Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top this Martha Stewart!!!

Here is my big tip for happiness in the kitchen....heavy cream. If the recipe calls for milk of any kind....just use the same amount of heavy cream. Fail proof best ever thing you will ever make. Mashed potatoes...OMG!!! Oreida frozen mashed potatoes (I KNOW) micro them according to directions and then just pile on butter, sour cream, HEAVY CREAM, salt & garlic powder and mash!!! YUM. SHUT UP. So GOOD!!! Just micro for another minute with all the good stuff and mash again and stick a spoon in it an watch out!!Feeding Frenzy....Will it make you fat? Hells. Yes. Will you care?? Hells. No. (If you feel the need to peel and slice your own potatoes - go right ahead - no worries. But, trust me, NO one will be able to tell the difference).

Now, after fat and happy on the above you will need to sit back and relax. With????My favorite best ever you have to go get one too - BLANKET. I found mine at Dillards in the shoe department with all their new Ugg boots. BECAUSE this blanket is like wrapping yourself up in a comfy pair of Ugg boots. But it is a blanket. And mine will go with me in my casket one day. Just me, my slippers and this blanket. Best part is it does not cost a freakin fortune cause it is not made by UGGS!! YES, you are loving me now!! It is made by Ponderosa - go figure - and it only costs $49.00!!!! will love it.

So, happy tummy, warm and fuzzy blanket, you supply the rest...what is your favorite book, tv show, movie on demand or thing to do in a blanket....?

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