Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lots of Good Stuff...

Okay, yesterday I was feeling a little sad and blue. August can be like that for me. Birthday month is over. It is a real bitch coming off the sugar rush of "Yes, it IS my birthday and I'd love to see and eat ALL of the dessert menu!!!!" Summer is ending and school is starting. My First and ONLY BABY GIRL is going off.....to school. We are not talking about a school bus ride. We all KNOW how tramatic that was....BABY Girl is going AWAY. To. SCHOOL. Since this is supposed to be fun and funny. We will stop talking about that. And my BABY BOY is going to high school - nothing funny bout that neither. Just means Mama is old as dirt. Dad too. WHO is laughing now. So back to August and summer is over - which means we all have to get up early. ALL of us. ME. See my teenagers aren't the only ones in this house that like to sleep late...they come by it honest. I can sleep like crap all night but from about 6:30 on.....wow. I'm ready to rise and shine about the crack of 11:17. am. Not proud but that is the truth. This has been the strangest summer ever for me. Most days I am wide awake by 6:45 (actually it starts more aroung 3:15 and just goes from there). Finally about 6:45 I just give it up. My brain is going - I am coming up with the most amazing funny stuff ever for ya'll but my computer is in the other room. So this is what you get - much later....This a big secret cause all those dearest to me know - 1) I love to sleep 2) I hate to be woken up by the phone ringing 3) I love tennis but not before 9:00 and I prefer 10:00. 4) I love to sleep - so I have been secretly enjoying the early morning hours - just piddling. That means doing only that which pleases me. Coffee, paper, computer (ya'll), watering the flowers...just quiet happy time stuff. Sorry forgot this was supposed to be funny and entertaining for you. So back to the good stuff....I have lots of favorite stuff to share - I promised face stuff so here ya go. In case you didn't know I've done my time selling and using some of the most wonderful and expensive facial products you can buy. Nothing wrong with them....loved them all. They worked. I'm just cheap. Rephrase. I have found everything I need for less money and excellent results. If you have lots of extra money and you only want to go spend it on fancy products go right ahead. They are fabulous. So are mine. First of all - you have to clean your face every night. No excuses ever. EVER. Don't do it. BIG ZIT. Very simple. All you need is Pond's Deep Cleanser & Make Up Remover. Rub it in wash it off. Go to sleep. And never ever discuss or even THINK about the big zit you saw on someone else's face. It is no joke. You will wake up the next day with the biggest honkin EVER monster zit known to man/woman/teenager ever. My kids come to me with the " Mama, I have this big ...blah blah blah on my blahh blahh blaahh blah and I am running screaming from the room!You do not want to see it or talk about it ever...just tell 'em wash it and use ProActiv ( another very good product and worth every single penny...just order it and show them how to use it and steal their Refining Mask when needed) Every other night after Pond's use Alpha Hydrox 10% Glycolic AHA Anti - Wrinkle - I've had several pre cancerous spots frozen off and this helps keep all that under control. On the other nights I use Olay Regenerist micro sculpting cream...read the ads and use it. Why pay more? Daytime - in the shower St Ives Apricot scrub every other day. And most important - Sunscreen every day.... I really like Olay Pro X age repair spf 30 followed with Colore science sunforgettable spf 30 powder. I know that doesn't equal spf 60 but it doesnt hurt. I do live in Texas and I play a lot of tennis and my face is not tan. For that I use a blend of Bare Escentuals bareminerals Faux tan and mineral veil - just mix a little of both together and wha la...perfect skin color. You can too - do the math. If you neck and body is fair more mineral veil...if you have a nice tan more faux tan. Opa's dr. said by the way... tan is not necessarily bad. Burn is. So use your sunscreen and don't burn. Nut brown is not good but a little color is prolly okay. Just see your dermatologist for yearly skin/mole checks - I go every six months. And use your sunscreen. And for your body try Eucerin Everyday Protection Body Lotion spf 15....skin cancer is not a joke. But laughing is good so let's get back to some of that...Onwards...stuff I love and You might too!!! Okay, I know I went on and on about food yesterday but one more thing. I promise this is the big one...Mezzetta Napa Valley Bistro. Any sauce. Doesn't matter buy them all. We have tried them all and there is not a single one we wouldn't sell one kidney for...Puttanesca, Nonna's Secret Sauce (only EVER found at Walmart), Creamy Marinara ( big first time hit tonight!!), Arribatta, Basil, etc. - seriously the only thing you have to worry about is A)does your grocery store have it and B) can you get the top off. If they don't - tell the store manager (they live for this) and keep one of those little rubber circles handy to get the top off. email me if ya don't know what I'm talking about. And if you ever find their Vodka Penne Sauce - buy it and send it to ME. I'll owe you big time - I'll FLY you to Opa....Almost forgot...most of my fav skin care stuff you can find at Walmart - best price in town...I KNOW...I have been a big TARGET/TARJAAAY fan and still am. But sorry times are tight. Money matters and my money is going were the best deal is. So hit Walmart first. The Alpha Hydrox stuff is at Ulta and don't go without your Sunday coupon. Sorry but 3.50 off is 3.50 off. Colore Science is sold in Dermatologists offices so google it. Now ya'll know why my skin looks so good and I can afford those amazing shoes!!! Some things you can "skimp" on and some things are just not up for discussion...and if you are lucky enough to live in McKinney, Tx go to Serenity Nails by Market Street ( which has a great 20 % off on all services at Serentiy Nails right on the back of your receipt) and ask for Andy....best foot and hand massage ever - EVER -I mean ever LADIES.And that is not up for discussion - unless you come to Thursday nights meeting of the Bored but NEVER Boring Housewives...and that is how I'll know who has done their homework!!! Wha la!!! Keep reading and for all our sakes - we want to go to Opa's!! - sign up as a freakin follower!!!Top of the page just click on it! Love ya'll!

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