Monday, December 7, 2009

Hello!! Remember Me???

I apologize...been waaay too long since I was those that have been following this blog - hold on tight - it could be a long bumpy lots to say and catch up on and even I DON'T KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING!! BUT I'M BACK! Ha...feels good. Which reminds me, it really feels good when I'm out and about, just doing my thing and you say hi and then that you too are reading my blog and you laugh and like it....sorta like finding your picture in US mag and it's a REALLY good picture that you didn't even know someone was taking. Prolly, don't want that. I am still waay to anal and want and need total picture control but, wow - I will admit - I do love hearing that you are reading. So what does that make me??? Flattered. Very, very flattered. And thankful - but that was last month. So, Christmas is here - when the hell did that happen??? ARE YOU READY?? Prolly not. Who ever is? I try really hard every fucking year to get a handle on this whole thing and WHAM! Here it is!!! Seriously - how do you do all the crap ya need to do - JUST to sit back and enjoy all the stuff you are supposed to enjoy??? And I don't even have a real full daytime job....other than being the MOM and CEO of all FAMILY business.

For those that know me - I have been working my fanny/ass off for the last couple of weeks transforming my lovely home into a Christmas Wonderland. Why? For who?? Well, ME!! Nothing gives me more pleasure than to walk around every DAY around 5:20 making sure that all the Dept. 56 houses/villages/amazing scenes on almost every table top in my house are all turned on...then the trees (just two - I have a friend with five trees, love ya but can't even imagine!!!! The Work the work!) Oh, forgot three outside that have to be switched on - but not decorated thank god!...just really freaking cold sometimes but I'm smart and the switch is easy. Yes, I could have an automatic timer but that would just be showing off. The lights on the roof have that. And I have the sweetest man that comes and puts up and takes down every year! Thanks - Luis.

So Back to now - and Christmas - if ever there was a time to be thankful, and to count my blessings, this would be it. I think that is what all the stuff: the trees, decorations, food, presents, cards (and don't forget Christmas stamps!!!)is all about. I am so thankful to have all this, to decorate all this and to just sit back every day and enjoy it. I do this every year. Because I am so lucky that I can. Please know that the important word in that sentence is "lucky" - not, "because I can". Lucky - for so many reasons. I am lucky for two parents that taught me what really matters in life and to avoid what doesn't. I am lucky for friends that shaped me along the way. For experiences in life, good and bad, that made me know who I was and what I wanted. For John/Wonderman for seeing only the good in me. My two precious children that put up with crazy mom and all her decorations!! And for all my friends that love me!

Nuff - almost getting sad and teary eyed...not tonight!!! My boys are freezing their asses off in Green Bay at a Monday night football game. Why? - because they can!! Ha! Yes, they are spoiled rotten, not me. I'm home - just working on Christmas and drinking wine!!! LOL, enjoying my big, ole, beautiful home with all the Christmas stuff on - ALL DAY LONG - cause it is rainy and cold and no sun today in McKinney.LOVING it....did I mention comfy clothes??? Even better!!! Don't ya just love sitting and looking at your Christmas tree and thinking about all the years and all the ornaments and stuff - and then, wait a minute??? What about the ornaments you spent a long time the year before you got married cross stitching by hand...yea! you know all 35 of those ornaments...where the hell are they???Not on the tree thank you very much!!!

So, out comes the ladder - again!! Read my facebook page and all the freaking drama with my smoke alarms...major ass pain. Been spending alot of time on ladders lately. Anyhoo, back to the closet and one last box and yes, there they are!!! Now, back safely on the tree...all is good in my world. Christmas is up and wine is poured (again)...dogs are snoring and boys are freeezing. Baby girl is studying for finals (right???) and all is good. So what do I do now??? Rewatch the last episode of Vampire Diaries - duh!!!!For the fourth time...why? Because I can and because it is the BEST SHOW EVER!!! Trust me on this...this is what the Good Stuff is all about!!! December 14th a week long marathon of the whole first season. Watch THIS show. On the CW dialog/acting/storylines...EVER. If you know me and like me - watch it. If for some reason you do and don't like it - don't tell me. I still want you for a friend. Might not if you don't like it. And, I'm not really worried. YOU will like it or you are just not right. So, make sure you watch it - and love it. And to Patty, Melinda, Leah, Tracy, Dee, Linda, Sharon, Luanne, Ashley, Margie, Kelli, Shirley, Lori, Lisa, thanks for making my day!!! And Merry Christmas to all!!!

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