grab my boytoy hubby and call it a date night...we are going to see Couples Retreat with some friends - will let ya know how this latest trend works out!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Best Ever Weekend

Well, it's over but it was fantastic. Right now it's late and I'm trying to stay awake til I get THE phone call. Baby girl is back at school and all is cool. We just had the best ever first weekend home from college. I know over the next four (hopefully) years we will get used to this but since it was her first time home since she left six weeks ago for A & M it was a big one.

We'd heard all the horror stories of how they come back changed. Out of control. Disrespectful. Out all night. We were ready. And thankful - the girl we kissed good bye came home even better. She'd grown up but not away. She was sooo happy to be home. She kissed her boyfriend goodbye (they are at school together) and she was ours for the entire weekend. She gladly went to her brother's lacrosse game that lasted almost two hours and never complained. She insisted on helping in the kitchen even when I told her not to worry go work on your homework. Which she did after she stayed and helped. She did her own laundry that she brought home just like she had been doing at home since 7th grade. She took her brother to a movie on Sunday for some alone time together and she even woke up early so she could enjoy breakfast with us.

Yes, the weekend was all about her and we tried to do all her favorite things and cook all her favorite meals. But she really appreciated it all so much that it didn't even feel like we were spoiling her. Cause she is not spoiled. She is just an amazing young girl that makes us proud. We had a great weekend. We will all miss her so much these next few weeks until we go see her or she comes home. Again. We will be here waiting ....baby girl is flying!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top this Martha Stewart!!!

Here is my big tip for happiness in the kitchen....heavy cream. If the recipe calls for milk of any kind....just use the same amount of heavy cream. Fail proof best ever thing you will ever make. Mashed potatoes...OMG!!! Oreida frozen mashed potatoes (I KNOW) micro them according to directions and then just pile on butter, sour cream, HEAVY CREAM, salt & garlic powder and mash!!! YUM. SHUT UP. So GOOD!!! Just micro for another minute with all the good stuff and mash again and stick a spoon in it an watch out!!Feeding Frenzy....Will it make you fat? Hells. Yes. Will you care?? Hells. No. (If you feel the need to peel and slice your own potatoes - go right ahead - no worries. But, trust me, NO one will be able to tell the difference).

Now, after fat and happy on the above you will need to sit back and relax. With????My favorite best ever you have to go get one too - BLANKET. I found mine at Dillards in the shoe department with all their new Ugg boots. BECAUSE this blanket is like wrapping yourself up in a comfy pair of Ugg boots. But it is a blanket. And mine will go with me in my casket one day. Just me, my slippers and this blanket. Best part is it does not cost a freakin fortune cause it is not made by UGGS!! YES, you are loving me now!! It is made by Ponderosa - go figure - and it only costs $49.00!!!! Score...you will love it.

So, happy tummy, warm and fuzzy blanket, you supply the rest...what is your favorite book, tv show, movie on demand or thing to do in a blanket....?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Read the Fine Print

Okay, I am still missing my black background for the record. Wonderman is happier cause he says he can read this easier now on his crackberry driving down the road on the way to his tennis match that he is 35 minutes late for...I KNOW not a good idea. If you only read this once a week you are screwed and lost and don't know what hell I'm talking about and that is your own freakin fault. Yesterday there were all these hilarious ads for vibrators attached to my site and now it all PG mascara ads!!! THEY really are reading and watching and it is starting to OOOK me out!!! I honestly think my phones might be tapped. AND I prolly should have actually read all the little printed words on the ad sense page before I clicked yes you can have my firstborn child if I violate any policies and rules. MY BAD - honey, I know you love your new life at A & M but now you have to go with the creepy,scary people in black that just tore down your door. Mommy loves you and I'll read the fine print next time!!! Promise....

I know I acted all OMG and all but secretly I thought those ads were kinda cool. Like tattos. As long as someone else has one - I'm cool with that....kinda like it. Scared to have/get one but hey, I'll look at yours. It's the whole good girl thing. I've walked a fine line but pretty much managed to not cross it too many times in 48 yrs. Lot to be said about that. And a whole lot more I prolly got away with cause I aint no dummy and it always helps to play the I LOOK LIKE A GOOD GIRL card. We all know Bad Girls have more fun - hells yes they do - but they also have to put up with all the gossip and stares and crap that would just totally freak me out. So, I'm just a bad girl in my head. With a boat load of chicken shit mixed in holding me back from my inner total bad girl...I'm the good girl that coulda woulda shoulda been a bad girl. And still managed to have a whole lot of fun without all the drama.

Anywhooo...back to fine print and ads!!! Not sure if I'm allowed to talk about this and I will go back and read the fine print on the whole ads thing but I'm really tempted to write about stuff just to see what kind of ads it would generate...this is so not like MAD MEN....that really sucks too. Cause okay, this is bad bad bad girl talking but come on!! Who wouldn't like a little one on one bizzznus meeting with Don Draper????(Poor Wonderman prolly just spun off the road right now!! Hunney - I done toll you to stop driving and crackin your berry!!!) I am sure Don would be able to advise me on the best ads for my writing style and content. And if not who really cares - as long as you get a little one on one with Mr. Draper. Have you even watched MAD MEN??? Do you know what I'm talking about...I mean not me but my evil bad girl twin sister that has a major crush on John Hamm/Don Draper....well, then stop reading me right now for jes a minute and go download MAD MEN...It's all about advertising in the 60's and even more about being baaaad. So ya'll go catch up on MM and I'll go read the freakin fine print...I'm coming Baby Girl - Mama loves you!And you too Wonderman!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Hear You I Hear You

Sniff, sniff...sorry I'm just missing my black background with white letters. I know it was harder to read that way but it was prettier. Sometimes we have to sacrifice for beauty. Like when I wear my sky high shoes out to dinner. Hells yes - I'd be more comfy in my uggs,crocs or fit flops but just not as pretty. I like pretty. I wish I knew how to make my background on this blog pretty - especially since I gave up my black and white zebra look...that is what I want - a zebra print border around all the words. Would somebody get back to me on that?

Now some of you know and for those that don't - now is your chance...not only am I spending all my free time here I found another world for blogaholics and I'm having a blast there too. I told you I'd share some of these really funny and amazing blogs so here ya go. Just don't forget who brought ya to the freaking dance. That would be ME. So keep reading me. And for those dear dear friends that still haven't even gotten around to reading ME yet, don't you even think about it! I catch you dancing with these funny ladies you are in HUGE trouble.

