Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cha Cha Change...

Change is good right? Sometimes as things age they get better, like wine and cheese - two of my favorite things that go together. I've made a few changes to make the blog more viewer friendly to people that are aging and are tired of having to go find a pair of glasses when all ya want to do is read the freakin blog...or write the freakin blog. And as we all - of a certain age - know it is sometimes not only a pain to go get the glasses but to find them and then remember why or where we needed them in the first place. These changes to eyes and memory are not so good. That is where wine and cheese make everything better. Here is where I am crossing my fingers and hoping with all these changes in font size and color, vision, memory, etc. that the ability to post these blogs with paragraphs will magically happen....

This should be a new paragraph or break in body of my rant.

Excellent!! It is working in the preview!! Hopefully, it will still be working in the finished blog post. If so, I think I will go back to previous blogs and try to insert these much needed breaks in non stop ramble. This has bothered me more than it has bothered you.

Next, I need to figure out how to use pictures. I really need need a Blogging For Dummies manual...My friend and biggest fan - MH has started an awesome blog called - PreppyEmptyNester and it puts this one to shame. She has all the bells and whistles. I am sooo jealous. Hoping she will feel sorry for me and share her mad blogging skills with me soon.

So consider this post an experiment post...I won't know until I hit the publish post button if all these changes I've been slaving over are actually going to be applied. Been to this pony show before - hours of playing with font size and color and layout and.....same old blog!! No one ever said change was easy. Cross your fingers for me!!!