Saturday, September 12, 2009

The All Nighter

Okay - let's get straight to the good stuff....what is the latest & greatest stuff I love and I hope you will too???Two new hair products - one to condition and improve shine and the other one is to freshen up your dirty hair. No brainer let's start with the one that makes no sense...wth would you WANT dirty hair? And if you do, why would you spend money on a product to make dirty hair fresh? Here's a thought why not JUST wash it??? Wha la. Clean hair. Well, for those of you not in the know...dirty hair is easier to style than slippery ole clean hair. You can tease dirty hair and get more volume. And then there is the laziness factor which is where I have this whole idea down pat - again waaay ahead of my time. See it is just a big ole pain in the ass/arm to wash and blow out my hair ALL the time. And without the effort of blowing out mine is one big mass of half curly mostly frizzy chaos. I'll pretend to like it this way but really I'm just too tired/lazy to spend the time needed to blow it out. And forget just aiming a blow dryer at it drying it...TRULY horrific. To blow it out involves a supersizied round brush in one hand and dryer in the other and both arms are about to fall off by the time each section has been brushed and blown for about 30 minutes. So back to me and dirty hair. Here is my secret - nothing makes me nuts more than going thru the hell of blowing out my hair to just have to go and stick a hat on it the next day to play tennis. So my wash/blow dry schedule revolves around two things: tennis and social life. When both are hopping this gets tricky. Just tennis for a few days is a no brainer. That's what hats are for. There ya go another favorite thing - cute hats. So just tennis for a few days = shower only no shampoo hair. Tennis and social = what can I do to make my naturally dirty hair look better without the trouble of blow out??? Here we goooo - THE ALL NIGHTER Styling Powder. You see real dirty hair is really gross. Greasy and oily is never a good look. The purpose of this product is not to really give you dirty hair but to fluff, freshen, preserve your blowout and build body, texture and volume. Just shake a little bit of All Nighter in and it fluffs your hair up and even makes it smell better. And you can twist it up and it will almost stay there by itself. Seriously, this is good stuff. I saw it advertisied on the Mike and Juliet Show - they had on several people trying to sell their products and then a panel of "experts" would either say the products worked or (ouch) they didn't. Talk about AWKWARD...but they all loved this stuff - the hair people raved about it. So you know me and my naturally dirty hair - well, I NEEDED this stuff. And I've tried the dry shampoos that are back in style now but they spray out of a bottle and folks - that just gets clogged up and is a big waste of time and money. All Nighter comes in a shaker bottle like baby powder. And why not use baby powder you might ask??? Well, you could but then your head would smell like a baby's butt and your hair would be kinda white so if that is the look you are going for go right ahead. Don't ask just trust me on this one...I got my All Nighter online at for $18.00 and I really like it. You can even get it in colors to match your hair color.Since I am a natural BLONDE I got the platinum/neutral shade.

Now my other new product is for giving your hair a shine boost and improving the condition. WE all know summer is tough on our hair. Sun and pool water really wreck it. Moroccanoil is all the rage and in all the mags right now. And one of my friends (LV)with the most amazing curly hair without any frizz just happens to use it. And it is great for all hair and it really does help with the frizz, drying time and the shine is amazing.This is sold in salons - ask me if ya know me or go online to to buy it. A small bottle is 14.00 and should last forever. This is very concentrated and only takes a tiny tiny little bit to work.

So from fake dirty to super shiny it is all about the hair. A good hair day = a great day. As usual it has taken me forever to tell you about two I will save the rest for later but til then if ya go to the grocery store and you like key lime pie you will LOVE Yoplait new Fiber One yogurt - Key lime pie is to die for!! All that is missing besides the calories is the graham cracker crust. Delish. And good for you!!

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