All you have to do is go to girlygirl.pnn.com and that is my blog. Read them and underneath you should see the comments made by all my new funny friends. If you click on their icon(name) it should take you to their page and you can read their funny stuff. I hear you - I hear you....you have a very busy life and all that. And I also know you spend a lot of your time sitting on your fanny in your car driving your kids around and waiting for your kids, watching your kids play sports or practice, blah, blah, blah. This is a chance for you to also have some YOU time and read some really funny stuff. Laughter is good for the soul. Just don't read these and drive! And for God's sake STOP all that texting and driving!!!

So look for the following:Any that I am following - here are a few
procomicdiva.pnn.com - don't miss the one about Johnny Depp in her basement!!

Also check out:

Trust me - you will laugh, laugh, laugh!!!Enjoy and thanks again for all your support and encouragement - love you and your comments!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


OMG - I am dying right now!!! Just signed up today for the google ad sense ...and I'm pretty sure all my ads are for VIBRATORS!!! DYING. AND I can't click on them to confirm cause that is not allowed. ADs are based on the content of my posts so I guess because of my mascara crap I am now naughty girl vibrator queen of the ad world. Dang. If that is true then I think I just may have to GET one. Ya THINK? If I am gonna be an ad hussy might as well KNOW what I'm bloggin about. Wonderman is gonna never let me live this down...Hope the kids don't finally read mamma's little fun day time job....or God for bid my MOMS!!! JAYSUS Who's idea was this anyway.....It was about eyelashes people!! Can't you read....and they weren't even all that happy....I just hope someone finally invites me to one of those fun naughty parties for girls only where ya buy all that crap....:)

The Rabbit Hole

It's official...I am an addict. I have a problem and I prolly need some help. I'm a blogaholic. It is the rain's fault. It's been raining here for days and I've been planted in front of my computer and while I was trolling around the other day I fell thru this rabbit hole into the World of Blogland. Call me Alice in Blogland. WHO KNEW!!! I am not the one and only blogger out there...people have been doing this for YEARS! Crap - I thought it was just me and that Julie chick that likes to cook and got lucky and famous. Turns out we are not alone. Which kind of sucks cause that means WE are prolly not going to Opa anytime soon unless we purchase tickets and fly ourselves up there. Not a totally bad idea. Guess I can stop waiting for that phone call too. Whatever. Back to the rabbit hole - I discovered this whole other place called pnn.com where lots of really amazing people have been writing forever. So in addition to this fun little daytime gig of mine I decided to add on there too. I'll still yak here about all the Good Stuff and over there I'll just yak about whatever the hell I feel like!! The Good, The Bad and the FUGLY... sounds like fun to me! So check me out at girlygirl.pnn.com when ya get a chance. I will pass on the names of some of my favorite new blogs soon - it's the rabbit hole thing - not sure how you get there.

Got something else really exciting to report due to the rain - I told ya'll about the Moroccanoil hair stuff but what I didn't know then is that EVEN after being rained on my hair is still straight!!! OMG DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS??? There is a possibility that I can go to the beach and have normal hair!!! I am serious...this is BEYOND huge for me. My favorite episode of Friends of all time is the one where they all go to the beach and as soon as Monica steps off the plane her hair starts expanding...funny when it is her not so much when it is me. I sooo felt her pain. Always thought a beach wedding would be so wonderful until I grew up and realized that is not the look I'd be going for in my bridal pictures. Talk about Bridezilla. Wonderman would have run screaming down the beach when faced with a lifetime of that hair. See I was smart. I waited until the HONEYMOON until I let him see me with beach hair. Ha! Too late sucker you done bought this cow and her crazy beach hair!!Then a couple of years ago my family moved to freakin FLORIDA - hello??? Guess you know what that means? I don't go home very much. Now they know why...but wait - if this miracle oil(better name than Moroccanoil) works in the rain AND at the beach then YES, I can go home again!!! Right now I need to get out of the rabbit hole and off my fanny and pretend to do some housework or let the dogs out - wow it's almost lunch time!! WTH did the morning go??? Help me...will you be my sponsor...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The All Nighter

Okay - let's get straight to the good stuff....what is the latest & greatest stuff I love and I hope you will too???Two new hair products - one to condition and improve shine and the other one is to freshen up your dirty hair. No brainer let's start with the one that makes no sense...wth would you WANT dirty hair? And if you do, why would you spend money on a product to make dirty hair fresh? Here's a thought why not JUST wash it??? Wha la. Clean hair. Well, for those of you not in the know...dirty hair is easier to style than slippery ole clean hair. You can tease dirty hair and get more volume. And then there is the laziness factor which is where I have this whole idea down pat - again waaay ahead of my time. See it is just a big ole pain in the ass/arm to wash and blow out my hair ALL the time. And without the effort of blowing out mine is one big mass of half curly mostly frizzy chaos. I'll pretend to like it this way but really I'm just too tired/lazy to spend the time needed to blow it out. And forget just aiming a blow dryer at it drying it...TRULY horrific. To blow it out involves a supersizied round brush in one hand and dryer in the other and both arms are about to fall off by the time each section has been brushed and blown for about 30 minutes. So back to me and dirty hair. Here is my secret - nothing makes me nuts more than going thru the hell of blowing out my hair to just have to go and stick a hat on it the next day to play tennis. So my wash/blow dry schedule revolves around two things: tennis and social life. When both are hopping this gets tricky. Just tennis for a few days is a no brainer. That's what hats are for. There ya go another favorite thing - cute hats. So just tennis for a few days = shower only no shampoo hair. Tennis and social = what can I do to make my naturally dirty hair look better without the trouble of blow out??? Here we goooo - THE ALL NIGHTER Styling Powder. You see real dirty hair is really gross. Greasy and oily is never a good look. The purpose of this product is not to really give you dirty hair but to fluff, freshen, preserve your blowout and build body, texture and volume. Just shake a little bit of All Nighter in and it fluffs your hair up and even makes it smell better. And you can twist it up and it will almost stay there by itself. Seriously, this is good stuff. I saw it advertisied on the Mike and Juliet Show - they had on several people trying to sell their products and then a panel of "experts" would either say the products worked or (ouch) they didn't. Talk about AWKWARD...but they all loved this stuff - the hair people raved about it. So you know me and my naturally dirty hair - well, I NEEDED this stuff. And I've tried the dry shampoos that are back in style now but they spray out of a bottle and folks - that just gets clogged up and is a big waste of time and money. All Nighter comes in a shaker bottle like baby powder. And why not use baby powder you might ask??? Well, you could but then your head would smell like a baby's butt and your hair would be kinda white so if that is the look you are going for go right ahead. Don't ask just trust me on this one...I got my All Nighter online at www.abeautifullife.com for $18.00 and I really like it. You can even get it in colors to match your hair color.Since I am a natural BLONDE I got the platinum/neutral shade.

