Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Toast to July

All good things must come to an end and so it is with Birthday Month...HBD to two friends that share today and the end of the month. Although, if someone calls and insists, I am always willing to continue my celebrations into the next month. Us summer babies are adaptable that way. Have to be when your entire friend base is all busy with summer vacations and what else. I've had a fabulous BD Month with TWO trips to Atlanta - both were quick so if I missed you don't think it was on purpose -these trips were fast and tight on schedule!! Reunions with John's high school friends (30 yrs - dang my boy toy is OLD) and my cousins that have reconnected on facebook/the blackhole of my just kidding, I LOVE facebook. THAT is the problem. I have to force myself to remember I have a life and it is flashing by while I sit reading about everyone else's!!! How cool is this!! Next to Words with Friends on my iphone it is a miracle that I remember to eat. I wish. Somehow I always manage to not forget to do that.

The last day of July is always sad for me and not just cause I loove my BD month but because it usually means it is almost time to go back to school. And the part of that I really hate is that it is not okay to be serving dinner around 9:00. Unless you live in Europe. They eat really late and that is about time to start the appetizers. I'm pretty sure in America I could be arrested for being a crap mom by keeping my children hungry until then.But since I let them sleep til about 1:30 I figure they shouldn't be that hungry....

Here are some Things that made the list of Good Stuff this month:

1. Time with family and friends!! Here, Atlanta, Hawaii ( I know!!),the tennis court,on facebook, my backyard or yours it doesn't' really matter where. It is always who you are with. To all I was with this month it has been fabulous. Even in a hospital room with a dear friend from Arlington, it is all good. Make the most of every minute with all your favorite people. Time is flying by.

2. Homebody that I am - of course, I'm going to talk about tv shows. A couple of new favorites you shouldn't miss are : The Good Guys - OMG, non stop laughs and two cop characters to rival Andy and Barney in the hall of fame of cops!! Memphis - which is another cop show set in duh, Memphis and who knew Jason Lee was smokin hot rockin an Elvis do (that is a talent all on it's on) and he can freakin sing. Least, I think it is him - keep meaning to Google that and check it out cause he is really good!!!. And the last cop show is The Glades - very catchy and fun. Who knew cops were so hot and funny!! Last time we got pulled over I'm thinking not so much!! Actually, I did have some really hot cops one time and they were all on motorcycles...seriously, this really happened and my kids were in the car an will back me up. THank God it was not my fault and prolly why this is a fond memory for me....which reminds me I need to pay Wonderman's ticket for running a red. He's been a bad bad boy...

3. This one deserves a paragraph all to it's self....GLEE!! I told them they would LOVE IT AND IT TOOK A BIRTHDAY DEMAND TO GET THEM ALL HOOKED!!! Gman is still holding out but he watched it that night. Wonderman is a GONER. He actually got his MAN CARD pulled the next day at work when he tried to share with everyone how great it was. That is one of the many reasons why I LOVE HIM!!! He even took it on our road trip to Hotlanta to watch it in the car....and Tyler and Cory are addicted now and dying to get the second season!!! YES, I TOLD YOU FREAKIN SO!!!!! GREAT SHOW!!! Sorry, I know that was obnoxious but you have no idea how hard it was for me to get them to just try it!!!

4. I have lots of girl stuff to report on but, I am exhausted already and the pups are dying to get out of laundry room and run around pooing an peeing everywhere so I better wrap this up come back next time for some good product scoop and why I think I am a Mascara Slut. That should cause some interesting Google ads...have you noticed my ads -which I have nothing to do with other than whatever I blog about causes them to pop up....the whole vibrating mascara blog really got some "interesting" ones!!! And I've found the PERFECT BATHING SUIT for everybody and I mean everybody rocks this one!! It is so amazing - I will even post a picture of me in it...if I can figure out how to post pictures. Next time!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Best Birthday EVER

In case you are just coming to the partay, here is something you may not know about me....I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!! How could you not??? It is your day and it is okay to expect it to all be about YOU! If you go around acting like this on any other day you will just tick everyone off and they will prolly gossip behind your back about what a total pinhead you are...So here are my favorite things about birthdays - mine and yours - I love them all so by all means if it is your special day I want to know about it too and help you celebrate it. If there is cake involved I am so there. If there is cake and party liquids - even better!!!


