Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vampireholics Anonymous

Hello, My name is ....... and I'm a vampireholic. It all started with a show called Dark Shadows. We were not allowed to watch it, which meant we sneaked and did, and that made it even better. We were seven. Years old. I am now a lot older than seven. 41 years older to be exact. Not sneakin anymore and the name of the show is Vampire Diaries. Thursday nights on the CW channel. Fear not, if you have not been keeping up with the hottest phenom in literary and movie and tv history...starting Dec. 14th the CW channel will have a week long marathon to catch you up. Honestly, do not miss it. All things Vampire are in it and worth watching. This show is amazing!!If you are a Twilight fan do not miss this!!! If you wonder what the hell is going on and why is everyone talking about vampires - watch this show!!!

Back to my problem. I read all the Twilight Books and loved the first two - last one was okay. The Host was just weird and long, and I bought it, so I read it. Nuff said. But, the whole fantasy of the vampire that has a heart and loves, is very powerful and there are a lot of books out there and now tv shows and movies that are cashing in. Don't miss out. Before all of these, was Moonlight, which for some unknown reason some di**hea* ( you fill in the blanks - my kids might read this) cancelled. You can rent or as I did buy the season and trust me it is a movie worth viewing. Such a good show. With a huge, crazy, angry following when it got cancelled. So, go watch it too.

After this show got canned, I happened to see a little book by Charlaine Harris, Dead Until Dark, in the bookstore and it was also about vampires. Read them all and was so excited to find out some genius had found and read it too and since he was a Hollywoood bigshot he decided to make them into a tv show for HBO called True Blood!!! With all the stuff I read, I think I have truly missed my calling...I should just read and tell people what movies and shows to make...instead I get to share and tell you my favorite followers. True Blood is a big hit and lots of fun - BUT go read the books too. Most excellent. My list of favorite vampire series just keeps growing. For the non-readers, I apologize and for the Oprah bookclub fans - get over it!! Try something that will make your heart race, your face flush and other parts of your body come alive. Or as Wonderman says - foreplay books. Sorry kids - Mommy and Daddy do it. STILL!! I KNOW...EEEHHWWW.

So, if you are still with me and want to read some really good stuff...try the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton - she is a character like no other in any fiction series. Next on the list, would be the J.R.Ward series the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Then Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress Series, Patricia Briggs series about Mercy Thompson and Karen Marie Moning's Fever series.

My final piece of advice is to look these all up on Amazon which will also tell you the order all the books are written in. Being vampireholic and anal - it is VERY important for me to read a series IN ORDER....not to mention you can also order them all online and not have to be embarrassed to actually buy public. Call me silly, but some of these covers are fine to look at in private - but omg in the store!! I still find it hard to it when the person behind the counter goes "OMG - best books ever!!!" Another vampireholic....Now don't forget - set your tivo or your direct tv or however you record to the Vampire Diaries starting Dec. 14 - and yes, I just bought but have not read this book series too!! I told you I am a Vampireholic....and we love it!! :)Now go read or watch!! And don't forget to tell me if you are now too a VAMPIREHOLIC!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Call Me Crazy...but....

It all started about a year ago when the old feets started hurting again. This is not good for tennis, sanity walks, and wearing my sky high shoes. The problem, besides the gianormis bunions I inherited, was that I lived in flip flops. While cute and comfy they offer zero arch support. That is when I discovered Fit Flops...the most comfortable flip flop ever. Their claim to tone the legs and buttocks was fine but all I cared about was that my feet stopped hurting and all was good in my world. That fall when the weather turned colder I panicked because by now I was addicted to them. Wha la those super smart flopper people made clog style fit flops. Sorta like Ugg slippers. Sorta ugly but hey, ugly by day and sky high at night. Again all was good in my world.

Now with all my running around during the day in my ortho flops my feet are happy and maybe-maybe not the legs and buttocks were shaping up too. That is a touch and go deal. Prolly depends more on how much crap I'm eating vs. how much exercising I'm doing. Then I started hearing more in the media about studies done on these shoes and the benefits to the legs and buttocks (sorry that word just makes me smile - I still hear Forrest Gump saying it "I got shot in the BUTTOCKS")and then Reebox got in on it and did all these studies and came out with their version of a fitness sneaker that tones and blah, blah, blah. Well, yippie but theirs costs over $200.00 and it better damn well work! Little pricey for me for fugly shoes. But, it made me think that MAYBE these fit flop people are right and these shoes do tone you up.

So here is the crazy part...I've been doing my own scientific experiment. I've been walking on my treadmill wearing my fit flops. Slow speed (3.2), level 6 incline for about 20 minutes. Call me crazy but I can tell a big difference!!! I KNOW!! And I'm even down a few pounds on the scales - even better!!

So I am passing this little exercise info along and if you don't already have a pair of fit flops you can find them at Nordstroms or online at Sole My two favorites are the black sequin and bronze ones. I have also found that if the sole is darker they look better on. So call me crazy but my feets are happy and my buttocks are too!! And even better - it is finally cool enough to wear tights and leggings and omg all our legs look great in those!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

That Time of Year Again

I know it's been awhile...falling off the blog wagon. For those still reading - thank you. Don't forget to tell me you are - keeps me motivated and yes, I just like to know someone is reading this. I just spent a while on blogging about Thanksgiving and why I am thankful. Go read it too - too late and my wine glass is empty so I won't repeat all of it. Just know that I am thankful for all of you and this little world that let's me write about whatever is important to me each day. Or at least right now. It's funny but I never kept a diary even though I tried. I just liked the whole locked book idea. I always loved to read. Even those speed reading timed books in the second grade. Read at your own pace, answer the questions and go on to the next level....OMG. I was in heaven and I didn't even know why. Not how I taught my first and second grade students to read when I was a teacher. I wonder where and how they are all doing now??? Funny, I haven't tried to find any of them on facebook...just old friends my age. That might be something I try tomorrow. I am thankful for those ideas that keep me going each day. What am I going to do tomorrow? This amazing world we live in gives us so much to do each day. No wonder we are sometimes just worn out and too tired to enjoy it. Really.

I am blessed to be able to stay at home each day and just try my best to make my little family of four happy. Okay, six counting the four leggeds. For the most part, they are easy. Lots of bones. Food & water and just bones/treats. They are good.

Clean house and clean clothes and something to eat and the two leggeds are okay. One has flown away and as long as I keep in touch thru texting and bank account she is fine. And as long as I am availabe to ride shotgun with the other one for just a tiny while longer he will be happy. I am thankful that I get to make them the focus of my day - everyday. That has always been such a privilege to me. How lucky am I - that I can stay home and just make this the best place for them to be. Never once have I been uncomfortable saying, " I am a stay at home - Mom." And never was I uncomfortable saying,"I am a teacher." Working in the home and/or out we are all working FOR our family. How lucky are we? I am so thankful to be working here and I'm so thankful that my husband is working there. Times are tough and our country is trying so hard to make it right for everyone everywhere. I am thankful for here. And all we have.

Thanksgiving is such an amazing time of year. For our family it was always spent at my sister in law's house in South Carolina. It was wonderful and each year we all looked forward to it. We haved missed the last couple of years and are sad not to be able to go again this year. I am thankful for all those memories of Thanksgiving past and I am thankful for the memories we will make of Thanksgiving future. To friends and family everywhere I am thankful for you. You make each and everyday the best place I could ever be.

Take a minute and think about all you are thankful go tell someone that loves you and needs to hear it. They will be thankful you did. And so will you. That is what November is all about. The most amazing time of the year.