Now my other new product is for giving your hair a shine boost and improving the condition. WE all know summer is tough on our hair. Sun and pool water really wreck it. Moroccanoil is all the rage and in all the mags right now. And one of my friends (LV)with the most amazing curly hair without any frizz just happens to use it. And it is great for all hair and it really does help with the frizz, drying time and the shine is amazing.This is sold in salons - ask me if ya know me or go online to www.moroccanoil.com to buy it. A small bottle is 14.00 and should last forever. This is very concentrated and only takes a tiny tiny little bit to work.

So from fake dirty to super shiny it is all about the hair. A good hair day = a great day. As usual it has taken me forever to tell you about two things...so I will save the rest for later but til then if ya go to the grocery store and you like key lime pie you will LOVE Yoplait new Fiber One yogurt - Key lime pie is to die for!! All that is missing besides the calories is the graham cracker crust. Delish. And good for you!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why Do I Blog....

Trust me I have been asked this a time or two and usually by people that don't actually know what a blog is or how to go about finding one or even believe it or not how to read one. I'll mention it and say "Oh, you should read mine sometime - I'll send you the link." I do and they email/snailmail me back and say "Thanks - I really do want to read it but where is it?" SWEAR to God. This is starting to feel like work people...just click on the little blue part that says -thegoodstuffrocks.blogspot.com Close your eyes & make a wish and pat your head....and there ya go. Now back to why I write a blog. Raise your hand if you have a facebook page - some of you have no clue what that is either but no one pays me enough to walk you thru that -and if you do have a facebook page now raise your hand if you have kids. Kids that are shocked and appalled and not too happy that you have joined the Facebook Train or God forbid you even have a Myspace page (Okay, that one was waaay beyond me). Now just imagine those same little snots that snicker and call you a creeper or loser cause you are tooo old for FB....just picture their formerly angelic faces when you tell them NOT ONLY are you armed and dangerous with FB but you - thank you very much have a BLOG.... Talk about a total freakin power rush!!! You will actually see them start to sweat as this all sinks in...and let me tell you there is nothing they want you yakking about if it involves them and you and the rest of the world. This works waaaay better than "Just wait til your father gets home!!" That never worked in my house anyway cause he was always FUNDADDY and I was the one they were worried about. Quick favorite kid story - Fundaddy had them all excited one day about taking them somewhere to do something fabulous and they looked at him and ran to me saying "Mommy CAN we???" Ha - now we know who is the boss - who's having fun now???Oh, yea Mommy cause she has a blog and even with teenagers that think they are in control I'm finding that if necessary all I have to say is "Go right ahead - I can't wait to blog about that" or "Don't make me blog about this" works really well too. You prolly don't even have to write a blog you can just pretend you do and scare the crap out of your kids. Trust me it is power and it feels good.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stilettos vs. vibrators

Well, well, well....whatever YOU are thinking right now says a lot about you. And we'd all prolly get kicked off this site cause we have to keep this sorta PG32 - slightly racier than R but not X cause I think "they" would shut me down. And SOMEDAY my children might read this. But according to my stats ONLY 13 people are following so who really cares. What I'd really like to know is who has an idea about what this title means...which one is better? Well, I really love all my sky high shoes and as for the second if you've been reading this blog go back a few and you will see this is really just good ole PG 32. The only thing vibrating around here lately has been my eyelashes. Due to that fancy vibrating mascara. And as happy as they have been with that -Wonderman had a problem with it....well, he was the first to notice that while they might be happy they were not as long and fabulous as they had been. Dang if he wasn't right!!! I checked them out in the "big"side of my mirror - and ladies if you are not using one of those fab mirrors that flips from "I look great" to "OMG WHAT THE HELL IS THAT" you really do need to start. All kind of crap is happening and without the "big" side you just really don't know and trust me it is not always a good thing. Somethings just need fixing and if ya can't even SEE them then how can you fix them???? So, sure enough he is right (still counting on one hand though....female joke) and my lashes are definitely shorter. That is where the stilettos come in....Maybelline also has a slightly less newer mascara (what is up with that??? Every other month they come out with a NEW mascara. I've lost count how many there are...) called Stiletto and let me just tell you it may not vibrate but boy do your eyelashes look amazing. And it stays on forever. Only trick is do it one eye at a time - do not let it try between swipes. Keep putting more on until it is as thick as you like just don't let it dry in between each coat. That is old school. Read the directions on the newer mascaras and that is very important or you will not like them. So things have been quieter around here but the lashes are touching my eyebrows again. Thanks to Stiletto and Latisse. Okay, and Wonderman. He just loves my long eyelashes.
Food update!!! I have a new way to eat my favorite Tuscany Bruschetta stuff from Sam's....I was enjoying a sliced tomato sandwich the other day even after I almost sliced my finger off...when the idea came to me dang this is good but is it worth a finger - I think not - must be a better way. OMG instead of sliced tomatoes and all that work - just spoon a couple of spoons of heaven in a jar between two slices of bread with just a tad of mayo and if you have it a slice or two of bacon and it just doesn't get any better than that. Unless you could come up with a way to take all the calories out of food so that you could eat a LOT of these sandwiches and never gain any weight or run out of heaven in a jar. I have tried to go into Sams JUST to get this stuff and $365.42 later.....this is one very expensive jar of heaven. I don't think it can be done. My real problem is I have to have this from Sam's and then my frozen pizza and the best shrimp you will ever ever ever have come only from Costco....and it is the same vacuum hole as Sam's. I want two things and come out with a rear end load of stuff we just have to have. Back to the shrimp - those of you that have been to a party with us lately know all about the amazing shrimp appetizer we have been showing up with and let me just share with the rest it is making us VERY popular on the party circuit. Here is the kicker. Wonderman makes it...(now I can too but why????Even Gman makes it cause he is hungry and mom and dad are out partying) and that is awesome cause it gives me more time to make my eyelashes happy and get ready and stuff. But the shrimp comes from Costco - in their seafood counter not the frozen stuff. Black tiger prawns EZ peel and it is no joke very easy to peel and devein (specially for me cause he is doing it!!! Eyelashes aren't the only happy things in my house). Now I'd love to share the recipe but he'd have a fit....just saute it on the stove in butter, olive oil, garlic, white wine and lemon juice with a splash of worcetershire sauce( you know what I mean and can't spell and to lazy to go to kitchen and dig it out of fridge so deal. Brown bottle.) Til shrimp turn pink. Dump in more garlic and slice up some bread and stand back they will tackle you to get to it. Just be prepared for the angry ones that didn't get any....By the third party they are waiting at the street for us to get there and we are usually late but we do show up with this so all is forgiven.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life Goes On

