Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Vibrations

Ha! Prolly got your attention??? Here is how it all load of us girls going to a PTA meeting...scratch that - prolly a tennis match. I'm in the middle seat with three other friends. Yakking away. Nothing important. Front seat conversation slightly more interesting....something was "amazing!!" "BEST ever - will never go back to the old way..." "Bigger and better!". Blah Blah Blah...all coming from the front seat. Then I overhear the word "vibrations"...SCUUUZE me! What are they talking about up there????Some kind of vibrating something that is life altering. Well, we all remember the best ever episode of Sex and the City....Charlotte and the wabbittt. yea - I can spell rabbit. Seriously...if there is something out there better than that well.....we need to know. So - it is my job to find out. What are ya'll talking about? And that is when I hear the word - mascara. WTF??? MASCARA? Really?? Of all the things that can benefit from vibrations someone comes up with eyelashes? Well. That is just silly. What a waste of vibrations. But, my friend is going on and on and on about her eyelashes and this Estee Lauder mascara that VIBRATES. Now I'm thinking not only is this silly but how much is this silly gonna cost. And let me tell you...about 15$ more than regular overpriced mascara costs. Now again, I've been there done that and sold and bought high end make up....liked it better when it was free. Since then I've been very happy with the drugstore variety...some more than others. So all this extra for vibrating mascara was not working for me. Not that there is anything wrong with things that vibrate...but happy eyelashes just don't seem worth the extra money to forward to about two weeks ago Baby Girl and I are at Walgreens and Maybelline has a brand new display case up for their newest and bestest mascara. Guess what it does??? Yep. It vibrates. Now Lauder's vibrates for about 35.00$ and this one will make your eyes happy for about I'm thinking -less than half price - does it really work??? MY followers prolly WANT to know. So we buy one. Felt kinda dirty. Never bought anything before that does THAT. YOU know what I mean. Now you know I already have crazy long fab lashes cause I've been using Latisse and yes, it works. So I can't wait to see if vibrating mascara gives me happy eyes. Next day I use it. Kinda scared to have something vibrating and all that close to my eyeballs and eye site but I do it.....makes a lot more noise than just plain ole mascara. Goes on nice and smooth and thick but not clumpy. Takes a while to get used to pushing the button that makes it vibrate....but all in all my lashes look good - and happy. Could be the Latisse. So the next day I use it on one eye with the magic vibrating button and the other eye without the vibrating button.Gotta admit - one eye looked happier than the other eye. So maybe things that vibrate work after all....So I would suggest trying the Maybelline version of happy eyes first...and remember "Happy is as Happy does..." I know that just sounds silly. But so does vibrating mascara.

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