Thursday, August 6, 2009

Freakin OUT

Okay - I know I said I was only going to blog after dinner/wine but after a really fun bigdinner/lots of wine last night I did something so exciting and crazy (my Wonderman is freaking right now - relax HONEY - I'm not sharing that part!! Let's just say last night was a lot of fun for a lot of people) that this morning I am about to jump out of my skin!!!There will prolly be lots of typos cause I am sooo excited and sweaty and my hands are shaking - jeeze I need to calm down. Back to the part of last night that I can share....I made two new best friends for life(love it when that happens - you can never have too many BFF's, books, shoes, lip gloss, etc. That is great idea for another blog!!! Sorry I am so nervous I am really going to ramble nonstop today) Anyway - I'm getting braver about begging people to read my blog and after they promised they would they told me about one of their fav blogs by one of my fav authors - Jen Lancaster...real name so you too can go buy all her hilarious books. And no you may not borrow mine and never give them back - go BUY them cause that is how she makes a living. So after bigfundinner/boatload of wine and after all that fun stuff I can't share I just couldn't go to sleep. I jes had to go read her blog for myself...and since I was awake and doing something fun I prolly had that one last glass to many after too many. At least I wasn't driving anywhere. Here's the good part - loved her blog and you will too (crap can't spell it so just google jen lancaster blog that is how I found it and I'd had a lot of dinner) so go read hers just don't go ditching mine to read hers cause she is already famous and I'm stilling dreaming about it. It must have been the wine talking cause the next thing I know is I EMAILED HER AND SUGGESTED SHE READ MY BLOG!!!! I know I know I know!!! OMG - this is like drunk dialing old boyfriends (relax again Wonderman I would NEVER and HAVE never done that) I am so freaking out with the possibility that she might that I don't even care if she doesn't. But God Forbid she did -please God let her chuckle just once....see this is HUGE cause she does not know me and could give a rat's ass about me or my blog. But if she did chuckle just once - that would make my day!! Just like when all ya'll that know and love me say nice things about my blog. But you sorta have to cause a) you know me b) it's the nice thing to do and ya'll are all so nice c) if there is any chance in hell that I do end up sitting with Opa one day then all ya'll want to go too.
So that is why I am about to stroke out today...that and it is Thursday which means another meeting of the Bored But Never Boring Housewives!!!! Oh and I almost forgot to tell you about the other most amazing thing that happened last night. First time in 21 yrs. of happily married bliss - relax Wonderman ...not that part!!! But it is about you - remember couple of blogs ago I mentioned the best pasta sauce ever...well the Mezzetta Napa Valley Creamy Marinara was so good that not only did my boys fight each other over who could lick the pan but my Mr.Man (that is what I call him when he is not being my Wonderman) who will not eat leftovers actually asked if I would make the same sphagetti (pasta - really have to get a dictionary) for dinner again. Cause trust me there weren't any leftovers just tongue tracks on all the plates...It is that good folks. Lucky for him I bought two bottles and I have more ground turkey - although I think if I chopped up some old shoes and poured this sauce on 'em it would taste so good he'd never know. So yes he gets it again tonight!! Right after I get home from my meeting...Hope to see ya there!

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