Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Hear You I Hear You

Sniff, sniff...sorry I'm just missing my black background with white letters. I know it was harder to read that way but it was prettier. Sometimes we have to sacrifice for beauty. Like when I wear my sky high shoes out to dinner. Hells yes - I'd be more comfy in my uggs,crocs or fit flops but just not as pretty. I like pretty. I wish I knew how to make my background on this blog pretty - especially since I gave up my black and white zebra look...that is what I want - a zebra print border around all the words. Would somebody get back to me on that?

Now some of you know and for those that don't - now is your chance...not only am I spending all my free time here I found another world for blogaholics and I'm having a blast there too. I told you I'd share some of these really funny and amazing blogs so here ya go. Just don't forget who brought ya to the freaking dance. That would be ME. So keep reading me. And for those dear dear friends that still haven't even gotten around to reading ME yet, don't you even think about it! I catch you dancing with these funny ladies you are in HUGE trouble.

All you have to do is go to and that is my blog. Read them and underneath you should see the comments made by all my new funny friends. If you click on their icon(name) it should take you to their page and you can read their funny stuff. I hear you - I hear have a very busy life and all that. And I also know you spend a lot of your time sitting on your fanny in your car driving your kids around and waiting for your kids, watching your kids play sports or practice, blah, blah, blah. This is a chance for you to also have some YOU time and read some really funny stuff. Laughter is good for the soul. Just don't read these and drive! And for God's sake STOP all that texting and driving!!!

So look for the following:Any that I am following - here are a few - don't miss the one about Johnny Depp in her basement!!

Also check out:

Trust me - you will laugh, laugh, laugh!!!Enjoy and thanks again for all your support and encouragement - love you and your comments!

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