Saturday, December 19, 2009


Give me a's not only Christmas but I gave a big party - people. And as my dear friends and family know - when I give a party - I GIVE A PARTY!! I try to invite everybody (more on that later) and I really try to make it fun. And because I am anal, I try to make all of it JUST RIGHT. Which means I like to do it all myself. Until the two weeks before, when total PANIC sets in and I realize I need help. Specially if this is not a catered affair. This one wasn't. And I had to use EVITE because I was too late to mail invites. And I had to send Christmas Cards - a WHOLE other blogpost - so shoot me. Any hoo - Evites go out, my first time ever doing that and it took me five days to figure that all out (STRESS). Let's just say my computer skills are pretty much limited to emails and when I find the time, this blog and my other one at - and both of these have been suffering lately. I always have to ask some poor soul to remind me how to cut and paste. Sad. I know damn it. But true. I think I have it now....anyway - evites go out to over 100 plus people.

Now, if you live in McKinney and you are one of the 16 REGISTERED readers - lots more TELL me they read but just aren't listed - AND you did not receive an Evite - YES, YOU DID!!! Check your junk mail - actually read your email - ON A COMPUTER - and not your fancy iphone...I have one too and you can get into a lot of trouble reading your email at traffic lights (besides all the angry people with guns behind you blasting their horns cause you are into the middle of a really good email) Honestly, If I smile and say hello - anytime you see me - you were invited. If I ignore you and run - prolly not. Anyway, A really good time was had by all. Most really did trust me and wore their comfy jammies - a few even wore their VS jammies - and I'll tell you Victoria's Secret...they are all 14 years old, really tall, freakishly skinny girls with big ole BOOB Jobs!! 'Cept for Heidi and she's just not human. She is proof Aliens are alive and married to handsome black men with cool facial scars and lots of babies on our planet. Nuff about her. Back to me and my party.

I got it all together - friends brought some yummies and all brought extra wine and NO ONE went home hungry or sober. We had a lovely cut throat girls all want it gift exchange and no one lost any hair...girl fights can get nasty. There are a few pictures out there floating around on FB and I just want to say for the record - my eyes are blue. Not that weird silver/red scary color they look like in those pictures.

So if ya know me and ya think you weren't invited - you were. Maybe I had an old address or maybe it went to junk mail. Next year - come!! And for Goodness Sake - if ya open the Evite just check Yes, No or Maybe!!! Unless ya see me face to face - I'd like to know....Yes, No or Maybe!!! Lots less stress for the hostess if she isn't worried about 58 people showing up at the last minute....ya know who you are and by the way - just so you all know - evite shows the date every time you read the invite!!! How cool is that!!So People let your hostess know!!! Yes, NO or Maybe!!!

And for all the yummy recipes - I will be glad to share the ones I made that everyone wanted...mainly the Chicken Enchilada Dip, Key lime chocolate cups and the White Chocolate Craisin Bread Pudding with Hot Chocolate for the to die for Cookies with Green Frosting you are SOL...Miss Leslie does not share recipes. I KNOW...HOW DID THIS PERSON GET INVITED TO MY PARTY??? I am the QUEEN OF IF I HAVE IT AND YOU LIKE IT - I WILL TELL YOU WHERE I GOT IT AND HOW MUCH IT COST....That is why the blog is called THEGOODSTUFFROCKS!!!!!So I have no answer - SHE does not share the recipe. So to that I say, "Well, Leslie/Bitch bless your heart, we just love yoooou, but either just give us the freakin recipe or SELL the cookies already!!!" Cause seriously - I really hate to admit it, they are just that damn good. F*&^. So Miss L, you really do need to get off the pot and start baking cookies for the masses....or just come on over and visit and bring more. They are all gone. As for my's getting late and Wonder Man has been an absolute SAINT these last few days while I spend all our money on Christmas so I better go play Happy Wife/Happy Husband and send ya'll those recipes next time!!! Remind me if I forget....cause ya know I LOVE TO SHARE!!! LOVE YA'LL!!!!

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