Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why My Boytoy thinks I Have a Boyfriend

As we all know the boyfriend trend is very in right now. I even mentioned it two blogs ago. Love my new bf blazer and jeans. Finally discovered the secret to the jeans - roll them up don't fold them up. Thank you J.Crew Catalog...I have also added a large face black watch which could be called a bf watch. And I couldn't help but notice a really cute black and grey sweater in the men's dept. at Old Navy when I was looking for some sweaters for Gman. I remembered back in my college days after I snapped out of my freshman year preppy mode (thank god!), I loved wearing long sweaters from the men's side of the store with jeans and boots (or clogs). For some unknown reason cashmere sweaters are always less in the men's department. Just like their dry cleaning bill....

Anyway, I noticed in this months onslaught of magazines piling up by my bed that this sweater look is in and that is fine with me. As we all know, anything that hides the whole middle area is a good thing. For some of us anyway. For those with flat tummies and tiny waists - just wait. You too will grow up one day. In the mean time, just put a thin belt on with it. Show off. Also in the mags are some shoes that are leaning a little to the men's look. This is where I draw the line. I am good with the blazer, jeans, sweater, watch and even hats. If you can rock the fedora go for it. But when it comes to shoes??? Hells,NO! This is the time for heels - that is what reminds them that there IS a girl under all the boyfriend stuff!!!

I also saved/snatched two flannel shirts from Wonderman's donation pile to a men's shelter for me to sleep in. Felt a little guilty about the men that probably needed them more than me, so I just added two more. Don't tell Wonderman. He is already eyeing all this stuff on my side of the closet that does not look very girly - until I wear it with the sky high heels. Usually, when he asks if something is new - which is man speak for "Oh, my God - how much did that cost???" I answer, "No, honey, I've had this for awhile" which is woman speak for "Drop it buster, if you want sex tonight". Well, you see the problem here...why would I have all these new items of clothes that obviously came from the men's department???? I'm working on that. Funny thing number two - Baby Girl and I have always shared if something fit both of us...whoever would have thought I'd be eyeing Gman's closet for things to share!!! I am sure Gman won't mind sharing sweaters with his mama...and that is what I can tell Wonderman!!!" What, this old thing? It's Griffin's and I don't know why it is in my closet. Now, let me show you my boyshorts underwear...."

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