Friday, December 10, 2010

My Favorite Things 2010!!

I know 2010 is not over yet and I sure hope I get some more amazing things for Christmas to share with you (Wonderman, are you reading? More important do you need any ideas or hints??? Ask Babygirl....she knows!!) But, I'll have plenty of time in 2011 to share all that with you...right now I feel the need to to make a list. You know I'd LOVE to give stuff to you but - wait!!! I have an idea...I will give the first person that reads this blog and let's me know - something from my list of favorite things!!! Everybody loves a contest and I love hearing that you read my blog. Now, as usual this list will be all over the place in no particular order...that's how I roll. And since I love a bargain you can go buy most of it yourself!!Drumroll please...

1. Parties!! Any kind - once I get there. I can be a bit of a hermit and sometimes in order to get me out of my house the host has to allow me to come comfy - slippers and sweats with makeup and joolry!! Just cause I like comfy doesn't mean barefaced and drab!! Speaking of joolry - Chicos has some really great stuff...

2. Any excuse to decorate!!! Tie between Christmas and Halloween. Some of my fav Christmas ornaments are the really cheap glitter ones. Glitter makes a real mess but Good Lord is it pretty on a tree!!! Walmart has some amazing ones for $1!!! Hello!! That is easier than spraying glitter on pasta shells but go ahead if you are feeling crafty.

3. Glee...Great gift idea!! If you can find someone that hasn't been watching already. I really like the last CD that just came out too. So much that I ordered the first season vol. 1 & 2 cd's from Walmart. Save your money. They are not so great but the latest one from season two and the Christmas CD are awesome!!

4. Girl tricks stuff: Sally Hansen Insta-dri nail polish!! Easy to use and it stays as long as salon stuff does. Yes, I miss the hand and arm massage but if I do my nails myself a couple of times that pays for a whole body massage...which is another of my favorite things. Covertox face powder by Physicians Formula is awesome - blogged about it already so go read up on it...face primers - two I've tried are Covergirl Serum Primer and L'Oreal Studio Secrets...great around the eyes and anywhere you are "starting" to look crepey...if they'd only make this for the body!!

5. Two favorite books - City of Thieves by David Benioff and Stupid and Contagious by Caprice Crane. Totally different but loved them both. City of Thieves is a book I'd recommend to ANYONE and I laughed so much reading Stupid and Contagious that everyone around me at the infusion center wanted to know what I was reading...if a book can make you laugh out loud when your husband is going thru chemo trust me it is worth reading.

6. Target - we could be here all day. I LOVE this store which I am going to rename My HAPPY PLACE. I can buy books, boots (got a GREAT pair and saved a boat load of money when I returned a pair to MACY's...) clothes and groceries in ONE STORE!!! See I figure up all the gas money I'd spend driving all over and that helps with the BOATLOAD of money I spend in Target. Hopefully, Wonderman stopped reading earlier and is shopping with Babygirl for my Christmas surprises. Prolly at Target!! They love it too. I also just got the best bra ever there!! I've been telling ya forever to save your money on your undies and shop here for all of it!! My new fav is the NEW! SELF expressions i-fit comfy I could sleep in it. What I call Soap Opera Sex...have you watched daytime tv lately??? Lots of pretty bras and pretty people having lots of sex.

7. I could write a whole blog on lipstick and gloss but you'd prolly stop reading. Here are my two tips - forget about lip liner unless you are using it to fill in your whole lip and put chap stick on top. Just lining your lips looks silly when the lipstick wears off and slightly scary when it doesn't. The girls at the makeup counter love for you to buy it cause it boosts their sale. Even when I was a makeup girl I never suggested liner. Tip #2 - if you are over 25 you will look 15yrs. younger if you lighten up your color!!! I know big dark red lips are in style on young starlets, models and people that have been airbrushed. But, unless you are being airbrushed go lighter. If you like red soften it with a little gloss. Better yet, go with gloss. Not all are sticky and gooey so find one you like and remember everyone looks younger when they are smiling!!!

8. Words with Friends - love it when I am bombing someone with a big ole word...hate it when I have either all vowels or all consonants and no big word to play.

9. Facebook - LOVE keeping in touch with friends from the past and family far away...

10. Sleepy puppies!!

Hate to stop here but the boys are home and begging for food. AGAIN.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Okay, we went HOME for Thanksgiving - which means flight from Dallas to Atlanta, drive to Lexington, S.C. then drive to Atlanta and flight to Dallas...and it ALL was so easy and amazing!!All the security hype had me a little nervous. Dallas to Atlanta was a non event. Love our airport!! Wonderman and I had a Fabulous day in our native city on Wednesday - due to family traditions the Grans take our kids to S.C. on Wednesday and John and I drive up on Thanksgiving Day...lunch at Antico Pizza Napoletana started us off. He read about it in a mag...Atlanta Best New Restaurants. While service lacked a little on the friendly ( WE are BIG on friendly :))) They made up for it on the most amazing pizza We HAVE EVER HAD..ANYWHERE!!! Can NOT rave enough about this place and the food. Just take your own wine/beer. See even totally, sadly sober we LOVED THIS PLACE!! I'm just saying. And if that wasn't enough, that night we went with our Uncle Fab Ted to Miller Union. Stop reading now and jjjjust go book your reservations for these two places and GO EAT IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO LIVE IN ATLANTA!! Or close enough to drive!! If you love pizza You will love Antico and if you love southern cooking with a Posh British accent you will love Miller Union...We did!!! Then on to Lexington for family and food and fun!! We had it all!! Catch Phrase is a blast!! Play it and give it for Christmas...To Aunt Sherril - we are so glad you are here and inspiring us all to work out and be the best we can be!! Cindy - you are the most amazing hostess!! The Grans & Ted for making Atlanta the home we remember and miss!To John and my kids for just being you and making my everday a special holiday - I love you all!!