Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Best Ever Weekend

Well, it's over but it was fantastic. Right now it's late and I'm trying to stay awake til I get THE phone call. Baby girl is back at school and all is cool. We just had the best ever first weekend home from college. I know over the next four (hopefully) years we will get used to this but since it was her first time home since she left six weeks ago for A & M it was a big one.

We'd heard all the horror stories of how they come back changed. Out of control. Disrespectful. Out all night. We were ready. And thankful - the girl we kissed good bye came home even better. She'd grown up but not away. She was sooo happy to be home. She kissed her boyfriend goodbye (they are at school together) and she was ours for the entire weekend. She gladly went to her brother's lacrosse game that lasted almost two hours and never complained. She insisted on helping in the kitchen even when I told her not to worry go work on your homework. Which she did after she stayed and helped. She did her own laundry that she brought home just like she had been doing at home since 7th grade. She took her brother to a movie on Sunday for some alone time together and she even woke up early so she could enjoy breakfast with us.

Yes, the weekend was all about her and we tried to do all her favorite things and cook all her favorite meals. But she really appreciated it all so much that it didn't even feel like we were spoiling her. Cause she is not spoiled. She is just an amazing young girl that makes us proud. We had a great weekend. We will all miss her so much these next few weeks until we go see her or she comes home. Again. We will be here waiting girl is flying!

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