Not to worry - no tissues needed tonight! Just Good Stuff and Happy Times!!! Just love the first week of school...especially the first day. Can't you still remember every first day of school of your life???? And the night before dream where you didn't have ANY pencils and OMG that was like the worst thing ever that could possibly happen on THAT day....what the hell was wrong with us??? I mean borrow a freakin pencil from that nerdy kid that always had them on the first day and you know every single class in the whole world had THAT kid in it. With all his pencils lined up on top of his desk. Just beggin to be borrowed...anyway I know I got a little sentimental last night but give me a break - Baby Girl is gone - so I can cry if I want to, but not tonight. Tonight I have Good Stuff to share and I just enjoyed a wonderful grilled pizza from my very own back yard so I am full and happy.( For any newbies to the blog now is a really good time to pause and go back to start do not collect $200...all the way back to the very first post - since we are celebrating the FIRST week of school you can start at the beginning and very FIRST blog. This will not only help you understand this whole process and me but even better you to will find out how to grill pizza in your very own backyard.) Not only do I have a freshman starting college I also have a freshman starting high school this week. Do the math - save time - I'm old as dirt. Best part is Wonderman is younger which makes me a Cougar!!! LOVE that...waaaay before my time on that one. Anyway, being a freshman anywhere is tough. Especially the first day - and I am happy to report that all went well. Everyone had their pencils. *****OMG *****just got a text from BABY GIRl.....and these are four words you NEVER want to read from your first born on the second day of her first week away "GUESS what I got?" Well, me I got Instant gray hair....you will all be shocked when you see me for the FIRST time tomorrow...total freakin white out...AND I said, "OMG - please not a tattoo or body piercing!!!" And she texted "Nope, a marshmellow milkshake!" Do I love her or what???? I think she may be the BEST COLLEGE KID ever. TAAA DAAA her new nickname...Think she will like it???Prolly not. Too damn bad. I'm gonna have to blonde all this gray before I go anywhere tomorrow. Speakin of which - good stuff alert - start blonding your own hair!! I do and it is so easy and you will save gobs of money and time....L'Oreal Preference is fool proof. Just pick out a pretty girl on the box with hair a color you like and wha laaaa...because you are worth it. Which reminds me of Mad Men (all about advertising) and guess what???I'm still in season two trying to catch up but there is now a skinny girl on the show. SHOCKING. And I am pretty sure she is after her boss who is after everyone but her and I think she is going to run off with another married boss. Now the main wife Betty is not fat. She is just so repressed it makes me crazy. Grow a pair. Laugh a little. She won't even talk with her girlfriends and that is just a sin in my book...anyway you watch - skinny one is going to be big trouble. Also check out Drop Dead Diva - new show just started so download and catch up...great twist on the whole fatgirl/skinnygirl thing...Back to Little Brother and his first week of high school. First of all, he ain't so little. 14 yrs. old until November 14 and 5'11 1/2. Today we bought a pair of size 13 shoes. For him. He's been so great with all the world revolving around Baby Girl (now to be known as Best College Kid Ever) for the last three weeks. But, She has been gone 6 days and in the last five I have seen a lot of dick flicks. WHAAAAt who said that??? Sorry I was trying to come up with a play on CHICK FLICKS and well, sorry but that kinda works. DEAL. Girl is gone and the boys have been going to the movies with me. In the last five days we have seen - Inglorious Basterds (my choice - hello!!! Brad Pitt) LOVED it and want to do it again. And District 9 - three votes and it was just okay....long & been there done that before. Must say Steve Carrell did an excellent job with the accent. I think GI Joe is next. Again my choice - Chan Tatum hello!!!!!See I am really getting the hang of this whole dick flick thing...wow - I think there was even another pun in that one! Which reminds me great new show on HBO - Hung...check it out. So I think I can go from girly girl mom to hangin with my boys and survive....just in case though I have another abandoned girly girl mom to go see a chick flick with this Friday and we can't wait. Movie got not so great reviews but it has Ashton (Mr. Moore) naked having lots of sex...who cares if the plot needs work??? Life Goes On....Wonderman is begging me to stop and come to bed now....life really does go on.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School

