Monday, August 10, 2009

Just another Monday

Another Monday...prolly one of my favorite days. Usually follows a wonderful weekend no matter what. Sunday night is my favorite ever night of the week. This one was shared with fun neighbors - their treat for a fabulous dinner and company. Wha la. Morning rolls around and hubby is off to work and since it is summer/slumber time the rest are sleeping. 'Cept for me...I am in the middle of a really really good book. Heaven on EARTH when this happens...can't stop thinking about it. Just want to read it and finish it. AND just want it to go on forever. Sooooo. Pot of coffee is ready - dogs and kids are quiet. Book is in my hands....guess you would like to know what the book is??? Funny thing bout that. I tried to read this book about a year ago when I first heard about it and I am embarrassed to say I made it to about page six when I decided life is too short and I have a gazillion books in my to read cabinet by my bed and this one is just not grabbing me... To many names, places & things in Sweden with a gazillion letters . MY teenie tiny brain was thinking about all those juicy, nasty, fun, easy books I like piled up beside my bed. So I stopped. Over the next year this book never went of the lists or someone raving about it and all the time I was like - yuk... hated it. And very happy reading thru my stack of nasty stuff...nothing wrong with that either. Hubby likey....

Anyhooo - not only does this book not go away but the sequel is published and dang if not God and everybody is raving about it too. Hate it when that happens and I'm being stubborn. Then one of my very dearest special friends chooses it for her bookclub selection. This is sacred in my 'hood. The chosen book is special to someone and therefore should be read. Even worse I had to miss bookclub for something even more important to Baby Girl. And all of this started to remind me of another book long long long ago that I treated the same way. Tried it, hated it, stopped it. KEPT seeing it at the very top of every single book lover's list of lifes best books. What was I not getting? Thank goodness for that one I went back the THIRD time and it grabbed me and to this day I can remember the names James Fraser and Claire Randall....brownie points and a free trip to Opa ( I wish...) if you know the book....Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. A Gazillion pages of wonderful and worth every one. For those of you that know me - you know I have onset Oldzimeres and can't remember shit.... but I will never forget those two characters... ever. Best of the best books ever.

So back to today - Monday. I NEED to be doing house stuff. Laundry (major problem), kitchen a wreck - whole freakin house a wreck!! And what do I do....cup of coffee and this book I can't put down. The Girl With the Dragon you that have read it are prolly laughing and thinking what a dumb ass...she didn't like this the first time? Well, have you read my fun, easy, nasty stuff??? there I am torn between another five pages and cold coffee that needs refilling... and the freakin time is flying by....finally the restless leg thing kicks in and the only thing keeping me from reading 24/7. The need to get up and move. And Pee. I've had a whole pot of coffee by now. I just happen to notice that is not 7:00 am anymore it is 9:45. Should have done some laundry by now...oh, yea - put a load in when I made the coffee and it has been sitting dry so I go get it and turn on the tv. God just loves to get ya back for goofin off. Time 9:55 and the channel is Fox 4 here or as I call it - What amazing shoes is Kelly wearing today? More on her later. LOOOOVE her and her shoes!!! Want to be her in my next life. Four minutes left and just take a big guess who her co star host is today???? Not EEGIS... love him too. But - NOOOO the freakin show is almost over and it is - Ashton Moore. Otherwise known as Demi's husband and the most beautiful person on the planet. OMG. I love to read but come ON. How could I miss and hour of doing laundry and watching Mr. Moore be himself. Could he be any cuter??? I think not. Could he be any smarter? Married to a foxy older woman? I think not. I am dying and they are showing a clip of his newest movie ( can't wait) but still. It is over. And I missed it and I should have been doing my housewifely this is my punishment. I deserve it but I don't like it...and for the record I never ever watched that 70's show he was so famous for...honestly tried but had rather be reading my juicy, nasty books. Even when she married him I was like WTH?? don't get it.

And then he started dressing like a grown up. Like a very cool, rich, stylish grown up. And oh yea, wowser. I got it. She is no dumb chickie - and I loved Bruce too. Love me a bald man. Wonderman - you know I do! Semi private joke. But Mr. Ashton in a nice set of duds with the Mrs. on his arm and he is all - love her, love her kids, love her ex!!! Now that is amazing. Hotter than Bradgalina and all their little cute kids. Hot young guy with a slightly older woman over Super hot guy with scary hot woman and lots of kids - Ashton every time!! And I missed it... almost ruined my day. Till I realizied hey, wait a minute!!! I am a slightly older woman married to slightly younger hot man - that was bald for a short time -and while we don't have any ex's to love we do have two amazing kids and I just finished a fab book and I have a whole cabinet of still to read nasty ones... and some clean laundry - what could be better than that??? Wha la...hubby is playing tennis tonight and the kids are taking themselves out to a movie and dinner...and I get to start my next nasty, juicy, trashy book!!!

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