1. Obviously to force everyone that loves you into being your own personal slave for the day. ALL about you people and it starts with breakfast. EAT whatever you want and if you can get them to make it, bring it and clean it up - wow. You don't need me for this you are on track all by yourself. My breakfast of choice was an amazing cupcake made from scratch by my precious Babygirly (new name but she is still The most amazing college student home for the summer but that name is waaay too long)and yes, we will pass along the recipe cause that is how we roll. We share all. Here is a cupcake tease so come back for the recipe blog...chocolate, coffee, coconut and granache, marshmellow...heaven!!! Breakfast of champions!!

2. birthday cards!!! OMG - I love cards...already told you I am the crazy lady standing in the isle laughing outloud - sometimes I buy the really funny ones just for me...keep a stash and just read them whenever I am sad/sober and need a little funny. Got some really funny ones this year from my awesome in laws!!!

3. FaceBook Birthdays!! If you are one of the two people on the planet still not on FB - shut up and just sign up. Even if you are a complete computer nincompoop it is worth it for the birthday love alone!!! Yes, it was the highlight of my day to check all day long and see who was sending me a HBD message!!! It was my own personal Sally Field Oscar moment - "You love me, you REALLY love me!!" So to all my FB friends for life - "Thank you for all the love and for taking the time to be a part of my day!!!" - This is especially great for those of us that have summer birthdays when all your friends are on vacay and not around to help you celebrate...elementary days totally sucked too cause you never really got to have your mom lug in 28 frosted cupcakes on YOUR day to share with your whole class...yes, that scarred me for life. Now some teachers tried to make up for it by having a day for all the summer birthdays at either the beginning or end of the year but we all knew that was lame. Christmas BDays prolly suck too. Kind of gets lost in all the green and red wrapping paper and who wants to compete with Jesus.

4. Birthday lunches...what are friends for!!! To take you out to lunch and celebrate!!This is a win win for all...perfect reason to ditch the office/housework/kids and go hangout with your friends in the middle of the day!! Take a little refresher nap and you will be ready to celebrate with birthday dinner.

5. Birthday plans...mine was genious this year. I'd been trying for months to get my stubborn family to watch my new fav show on demand. As in I demand they watch it too. For some silly reason they were not cooperating and this makes me crazy. Until, I realizied that they HAVE to do what I want on my BD!!! When I told them we would be eating in (pizza on grill - directions on earlier blog) and all watching something in the media room they started to sweat and worry. OMG the whining and beggin and worrying about "WHAT are we going to have to sit thru???" When I finally told them "just one episode" the lightbulb went on and they guessed it and groaned and complained but laughed and knew I HAD THEM cause it's my birthday!!! Ha!!

Yes, we all boyfriend son included watched the one episode of Glee that I knew would get them all hooked - Glee is like crack you can't just watch one episode - The Beyonce one where Kirk joins the football team!!! OMG - even Wonderman was laughing OUTLOUD!!! A lot!!! This is truly huge cause he is one of those people that can watch Modern Family and I can't tell if he is awake or not cause he doesn't laugh out loud!!! Yes, Opposites attract - I take personal pride in laughing the loudest. And I think lots of stuff is funny. Pulp Fiction cracked me up!! Back to Glee - I lost count of how many episodes we watched last night!! Best Birthday Ever!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthday Week

This is the BIG ONE... Who am I kidding? The family is all freakin out about the big one...But, seriously, even though I am the little girl that cried WOLF for the last five years this time I mean it....On Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 I will turn my last time at 40 SOMETHING!!! Pause and give this moment the respect it deserves...THANK YOU. Now, give me a moment to stop crying and shamelessly milking it for all it is fucking worth....HONESTLY PEOPLE, SHOW SOME F'ING RESPECT FOR YOUR FREAKIN ELDERS -PLEASE. THINK I'VE EARNED IT NOW!!!

Liquid diets and all aside, this is truly the big one leading up to next year - when you will all really need to be here to celebrate with me and keep me from bodily I eat lots of cake. Got this year covered and it is just going to be really good for me. Told the family tonight to clear Wednesday and Friday nights for me....Wednesday is a secret (will blog later) and Friday we will all be at Gold Coast Cinemas to see Inception - hope Leo doesn't disappoint!!

Wonderman covered all his bases two months ago in Vegas with a nice ring to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday - love him!!! And, he sent me happily to Hawaii for a girlfriend get away this past week so I am coasting into birthday week with no complaints and feeling fine!! They are all freakin out over the secret Wednesday night me they will love it!! KNOW I will...and I'll share later.

So, no matter who is celebrating their birthday - to all of us celebrating another year - to us!! Wear it well!! Cheers!!