Wow... been awhile. Almost forgot how to login!! That would be embarrassing. Stop laughing it could very well happen...then what??? Better write this stuff down somewhere...been busy with Baby Girl. College. Lots to do and be happy/sad about. Won't know until YOU do it and then you'll go ,"Oh, that's why she went kinda a wonky for a while!!" Just yesterday she was this amazing little person that just filled my everyday with wonder just by watching her breathe. Trust me this was a HUGE part of my day. Then, I got to spend the day just dressing her up...and changing parts of her clothes that needed changing. Soon it was just watching her move around. Then sounds. Then words. Then steps. And all the million little things that happen every day when your whole world becomes this little person that you and someone special made. MADE. We all know how that happens, but when it does and you did it. Well, it all changes. And then the time just goes....flies and keeps going and before you know it - it is all happening and you love it but you want to slow it all down but you can't. You just hold on tight and try to make it last. And take lots of pictures and if you are really smart you will journal around those pictures cause you will not believe all the stuff you forget. And then one day... you realize you are done and it is time to let go......and it will be the happiest/hardiest/easiest/longest day of your life. And then you hug her one more time - really tight and walk away and get in your car and start driving home....ten minutes later you start texting her to make sure SHE is alright cause YOU are but you are just worried about her.... and that my friends is sending your first born off to college. Amazing and wonderful and so proud. Fly Baby Girl...Fly.
Okay. She prolly wants and deserves a new name now. Cause she is all grown up and flown away so she deserves it. And she is prolly gonna wanta kill me for getting all mushy. See, she thinks I didn't cry when she left and that really ticked her off. But, I'm just a tough old bird that doesn't like to do that in front of the little ones I have been guarding and protecting all these years. But, I am crying and using lots and lots and lots of tissues right now. And even though I was gonna write about some really important , amazing and new things I just love and can't live without - all I can think about is her. And how much she means to us and how much we will miss her and how very, very, very proud we are of her. Fly Baby Girl Fly....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Vibrations

Ha! Prolly got your attention??? Here is how it all started...car load of us girls going to a PTA meeting...scratch that - prolly a tennis match. I'm in the middle seat with three other friends. Yakking away. Nothing important. Front seat conversation slightly more interesting....something was "amazing!!" "BEST ever - will never go back to the old way..." "Bigger and better!". Blah Blah Blah...all coming from the front seat. Then I overhear the word "vibrations"...SCUUUZE me! What are they talking about up there????Some kind of vibrating something that is life altering. Well, we all remember the best ever episode of Sex and the City....Charlotte and the wabbittt. yea - I can spell rabbit. Seriously...if there is something out there better than that well.....we need to know. So - it is my job to find out. What are ya'll talking about? And that is when I hear the word - mascara. WTF??? MASCARA? Really?? Of all the things that can benefit from vibrations someone comes up with eyelashes? Well. That is just silly. What a waste of vibrations. But, my friend is going on and on and on about her eyelashes and this Estee Lauder mascara that VIBRATES. Now I'm thinking not only is this silly but how much is this silly gonna cost. And let me tell you...about 15$ more than regular overpriced mascara costs. Now again, I've been there done that and sold and bought high end make up....liked it better when it was free. Since then I've been very happy with the drugstore variety...some more than others. So all this extra for vibrating mascara was not working for me. Not that there is anything wrong with things that vibrate...but happy eyelashes just don't seem worth the extra money to me...fast forward to about two weeks ago Baby Girl and I are at Walgreens and Maybelline has a brand new display case up for their newest and bestest mascara. Guess what it does??? Yep. It vibrates. Now Lauder's vibrates for about 35.00$ and this one will make your eyes happy for about 14.99....so I'm thinking -less than half price - does it really work??? MY followers prolly WANT to know. So we buy one. Felt kinda dirty. Never bought anything before that does THAT. YOU know what I mean. Now you know I already have crazy long fab lashes cause I've been using Latisse and yes, it works. So I can't wait to see if vibrating mascara gives me happy eyes. Next day I use it. Kinda scared to have something vibrating and all that close to my eyeballs and eye site but I do it.....makes a lot more noise than just plain ole mascara. Goes on nice and smooth and thick but not clumpy. Takes a while to get used to pushing the button that makes it vibrate....but all in all my lashes look good - and happy. Could be the Latisse. So the next day I use it on one eye with the magic vibrating button and the other eye without the vibrating button.Gotta admit - one eye looked happier than the other eye. So maybe things that vibrate work after all....So I would suggest trying the Maybelline version of happy eyes first...and remember "Happy is as Happy does..." I know that just sounds silly. But so does vibrating mascara.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Just another Monday

Another Monday...prolly one of my favorite days. Usually follows a wonderful weekend no matter what. Sunday night is my favorite ever night of the week. This one was shared with fun neighbors - their treat for a fabulous dinner and company. Wha la. Morning rolls around and hubby is off to work and since it is summer/slumber time the rest are sleeping. 'Cept for me...I am in the middle of a really really good book. Heaven on EARTH when this happens...can't stop thinking about it. Just want to read it and finish it. AND just want it to go on forever. Sooooo. Pot of coffee is ready - dogs and kids are quiet. Book is in my hands....guess you would like to know what the book is??? Funny thing bout that. I tried to read this book about a year ago when I first heard about it and I am embarrassed to say I made it to about page six when I decided life is too short and I have a gazillion books in my to read cabinet by my bed and this one is just not grabbing me... To many names, places & things in Sweden with a gazillion letters . MY teenie tiny brain was thinking about all those juicy, nasty, fun, easy books I like piled up beside my bed. So I stopped. Over the next year this book never went away...top of the lists or someone raving about it and all the time I was like - yuk... hated it. And very happy reading thru my stack of nasty stuff...nothing wrong with that either. Hubby likey....

Anyhooo - not only does this book not go away but the sequel is published and dang if not God and everybody is raving about it too. Hate it when that happens and I'm being stubborn. Then one of my very dearest special friends chooses it for her bookclub selection. This is sacred in my 'hood. The chosen book is special to someone and therefore should be read. Even worse I had to miss bookclub for something even more important to Baby Girl. And all of this started to remind me of another book long long long ago that I treated the same way. Tried it, hated it, stopped it. KEPT seeing it at the very top of every single book lover's list of lifes best books. What was I not getting? Thank goodness for that one I went back the THIRD time and it grabbed me and to this day I can remember the names James Fraser and Claire Randall....brownie points and a free trip to Opa ( I wish...) if you know the book....Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. A Gazillion pages of wonderful and worth every one. For those of you that know me - you know I have onset Oldzimeres and can't remember shit.... but I will never forget those two characters... ever. Best of the best books ever.

