Monday, July 1, 2013

Almost Rich Girl Problems

Previously known as White Girl Problems...shhhhh! I'm just a little afraid that post title will get me into unknown in a White person SAID something that p'sed off the rest of the Freakin World and a media Sh*& storm rained down on her beautiful gray head....Yawl know whew I'm tawking  bout. I live in Texas now ( GO  Wendy DAVIS - not going to help me either with some) but, I was born and raised in Georgia. Been going to Tybee and Savannah for years until the big move to Texas. I've always been a big fan of Paula and her cookin & boys. With the help of a wonderful book, Midnight in the Garden of  Good & Evil - they have helped raise the economy in a little town known mostly for green beer and drunk people. I sure hope ALL those green beer drinkin drunk people are backing her now. She needs our support. Cause she didn't realize that only non- white people can say the n word. They can rap about it, joke about it, walk around with their asses hanging out and brag about the joys of making a movie where they get to kill WHITE people . But, Miss P.D. well, enough said about that. I was raised to believe Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me....names. NAMES...names. Funny how one word - a name- has so much power to wreck havoc - all by who says it.  I don't know why or when she said it. All I know is that she admitted it and her world is on fire. I'm pretty sure SHE never owned a slave. Most of the people so upset are not slaves. We have elected an African American To be our President. Twice. Can't we put the power of this word to rest. When ANYONE says it or raps it. If we want to be EQUAL about our lives now then let's be equal. Let words be words and let's all use them respectfully. Nuff, said....Mind your P"s and Q's folks....As for my problems and the whole point behind this post...I'm going into month two of no dishwasher and suddenly that doesn't seem like the biggest deal in the world.  Nevermind.

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  1. Amen sister. Enough already. Really? A word can yield THAT much power when spoken by a person of the wrong color? Really? Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Django written by a very white man? Seriously, give me a break. Media- lets please find a newsworthy story.