Friday, July 20, 2012

Birthday Flu

Another year has come and gone and I've got to admit turning 51 was a whole lot easier than saying goodbye to Forty Something. Sure things are sagging, bagging and lagging but there is relief and freedom in saying "So WHAT?" I'm Fifty Something and it's supposed to!!! See in our forties we are all under the illusion that we are still in our Thirties and that we should still look like it and act like we are 29. What a wonderful feeling it is to be at a place where it's time to say, "This is what happens and it's okay"....If these are our Golden Years (okay, that freaks me a little bit - guess I'm not 100% ready to deal with that reality) then I say let's celebrate and really make them fun. Which sometimes can lead to Birthday Flu. I've warned ya'll about Wine Flu before, so I should have known better when my same girlfriend that infected me with that, wanted to take me out to celebrate my birthday and catch up. Oh, we celebrated all right and then we continued to catch up for another four or so hours. And celebrated that too. I am truly old enough to KNOW BETTER and young enough TO DO IT ANYWAY. As usual I had a blast with her but, not so much the next morning at my 10:00 dental appointment to have two permanent crowns hammered in. A big ole case of Birthday Flu did not make this a very fun experience. The super duper bright light Dr. Mazin needed in order to see inside my wide open mouth and pounding head did not offer any Birthday Flu relief either. Worst of all this final of four visits did not include ANY laughing gas or slobber shots for pain!! Cause they needed me to let them know HOW THE CROWNS FELT INSIDE MY POUNDING HEAD. Like I could tell the difference between tooth pain and my pounding head....note to self - Never celebrate anything the night before dentist appointment. EVER. The following day involved another great friend and a day of fun in downtown McKinney. I apologize to any readers not able to enjoy my brag fest on the joys of McKinney, Tx. Come as soon as you can! We started with lunch at Gregory's Bistro. Also the place my family took me for Birthday Dinner this week. Lydia and Gregory are amazing and the food is ridiculously good. Since it is BYOB we get to stop by The McKinney Wine Merchant across the street and grab a bottle of terrific wine. Awesome wine shop and he is really good at tracking down your favorite hard to find wine and ordering it for you. Great prices too. On the same street is Nan Lee's for beautiful jewelry and Pumps for amazing and current shoes and one of a kind designer jewelry. We also made a stop in Sharla's and what a treat that was. My first time in her chair and she showed me the magic of her terrific skin care line and make up that made me look and feel like 50 something wasn't that big a deal...And this isn't even an entire block of downtown McKinney! And in case you didn't know it is also home to Sean Lowe - Everyone's favorite bachelor that Emily just sent home. Those of us with unmarried daughters are secretly happy she made the biggest mistake with that boneheaded decision...maybe we should throw him a welcome home party with all our available daughters??? Believe it or not but I ended up back at Gregory's that very same night for dinner with the hubs and friends. Yes, it is THAT GOOD. Tonight is Friday and I am looking forward to making Jenn O's chicken & pasta dish I blogged about earlier. Will check with her first and pass on her recipe soon if she is good with that. A quiet night at home sounds good. Going to call it Birthday Flu Recovery time. Still got 11 days of Birthmonth left to celebrate :))Time to rest and rally!! 51 is FUN!!