So back to today - Monday. I NEED to be doing house stuff. Laundry (major problem), kitchen a wreck - whole freakin house a wreck!! And what do I do....cup of coffee and this book I can't put down. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo...now you that have read it are prolly laughing and thinking what a dumb ass...she didn't like this the first time? Well, have you read my fun, easy, nasty stuff??? Kay...so there I am torn between another five pages and cold coffee that needs refilling... and the freakin time is flying by....finally the restless leg thing kicks in and the only thing keeping me from reading 24/7. The need to get up and move. And Pee. I've had a whole pot of coffee by now. I just happen to notice that is not 7:00 am anymore it is 9:45. Should have done some laundry by now...oh, yea - put a load in when I made the coffee and it has been sitting dry so I go get it and turn on the tv. God just loves to get ya back for goofin off. Time 9:55 and the channel is Fox 4 here or as I call it - What amazing shoes is Kelly wearing today? More on her later. LOOOOVE her and her shoes!!! Want to be her in my next life. Four minutes left and just take a big guess who her co star host is today???? Not EEGIS... love him too. But - NOOOO the freakin show is almost over and it is - Ashton Moore. Otherwise known as Demi's husband and the most beautiful person on the planet. OMG. I love to read but come ON. How could I miss and hour of doing laundry and watching Mr. Moore be himself. Could he be any cuter??? I think not. Could he be any smarter? Married to a foxy older woman? I think not. I am dying and they are showing a clip of his newest movie ( can't wait) but still. It is over. And I missed it and I should have been doing my housewifely duties....so this is my punishment. I deserve it but I don't like it...and for the record I never ever watched that 70's show he was so famous for...honestly tried but had rather be reading my juicy, nasty books. Even when she married him I was like WTH?? don't get it.

And then he started dressing like a grown up. Like a very cool, rich, stylish grown up. And oh yea, wowser. I got it. She is no dumb chickie - and I loved Bruce too. Love me a bald man. Wonderman - you know I do! Semi private joke. But Mr. Ashton in a nice set of duds with the Mrs. on his arm and he is all - love her, love her kids, love her ex!!! Now that is amazing. Hotter than Bradgalina and all their little cute kids. Hot young guy with a slightly older woman over Super hot guy with scary hot woman and lots of kids - Ashton every time!! And I missed it... almost ruined my day. Till I realizied hey, wait a minute!!! I am a slightly older woman married to slightly younger hot man - that was bald for a short time -and while we don't have any ex's to love we do have two amazing kids and I just finished a fab book and I have a whole cabinet of still to read nasty ones... and some clean laundry - what could be better than that??? Wha la...hubby is playing tennis tonight and the kids are taking themselves out to a movie and dinner...and I get to start my next nasty, juicy, trashy book!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

Let's start with the fact that we were below triple digits...and there was a nice breeze. Made 90 plus feel good. And I had nothing to do, nowhere to be - except floating in my pool. Stack of mags, a book, lemonade and float. Heaven on earth. Wonderman and Baby Girl were off having father/daughter day (lunch of her choice and shopping) while Brother was upstairs recovering from sleepover two nights before. All good and all happy. Why would I ever want to go anywhere else? We just had a great family vacay at Horseshoe Bay Resort and a good time was had by all but I have to say my heaven on earth right in my own backyard is waaay better. The resort was fun we played golf, tennis, drove to Austin for dinner and a fabulous show called Esther's Follies - if you ever get the chance to do this DO THIS....so much fun!!! Google it and go! We even went ziplining and that is worth the trip alone. Especially when three out of five are terrified of heights....hilarious fun watching them FREAK out - but when it comes to pool time there is just something about the peace and quiet of your own back yard. Minus the adorable little bitty children in swim floats screaming at the top of their lungs as they jumped into the deep end over and over and over and....for freakin hours. Ya see where this is going. And that was the adult pool. WTH....mom and dad were partying it up down at the shallow end while their spawn were "entertaining" us all at the deep end with nonstop high pitched screams as they cannonballed into the deep end and "cooled" us off with a steady stream of water - on us, our books, our mags and our HAIR. And for all you born natural blondes out there I know you are with me on this one...NEVER get your now blonde hair wet in a freakin swimming pool. Not only will it turn your beautiful BLONDE hair green but I had my children (that never ever once SCREAMED at a public pool) convinced that Mommy's hair would not only turn green but fall out if it got wet and that dog paddling was an excellent way to swim - thank you very much. But, I was on VACATION which meant I was PAYING for all this so I sucked it up and sucked some drinks down...and put my big girl panties on an delt with it. And speaking of big panties...here is the best part. I was so inspired and uplifted by all the BIG girls prancing around a public pool in little itty bitty bikinis... honestly - I felt very modest in my TANKINI that covered my belly while they were showing God and Everybody that they really loved their food and prolly a few bruskies....my favorite was the girl - at least 20 yrs. younger than me with several spawn jumping in the deep end - that had on a two piece bathing suit that a ten yr. old would have filled out. AND she had a belly like a guy that LOVED his beer and burgers every night or a Ten month pregnant woman. The only thing more shocking than that she was prancing around in this bathing suit was the fact that she was knocking back drinks all day like a sailor on a two hour leave with last call in five minutes.....soooo I'm just thinking asking her when the little one is due is prolly not a good question. About 6:00 Wonderman returns from golfing for the day and joins me for a drink by the pool...took him 29 seconds to zero in on our prancing boozing "pregnant" friend whose spawn by now are passed out in chairs from all the jumping and screaming they've been doing for the last five hours...he too thought she must be pregnant until he noticed she was out drinking everyone at the pool. And then I noticed all the men at the pool prancing around in their suits with their big ole bellies and I realizied...maybe she had the right idea. Rock on Sister! Life is short, summer is even shorter and why worry about the size of your belly. Now - I'll still prolly sport a tankini over a itty bitty two piece but...I think I'll raise a glass to all the big belly girls out there rockin a two piece with a smile. And as for pool time - nothing beats my own backyard where I can sun & read in peace and swim with my now blonde hair IN THE WATER cause we have a salt water pool and that folks does not turn beautiful blonde hair green. And not to brag but Wonderman and Baby Girl returned from their super fun filled day with a rockin hot cutie top for mom and a super cool shirt for Brother. Followed by a night out for Mom and Dad with friends at Sauce on the square in downtown McKinney....if ya don't live here just get here as fast as you can!! Heaven on Earth....or Another Day in Paradise. Oh and p.s. nothing yet from big famous author...she's prolly very busy with her fabulous life but don't you worry - you will be the first to know if she ever does read this blog....but only if she likes it. Why would I ever tell anyone if she told me to shut up?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Freakin OUT

