Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to Basics

Been awhile...been on vacation and for the last two days I've been trying to lie low and recover from vacation. Need a staycation to follow vacation....So I stayed at home today and watched Mad Men while doing the laundry. Kind of torn about that show...the men were pigs - good looking and great suits but OMG - PIGS. As for the women - the only good thing about being them is that there isn't a skinny one in the bunch...curves were in and muscle tone not important. Of course, they had on industrial strength bras, girdles, hose and slips so that would be a buzz kill. Guess that is what made all their fat look like curves...and the drinking!!! These people drank hard stuff nonstop! AT WORK and then on their two hour martini lunches and the very minute they walked in the door at home or the home of whoever they were cheatin with. I was so disturbed by watching all the alcohol consumption today that I decided not to have my own glass of wine/dinner tonight. So I had a diet coke, a fresca (almost put that in a wine glass but didn't feel like washin an extra glass), and now I'm working on a razberry green tea. I also had my new favorite food - carrot fries. Yum and no I'm not crazy they are good and good for you. Turn oven on to 400 peel several large carrots and slice them to look like fries - I know there is a fancy word for that but I'm tired and a little cranky and not so funny without my wine/dinner. So work with me here and just slice the damn carrots. "Julianne" them. Then coat them really good with olive oil (good for you) and sprinkle heavily with salt, pepper, garlic powder, lemon pepper, italian seasoning, and make a single layer on a foil covered cooking sheet. I prefer a jelly roll pan cause the little sides keep them on the pan better. Put them in hot oven close to the top - I like them really close and almost charred black. 25 minutes but watch them unless you like them black. Then roll them on paper towels - even though it's good for you, you don't need all that extra oil. Wha la...carrot fries. I was feeling so skinny after this good for me dinner and watching all those really curvy women all day on Mad Men that I decided to treat myself to a big bowl of popcorn my way. I prefer to call it Italian Popcorn. My kids call it Stinky Popcorn and run screaming from the room when I make it....fine with me. More for me. Hate other hands in my popcorn anyway. Just pop your fav brand and dump in a big bowl and cover with parmesean cheese and for this I prefer the green can stuff. No need to go all fancy and use the snobby good kind. This is popcorn people. Kraft green can sticks better. Then add salt, garlic powder and italian seasoning. I like the kind that you use with oil for dipping. Stir it all up and enjoy! Now I like popcorn all to myself and peace and quiet during my shows but you prolly should floss and brush really good afterwards. Now you'd think I'd be full by now but NOOOOO. Now I need/want/have to have something sweet. Like candy bar brownies!! Good thing I made those last night. Good friend gave me this recipe and since she is a follower of my blog I know she will be honored that I am sharing her recipe with you too. Take your fav brownie mix - any box kind will do just change the amount of oil to ONLY 3 tbsps. Same everything else on the directions. Then pour batter into your pan. Cover top of batter with one can sweetened condensed milk. Then chop up several of your favorite candy bars and spread over the top. Follow baking time on your box. I've made them with almond joys and added extra coconut, snickers, butterfingers, and kitkats. All delicious. No complaints from anyone. So just chop up your fav candy bar and wha la - Candy Bar Brownies.
Okay, now to be honest with you I'd prolly feel better if I took a minute to go stick my finger down my throat. Just kidding...I prolly gained 5 lbs. by starting out healthy with those yummy carrot fries. Should have just had my glass of wine/dinner. Might have to go on my Girly Girl liquid diet. AGAIN. Did I mention the out of this world Dairy Queen marshmellow milkshakes we fell in love with on our vacation??? Just what I needed - another way to eat marshmellows!!
Next blog I promise not to yak on and on about food. Since I am the ripe old age of almost not even freakin forty something...I'll share my fav skin care products.

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