Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stilettos vs. vibrators

Well, well, well....whatever YOU are thinking right now says a lot about you. And we'd all prolly get kicked off this site cause we have to keep this sorta PG32 - slightly racier than R but not X cause I think "they" would shut me down. And SOMEDAY my children might read this. But according to my stats ONLY 13 people are following so who really cares. What I'd really like to know is who has an idea about what this title means...which one is better? Well, I really love all my sky high shoes and as for the second if you've been reading this blog go back a few and you will see this is really just good ole PG 32. The only thing vibrating around here lately has been my eyelashes. Due to that fancy vibrating mascara. And as happy as they have been with that -Wonderman had a problem with it....well, he was the first to notice that while they might be happy they were not as long and fabulous as they had been. Dang if he wasn't right!!! I checked them out in the "big"side of my mirror - and ladies if you are not using one of those fab mirrors that flips from "I look great" to "OMG WHAT THE HELL IS THAT" you really do need to start. All kind of crap is happening and without the "big" side you just really don't know and trust me it is not always a good thing. Somethings just need fixing and if ya can't even SEE them then how can you fix them???? So, sure enough he is right (still counting on one hand though....female joke) and my lashes are definitely shorter. That is where the stilettos come in....Maybelline also has a slightly less newer mascara (what is up with that??? Every other month they come out with a NEW mascara. I've lost count how many there are...) called Stiletto and let me just tell you it may not vibrate but boy do your eyelashes look amazing. And it stays on forever. Only trick is do it one eye at a time - do not let it try between swipes. Keep putting more on until it is as thick as you like just don't let it dry in between each coat. That is old school. Read the directions on the newer mascaras and that is very important or you will not like them. So things have been quieter around here but the lashes are touching my eyebrows again. Thanks to Stiletto and Latisse. Okay, and Wonderman. He just loves my long eyelashes.
Food update!!! I have a new way to eat my favorite Tuscany Bruschetta stuff from Sam's....I was enjoying a sliced tomato sandwich the other day even after I almost sliced my finger off...when the idea came to me dang this is good but is it worth a finger - I think not - must be a better way. OMG instead of sliced tomatoes and all that work - just spoon a couple of spoons of heaven in a jar between two slices of bread with just a tad of mayo and if you have it a slice or two of bacon and it just doesn't get any better than that. Unless you could come up with a way to take all the calories out of food so that you could eat a LOT of these sandwiches and never gain any weight or run out of heaven in a jar. I have tried to go into Sams JUST to get this stuff and $365.42 later.....this is one very expensive jar of heaven. I don't think it can be done. My real problem is I have to have this from Sam's and then my frozen pizza and the best shrimp you will ever ever ever have come only from Costco....and it is the same vacuum hole as Sam's. I want two things and come out with a rear end load of stuff we just have to have. Back to the shrimp - those of you that have been to a party with us lately know all about the amazing shrimp appetizer we have been showing up with and let me just share with the rest it is making us VERY popular on the party circuit. Here is the kicker. Wonderman makes it...(now I can too but why????Even Gman makes it cause he is hungry and mom and dad are out partying) and that is awesome cause it gives me more time to make my eyelashes happy and get ready and stuff. But the shrimp comes from Costco - in their seafood counter not the frozen stuff. Black tiger prawns EZ peel and it is no joke very easy to peel and devein (specially for me cause he is doing it!!! Eyelashes aren't the only happy things in my house). Now I'd love to share the recipe but he'd have a fit....just saute it on the stove in butter, olive oil, garlic, white wine and lemon juice with a splash of worcetershire sauce( you know what I mean and can't spell and to lazy to go to kitchen and dig it out of fridge so deal. Brown bottle.) Til shrimp turn pink. Dump in more garlic and slice up some bread and stand back they will tackle you to get to it. Just be prepared for the angry ones that didn't get any....By the third party they are waiting at the street for us to get there and we are usually late but we do show up with this so all is forgiven.

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