Friday, March 21, 2014

Party Ideas

Tried and True

What happens at my parties stays at my party - unless I blog about it in which case all names have been altered to protect the guilty. 

At a recent event large gathering of cackling booze hounds held at my home in honor of one of my closest friends partner in beauty crime I observed something first hand that had only been rumored to have happened by another close friend blog supporter and equal sharer of good stuff  on her most recent girl friend trip.  Guys have "work trips" and "fishing trips" and "golf trips" ... we have Girl trips. Where we usually just do all the fun crap we normally do at home but somewhere far away from clingy children begging to be fed,  adoring husbands begging to be fed and four legged children begging just to be begging.  Sometimes we don't even leave town - although I highly recommend a change of scenery and giving all those beggars at home a chance to fend for themselves and miss you so bad that they treat you like the Goddess you are when you do finally return. I also recommend returning. 

Anyway, back to parties. Another thing we do when we can't get away for a Girl Trip. See we just Girl  Trip to someone else's house. This friend SAID that she was shocked to see grown women devour a birthday cake in 5 minutes. Now this is not the shocking part cause most of us can do that alone in 5 minutes. She witnessed this happen without any plates involved. As in they had the gall to just grab a fork - I think some hair pulling might have been involved too. Definitely some pushing and shoving. They grabbed a fork AND didn't even bother to slice the cake into servings....THEY JUST ALL DUG IN AND DEVOURED THAT POOR CAKE like a dinner at the Pay for One and Six Eat Free Honey Boo Boo Cafe.  I've been saying Honey Boo Boo was to blame for the lack of manners in our society. This is proof. Now, she was shocked but she wasted no time working her fork into that cake and she was smiling wistfully as she recalled it.

So fast forward to my recent party and instead of a Birthday Cake one of my closest friends loveschampagne assigned to bring the cake opted to bring two dozen of the biggest and most beautiful cup cakes I have ever seen in my life. And trust me I have seen cupcakes. Did I ever mention Baby Girl Tyler's middle name? Cupcake. Or maybe it was her first word. Trust me Girlfriend loves her cupcakes. So sad for her she was off partying in Austin, Tx. that night. More cupcakes for us. Now you know how women pretend they can't eat sweets? Yea. Joke. Well, I even arranged these cupcakes on a little platter - did I mention the different varieties? - and walked them around to make it easy for everyone to just stand around and keep talking AND eating cupcakes.  But, NOOOO they were TOO BIG and TOO PRETTY to eat. Now I was starting to get desperate cause these cupcakes need to move out as in I didn't want to be forced to eat anything left behind. Hostess duties and all. So I followed someone's suggestion to half them. Fine. This got a little interest. The wolves started circling. Which caused more to pause in their drinking and chatting and before I knew it - CUPCAKE WAR! Now there was not any cupcake throwing or icing smearing happening. I'm talking about - you know how sharks go bat shit crazy when there is blood in the water??? Bingo.  Seriously, my friend wasn't kidding. It truly was every woman with a fork for herself. The trick was to get your fork in there quick and back to your mouth or you could get stabbed in the hand or worse I think I saw someone gobble a bite off of someone else's fork. On purpose, because it was the last bite of the Salted Caramel  with Pretzel topped Chocolate cupcake. Thank God I was smart enough to hide one of these precious jewels in my fridge the minute that box got opened. Or I would have had to take some women down. Friend or no friend. Or I guess I could have just driven to the new Small Cakes which is where these worth every penny spent on spanx  best cupcakes I have ever seen came from. But I don't drink and drive so it is still a good thing that I hid one. And all were devoured like chum in the bloody ocean. It was not a pretty sight but boy was it worth it. Which reminds me - I need to buy some stock in Small Cakes. Google it cause they are in lots of states and it would be worth it to just walk to the nearest one to you. It doesn't matter how far - just start walking. Fast.

So looking back this morning on all the fun had last night and as I was enjoying my breakfast hiddensalted caramelcupcake  I had another great party idea for next time and it doesn't involve all the extra calories of cupcakes. Simply warm up a jar of Williams - Sonoma's Salted Caramel sauce, pour it into an attractive serving piece (presentation is every thing), open a bag of pretzels (again use attractive serving piece - manners!!) and casually mention that dessert is served!! Make that a large serving piece so the crowd and gather round and devour. Warning, things could get sticky.

I think I am still experiencing a sugar rush from my party last night and breakfast this morning....I haven't blogged more than once in the last couple of months and I just posted two today. Maybe sugar isn't the devil after all.

And my best Party Idea besides delegating - hey, if they ask to bring something to the party, don't be shy let them know what you need. I am so lucky to have good friends that always ask :))Thank you all!  Just keep a good caterer on speed dial and I highly recommend my great friend and hostess extraordinaire and owner of Little Greek Restaurant Willow Bend - 972-492-2299 ask for Jennifer and tell her you read about it here :) See to have a great party all you need is a fantastic group of guests, plenty of beverages, fabulous Greek Food and appetizers and Cupcakes!! Oh, and sparkly plastic forks - those were a big hit too!

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