Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life Goes On

Not to worry - no tissues needed tonight! Just Good Stuff and Happy Times!!! Just love the first week of school...especially the first day. Can't you still remember every first day of school of your life???? And the night before dream where you didn't have ANY pencils and OMG that was like the worst thing ever that could possibly happen on THAT day....what the hell was wrong with us??? I mean borrow a freakin pencil from that nerdy kid that always had them on the first day and you know every single class in the whole world had THAT kid in it. With all his pencils lined up on top of his desk. Just beggin to be borrowed...anyway I know I got a little sentimental last night but give me a break - Baby Girl is gone - so I can cry if I want to, but not tonight. Tonight I have Good Stuff to share and I just enjoyed a wonderful grilled pizza from my very own back yard so I am full and happy.( For any newbies to the blog now is a really good time to pause and go back to start do not collect $200...all the way back to the very first post - since we are celebrating the FIRST week of school you can start at the beginning and very FIRST blog. This will not only help you understand this whole process and me but even better you to will find out how to grill pizza in your very own backyard.) Not only do I have a freshman starting college I also have a freshman starting high school this week. Do the math - save time - I'm old as dirt. Best part is Wonderman is younger which makes me a Cougar!!! LOVE that...waaaay before my time on that one. Anyway, being a freshman anywhere is tough. Especially the first day - and I am happy to report that all went well. Everyone had their pencils. *****OMG *****just got a text from BABY GIRl.....and these are four words you NEVER want to read from your first born on the second day of her first week away "GUESS what I got?" Well, me I got Instant gray hair....you will all be shocked when you see me for the FIRST time tomorrow...total freakin white out...AND I said, "OMG - please not a tattoo or body piercing!!!" And she texted "Nope, a marshmellow milkshake!" Do I love her or what???? I think she may be the BEST COLLEGE KID ever. TAAA DAAA her new nickname...Think she will like it???Prolly not. Too damn bad. I'm gonna have to blonde all this gray before I go anywhere tomorrow. Speakin of which - good stuff alert - start blonding your own hair!! I do and it is so easy and you will save gobs of money and time....L'Oreal Preference is fool proof. Just pick out a pretty girl on the box with hair a color you like and wha laaaa...because you are worth it. Which reminds me of Mad Men (all about advertising) and guess what???I'm still in season two trying to catch up but there is now a skinny girl on the show. SHOCKING. And I am pretty sure she is after her boss who is after everyone but her and I think she is going to run off with another married boss. Now the main wife Betty is not fat. She is just so repressed it makes me crazy. Grow a pair. Laugh a little. She won't even talk with her girlfriends and that is just a sin in my book...anyway you watch - skinny one is going to be big trouble. Also check out Drop Dead Diva - new show just started so download and catch up...great twist on the whole fatgirl/skinnygirl thing...Back to Little Brother and his first week of high school. First of all, he ain't so little. 14 yrs. old until November 14 and 5'11 1/2. Today we bought a pair of size 13 shoes. For him. He's been so great with all the world revolving around Baby Girl (now to be known as Best College Kid Ever) for the last three weeks. But, She has been gone 6 days and in the last five I have seen a lot of dick flicks. WHAAAAt who said that??? Sorry I was trying to come up with a play on CHICK FLICKS and well, sorry but that kinda works. DEAL. Girl is gone and the boys have been going to the movies with me. In the last five days we have seen - Inglorious Basterds (my choice - hello!!! Brad Pitt) LOVED it and want to do it again. And District 9 - three votes and it was just okay....long & been there done that before. Must say Steve Carrell did an excellent job with the accent. I think GI Joe is next. Again my choice - Chan Tatum hello!!!!!See I am really getting the hang of this whole dick flick thing...wow - I think there was even another pun in that one! Which reminds me great new show on HBO - Hung...check it out. So I think I can go from girly girl mom to hangin with my boys and survive....just in case though I have another abandoned girly girl mom to go see a chick flick with this Friday and we can't wait. Movie got not so great reviews but it has Ashton (Mr. Moore) naked having lots of sex...who cares if the plot needs work??? Life Goes On....Wonderman is begging me to stop and come to bed now....life really does go on.

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