Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

Let's start with the fact that we were below triple digits...and there was a nice breeze. Made 90 plus feel good. And I had nothing to do, nowhere to be - except floating in my pool. Stack of mags, a book, lemonade and float. Heaven on earth. Wonderman and Baby Girl were off having father/daughter day (lunch of her choice and shopping) while Brother was upstairs recovering from sleepover two nights before. All good and all happy. Why would I ever want to go anywhere else? We just had a great family vacay at Horseshoe Bay Resort and a good time was had by all but I have to say my heaven on earth right in my own backyard is waaay better. The resort was fun we played golf, tennis, drove to Austin for dinner and a fabulous show called Esther's Follies - if you ever get the chance to do this DO much fun!!! Google it and go! We even went ziplining and that is worth the trip alone. Especially when three out of five are terrified of heights....hilarious fun watching them FREAK out - but when it comes to pool time there is just something about the peace and quiet of your own back yard. Minus the adorable little bitty children in swim floats screaming at the top of their lungs as they jumped into the deep end over and over and over and....for freakin hours. Ya see where this is going. And that was the adult pool. and dad were partying it up down at the shallow end while their spawn were "entertaining" us all at the deep end with nonstop high pitched screams as they cannonballed into the deep end and "cooled" us off with a steady stream of water - on us, our books, our mags and our HAIR. And for all you born natural blondes out there I know you are with me on this one...NEVER get your now blonde hair wet in a freakin swimming pool. Not only will it turn your beautiful BLONDE hair green but I had my children (that never ever once SCREAMED at a public pool) convinced that Mommy's hair would not only turn green but fall out if it got wet and that dog paddling was an excellent way to swim - thank you very much. But, I was on VACATION which meant I was PAYING for all this so I sucked it up and sucked some drinks down...and put my big girl panties on an delt with it. And speaking of big is the best part. I was so inspired and uplifted by all the BIG girls prancing around a public pool in little itty bitty bikinis... honestly - I felt very modest in my TANKINI that covered my belly while they were showing God and Everybody that they really loved their food and prolly a few favorite was the girl - at least 20 yrs. younger than me with several spawn jumping in the deep end - that had on a two piece bathing suit that a ten yr. old would have filled out. AND she had a belly like a guy that LOVED his beer and burgers every night or a Ten month pregnant woman. The only thing more shocking than that she was prancing around in this bathing suit was the fact that she was knocking back drinks all day like a sailor on a two hour leave with last call in five minutes.....soooo I'm just thinking asking her when the little one is due is prolly not a good question. About 6:00 Wonderman returns from golfing for the day and joins me for a drink by the pool...took him 29 seconds to zero in on our prancing boozing "pregnant" friend whose spawn by now are passed out in chairs from all the jumping and screaming they've been doing for the last five hours...he too thought she must be pregnant until he noticed she was out drinking everyone at the pool. And then I noticed all the men at the pool prancing around in their suits with their big ole bellies and I realizied...maybe she had the right idea. Rock on Sister! Life is short, summer is even shorter and why worry about the size of your belly. Now - I'll still prolly sport a tankini over a itty bitty two piece but...I think I'll raise a glass to all the big belly girls out there rockin a two piece with a smile. And as for pool time - nothing beats my own backyard where I can sun & read in peace and swim with my now blonde hair IN THE WATER cause we have a salt water pool and that folks does not turn beautiful blonde hair green. And not to brag but Wonderman and Baby Girl returned from their super fun filled day with a rockin hot cutie top for mom and a super cool shirt for Brother. Followed by a night out for Mom and Dad with friends at Sauce on the square in downtown McKinney....if ya don't live here just get here as fast as you can!! Heaven on Earth....or Another Day in Paradise. Oh and p.s. nothing yet from big famous author...she's prolly very busy with her fabulous life but don't you worry - you will be the first to know if she ever does read this blog....but only if she likes it. Why would I ever tell anyone if she told me to shut up?

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  1. Visited Jen's site...Very entertaining but your blog is the icing on the cake.....Leah