Okay - I know I said I was only going to blog after dinner/wine but after a really fun bigdinner/lots of wine last night I did something so exciting and crazy (my Wonderman is freaking right now - relax HONEY - I'm not sharing that part!! Let's just say last night was a lot of fun for a lot of people) that this morning I am about to jump out of my skin!!!There will prolly be lots of typos cause I am sooo excited and sweaty and my hands are shaking - jeeze I need to calm down. Back to the part of last night that I can share....I made two new best friends for life(love it when that happens - you can never have too many BFF's, books, shoes, lip gloss, etc. That is great idea for another blog!!! Sorry I am so nervous I am really going to ramble nonstop today) Anyway - I'm getting braver about begging people to read my blog and after they promised they would they told me about one of their fav blogs by one of my fav authors - Jen Lancaster...real name so you too can go buy all her hilarious books. And no you may not borrow mine and never give them back - go BUY them cause that is how she makes a living. So after bigfundinner/boatload of wine and after all that fun stuff I can't share I just couldn't go to sleep. I jes had to go read her blog for myself...and since I was awake and doing something fun I prolly had that one last glass to many after too many. At least I wasn't driving anywhere. Here's the good part - loved her blog and you will too (crap can't spell it so just google jen lancaster blog that is how I found it and I'd had a lot of dinner) so go read hers just don't go ditching mine to read hers cause she is already famous and I'm stilling dreaming about it. It must have been the wine talking cause the next thing I know is I EMAILED HER AND SUGGESTED SHE READ MY BLOG!!!! I know I know I know!!! OMG - this is like drunk dialing old boyfriends (relax again Wonderman I would NEVER and HAVE never done that) I am so freaking out with the possibility that she might that I don't even care if she doesn't. But God Forbid she did -please God let her chuckle just once....see this is HUGE cause she does not know me and could give a rat's ass about me or my blog. But if she did chuckle just once - that would make my day!! Just like when all ya'll that know and love me say nice things about my blog. But you sorta have to cause a) you know me b) it's the nice thing to do and ya'll are all so nice c) if there is any chance in hell that I do end up sitting with Opa one day then all ya'll want to go too.
So that is why I am about to stroke out today...that and it is Thursday which means another meeting of the Bored But Never Boring Housewives!!!! Oh and I almost forgot to tell you about the other most amazing thing that happened last night. First time in 21 yrs. of happily married bliss - relax Wonderman ...not that part!!! But it is about you - remember couple of blogs ago I mentioned the best pasta sauce ever...well the Mezzetta Napa Valley Creamy Marinara was so good that not only did my boys fight each other over who could lick the pan but my Mr.Man (that is what I call him when he is not being my Wonderman) who will not eat leftovers actually asked if I would make the same sphagetti (pasta - really have to get a dictionary) for dinner again. Cause trust me there weren't any leftovers just tongue tracks on all the plates...It is that good folks. Lucky for him I bought two bottles and I have more ground turkey - although I think if I chopped up some old shoes and poured this sauce on 'em it would taste so good he'd never know. So yes he gets it again tonight!! Right after I get home from my meeting...Hope to see ya there!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lots of Good Stuff...

Okay, yesterday I was feeling a little sad and blue. August can be like that for me. Birthday month is over. It is a real bitch coming off the sugar rush of "Yes, it IS my birthday and I'd love to see and eat ALL of the dessert menu!!!!" Summer is ending and school is starting. My First and ONLY BABY GIRL is going off.....to school. We are not talking about a school bus ride. We all KNOW how tramatic that was....BABY Girl is going AWAY. To. SCHOOL. Since this is supposed to be fun and funny. We will stop talking about that. And my BABY BOY is going to high school - nothing funny bout that neither. Just means Mama is old as dirt. Dad too. WHO is laughing now. So back to August and summer is over - which means we all have to get up early. ALL of us. ME. See my teenagers aren't the only ones in this house that like to sleep late...they come by it honest. I can sleep like crap all night but from about 6:30 on.....wow. I'm ready to rise and shine about the crack of 11:17. am. Not proud but that is the truth. This has been the strangest summer ever for me. Most days I am wide awake by 6:45 (actually it starts more aroung 3:15 and just goes from there). Finally about 6:45 I just give it up. My brain is going - I am coming up with the most amazing funny stuff ever for ya'll but my computer is in the other room. So this is what you get - much later....This a big secret cause all those dearest to me know - 1) I love to sleep 2) I hate to be woken up by the phone ringing 3) I love tennis but not before 9:00 and I prefer 10:00. 4) I love to sleep - so I have been secretly enjoying the early morning hours - just piddling. That means doing only that which pleases me. Coffee, paper, computer (ya'll), watering the flowers...just quiet happy time stuff. Sorry forgot this was supposed to be funny and entertaining for you. So back to the good stuff....I have lots of favorite stuff to share - I promised face stuff so here ya go. In case you didn't know I've done my time selling and using some of the most wonderful and expensive facial products you can buy. Nothing wrong with them....loved them all. They worked. I'm just cheap. Rephrase. I have found everything I need for less money and excellent results. If you have lots of extra money and you only want to go spend it on fancy products go right ahead. They are fabulous. So are mine. First of all - you have to clean your face every night. No excuses ever. EVER. Don't do it. BIG ZIT. Very simple. All you need is Pond's Deep Cleanser & Make Up Remover. Rub it in wash it off. Go to sleep. And never ever discuss or even THINK about the big zit you saw on someone else's face. It is no joke. You will wake up the next day with the biggest honkin EVER monster zit known to man/woman/teenager ever. My kids come to me with the " Mama, I have this big ...blah blah blah on my blahh blahh blaahh blah and I am running screaming from the room!You do not want to see it or talk about it ever...just tell 'em wash it and use ProActiv ( another very good product and worth every single penny...just order it and show them how to use it and steal their Refining Mask when needed) Every other night after Pond's use Alpha Hydrox 10% Glycolic AHA Anti - Wrinkle - I've had several pre cancerous spots frozen off and this helps keep all that under control. On the other nights I use Olay Regenerist micro sculpting cream...read the ads and use it. Why pay more? Daytime - in the shower St Ives Apricot scrub every other day. And most important - Sunscreen every day.... I really like Olay Pro X age repair spf 30 followed with Colore science sunforgettable spf 30 powder. I know that doesn't equal spf 60 but it doesnt hurt. I do live in Texas and I play a lot of tennis and my face is not tan. For that I use a blend of Bare Escentuals bareminerals Faux tan and mineral veil - just mix a little of both together and wha la...perfect skin color. You can too - do the math. If you neck and body is fair more mineral veil...if you have a nice tan more faux tan. Opa's dr. said by the way... tan is not necessarily bad. Burn is. So use your sunscreen and don't burn. Nut brown is not good but a little color is prolly okay. Just see your dermatologist for yearly skin/mole checks - I go every six months. And use your sunscreen. And for your body try Eucerin Everyday Protection Body Lotion spf 15....skin cancer is not a joke. But laughing is good so let's get back to some of that...Onwards...stuff I love and You might too!!! Okay, I know I went on and on about food yesterday but one more thing. I promise this is the big one...Mezzetta Napa Valley Bistro. Any sauce. Doesn't matter buy them all. We have tried them all and there is not a single one we wouldn't sell one kidney for...Puttanesca, Nonna's Secret Sauce (only EVER found at Walmart), Creamy Marinara ( big first time hit tonight!!), Arribatta, Basil, etc. - seriously the only thing you have to worry about is A)does your grocery store have it and B) can you get the top off. If they don't - tell the store manager (they live for this) and keep one of those little rubber circles handy to get the top off. email me if ya don't know what I'm talking about. And if you ever find their Vodka Penne Sauce - buy it and send it to ME. I'll owe you big time - I'll FLY you to Opa....Almost forgot...most of my fav skin care stuff you can find at Walmart - best price in town...I KNOW...I have been a big TARGET/TARJAAAY fan and still am. But sorry times are tight. Money matters and my money is going were the best deal is. So hit Walmart first. The Alpha Hydrox stuff is at Ulta and don't go without your Sunday coupon. Sorry but 3.50 off is 3.50 off. Colore Science is sold in Dermatologists offices so google it. Now ya'll know why my skin looks so good and I can afford those amazing shoes!!! Some things you can "skimp" on and some things are just not up for discussion...and if you are lucky enough to live in McKinney, Tx go to Serenity Nails by Market Street ( which has a great 20 % off on all services at Serentiy Nails right on the back of your receipt) and ask for Andy....best foot and hand massage ever - EVER -I mean ever LADIES.And that is not up for discussion - unless you come to Thursday nights meeting of the Bored but NEVER Boring Housewives...and that is how I'll know who has done their homework!!! Wha la!!! Keep reading and for all our sakes - we want to go to Opa's!! - sign up as a freakin follower!!!Top of the page just click on it! Love ya'll!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to Basics

