Wednesday, September 16, 2009


OMG - I am dying right now!!! Just signed up today for the google ad sense ...and I'm pretty sure all my ads are for VIBRATORS!!! DYING. AND I can't click on them to confirm cause that is not allowed. ADs are based on the content of my posts so I guess because of my mascara crap I am now naughty girl vibrator queen of the ad world. Dang. If that is true then I think I just may have to GET one. Ya THINK? If I am gonna be an ad hussy might as well KNOW what I'm bloggin about. Wonderman is gonna never let me live this down...Hope the kids don't finally read mamma's little fun day time job....or God for bid my MOMS!!! JAYSUS Who's idea was this anyway.....It was about eyelashes people!! Can't you read....and they weren't even all that happy....I just hope someone finally invites me to one of those fun naughty parties for girls only where ya buy all that crap....:)

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  1. I get the same problem!!!!! God knows what's on my blog now, I haven't checked in a while. Jeez, I might even be the queen of male enhancement devices, for all I know...and yeah, the color scheme of white on black may be a bit tough for those of us who no longer have 20-year-old eyes. Just sayin'...