Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Help Is On the Way!!

I am so excited!! I've been asking friends to recommend landscapers and pool maintenance companies and have collected several names and numbers. I am seeing a professionally manicured yard and sparkling pool in my not so distant future. But that is not what I am so excited about...I have "help" for the laundry situation coming too!!! Now before you think I am one of those spoiled, bratty, Real housewives let me explain. I am actually doing this to help someone else. She is bored with HER life and looking for a change - this is not a joke cause I read it in the newspaper people. If you can read it someone said it, right? Back to my story - and I quote, "I often dream of quitting acting. Walking away and becoming a laundress or a sous chef or maybe writing other people's love letters for a living." Have I hit the jackpot or what! She is going to wash and fold my clothes and cook too???? Now, Wonderman doesn't need any help writting me love letters/texts, not really sure what the hell she is talking about there. Hollywood hoohoo if ya ask me. She can do that in her spare time as long as all my shit is clean, folded and most important -PUT AWAY!!! So, you can see Michelle Williams slaving away at my casa any day now. Just don't interupt her from folding and cooking to pester her for autographs. She is so over all that. I am all about making her dreams come true.

Speaking of help & Hollywood - I've gotten some other really good little helpers lately. I finally decided that I was really not having fun with all the hotflashes, loss of sleep and mental fog that had become my life. With the help of an amazing Dr. I am now on the Happy Hormone Bandwagon...and I am not alone. Just listen to Suzanne Somers and Rosie - they too are happier and hotflash free. Find a doctor that will listen to you and help you get your life back to normal.

I also have struck gold at Mike's Health Collection. The staff is so helpful and I can't say enough about how great they are. Two face products - one I read about in magazines, by MyChelle Dermaceuticals a Vitamin A Plus Serum. It is gentle enough that sensitive skin that can't tolerate retin A can use it and give you all the benefits of Retin A. Vote is in on Retin A being the miracle drug for aging skin. Now I can finally use it. Mike recommended HyaGlo a Hyaluronan Skin Serum for advanced Moisture Retention. First one at night before regular moisturizer and the second in the morning before moisturizer w/sunscreen. Remember - I only recommend what I have tried and love. These are fantastic.

At 50 we need all the "help" we can are just a few more for you - Revlon Age Defying makeup. Love this product. It smooths and covers without looking heavy. Remember you can mix two shades to get the one that is just right for you. Tiny little squirt of each on the back of your hand, mix and dab where needed. Just where needed. Keep it light and by all means check in real sunlight. And hands down the BEST concealor I have ever used - Instant Age Rewind by Maybelline. This is even good enough to use alone. It covers everything and I know cause I just had about 6 places on my face frozen for sun damage. (why do they call it freezing when it burns like a &^%$*)I was good to go with a dab of this wonder product. And last but not least - the best hair treatment product I have ever used. One time and my hair looks like it did in my not 50's :) Thicker, shiny and bouncy!! Treat Me Right by Bed Head. Amazing, smells fantastic and it's a quick trick in your shower. Five minutes on and wash off - my hair still looked the same the next morning too!!

Hope & Help - just spreading the love to all today! Help me help you...keep sharing the Good Stuff! I've got to go make some phone calls and get my yard, pool and laundry taken care of...And if you haven't seen or read The Help - Do!!!