Been awhile...been on vacation and for the last two days I've been trying to lie low and recover from vacation. Need a staycation to follow vacation....So I stayed at home today and watched Mad Men while doing the laundry. Kind of torn about that show...the men were pigs - good looking and great suits but OMG - PIGS. As for the women - the only good thing about being them is that there isn't a skinny one in the bunch...curves were in and muscle tone not important. Of course, they had on industrial strength bras, girdles, hose and slips so that would be a buzz kill. Guess that is what made all their fat look like curves...and the drinking!!! These people drank hard stuff nonstop! AT WORK and then on their two hour martini lunches and the very minute they walked in the door at home or the home of whoever they were cheatin with. I was so disturbed by watching all the alcohol consumption today that I decided not to have my own glass of wine/dinner tonight. So I had a diet coke, a fresca (almost put that in a wine glass but didn't feel like washin an extra glass), and now I'm working on a razberry green tea. I also had my new favorite food - carrot fries. Yum and no I'm not crazy they are good and good for you. Turn oven on to 400 peel several large carrots and slice them to look like fries - I know there is a fancy word for that but I'm tired and a little cranky and not so funny without my wine/dinner. So work with me here and just slice the damn carrots. "Julianne" them. Then coat them really good with olive oil (good for you) and sprinkle heavily with salt, pepper, garlic powder, lemon pepper, italian seasoning, and make a single layer on a foil covered cooking sheet. I prefer a jelly roll pan cause the little sides keep them on the pan better. Put them in hot oven close to the top - I like them really close and almost charred black. 25 minutes but watch them unless you like them black. Then roll them on paper towels - even though it's good for you, you don't need all that extra oil. Wha la...carrot fries. I was feeling so skinny after this good for me dinner and watching all those really curvy women all day on Mad Men that I decided to treat myself to a big bowl of popcorn my way. I prefer to call it Italian Popcorn. My kids call it Stinky Popcorn and run screaming from the room when I make it....fine with me. More for me. Hate other hands in my popcorn anyway. Just pop your fav brand and dump in a big bowl and cover with parmesean cheese and for this I prefer the green can stuff. No need to go all fancy and use the snobby good kind. This is popcorn people. Kraft green can sticks better. Then add salt, garlic powder and italian seasoning. I like the kind that you use with oil for dipping. Stir it all up and enjoy! Now I like popcorn all to myself and peace and quiet during my shows but you prolly should floss and brush really good afterwards. Now you'd think I'd be full by now but NOOOOO. Now I need/want/have to have something sweet. Like candy bar brownies!! Good thing I made those last night. Good friend gave me this recipe and since she is a follower of my blog I know she will be honored that I am sharing her recipe with you too. Take your fav brownie mix - any box kind will do just change the amount of oil to ONLY 3 tbsps. Same everything else on the directions. Then pour batter into your pan. Cover top of batter with one can sweetened condensed milk. Then chop up several of your favorite candy bars and spread over the top. Follow baking time on your box. I've made them with almond joys and added extra coconut, snickers, butterfingers, and kitkats. All delicious. No complaints from anyone. So just chop up your fav candy bar and wha la - Candy Bar Brownies.
Okay, now to be honest with you I'd prolly feel better if I took a minute to go stick my finger down my throat. Just kidding...I prolly gained 5 lbs. by starting out healthy with those yummy carrot fries. Should have just had my glass of wine/dinner. Might have to go on my Girly Girl liquid diet. AGAIN. Did I mention the out of this world Dairy Queen marshmellow milkshakes we fell in love with on our vacation??? Just what I needed - another way to eat marshmellows!!
Next blog I promise not to yak on and on about food. Since I am the ripe old age of almost not even freakin forty something...I'll share my fav skin care products.