Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rained Out

Thank God the sun came out again ...we have had about 3 weeks of rain. No, I did not move to a tropical rainforest but it was starting to feel like it. You'd think with all this time stuck inside I'd be blogging away...not so. Found out without my daily sunshine, I kinda lost my funny. By day four, I was clinical and needed a shower and fresh pj's. See, the first rainy day is always FABULOUS!! I ditch all my out of the house plans and stay in my jammies all day and do absolutely as little as possible that is not just fun. Which usually involves comfy clothes and a good book. This continues on to day two. By day three, I am starting to feel a twinge of guilt about all the junk food and lack of exercise. Day four and not only are the jammies feeling snug but I am too antsy to really enjoy my book and I'm all caught up on my taped shows. House is a wreck and it's not the week the house fairies are coming to clean. The lack of sun, fresh air and vitamin D is sucking all the funny out of me and I'm not in the mood to blog. Even my emails are boring.

Day Four becomes the day I finally snap out of it, hit the treadmill, shower, play Hazel and throw in some laundry. Now I am a big fan of clean clothes. I am not a big fan of folding and putting away clean clothes. When I run out of baskets to put the clean clothes in I finally drag them to the living room and pray there is something on tv to entertain me while I try to match all 289 pairs of Wonderman's black and navy patterned dress socks. And let me just tell you Oprah had better up her game cause there is a new fab Sista on daytime tv and her show is FUN!!! Wendy Williams is my new BFF "in my head" - her line....and she is rocking the wigs, hot shoes, accessories and she is all about telling it like it is. She dishes on hot topics and gives advice to audience members. Never a dull moment. Now, she is really into wigs and hers change every day. She had a male guest the other day from Melrose on and they are having a big ole time on the couch when she mentions her fab wig and he admits he is wearing "a piece" too!! I KNEW IT!!! See, on laundry day my usual tv game is turn on a soap like Young and the Restless - which I was addicted to in the 90's. Turn off the sound - I swear some of the story lines are still the same - and just look at all these people that are still on there after all these years!!!Oh, my!! If they haven't ruined their faces with too much surgery, they NEED to! And then there are the ONES THAT NEVER AGE...proof that vampires really do exist and they work on daytime tv. But for me, the most fun lately has been trying to figure out what the hell is on top off all the guys heads!!! Some of them look like Chia Pets...and some just have an unlikely head of hair for their age. Remember, they have been on these shows for the last thirty years. So this Melrose dude from the original show - admits to Wendy that yes, he is wearing a weave for men! She of course tries to touch it - but he was all "No touching the HAIR". Now, I am so distracted by trying to guess who's hair is real I can't even focus on my nighttime shows. I am almost positive Rob Lowe was wearing one on Brothers and Sisters this week. He is still smokin hot, but something was a little off with his do this week. By the end of the show, it had improved. If you still have it taped, go check it out.
I bet it is just a matter of time before Jessica Simpson jumps on the hair extensions for men!

So, the next time you are home and bored - check out Wendy William's show, turn on a soap and play "I Spy Fake Hair Guy", or read a good book. I was up til 3:00 AM trying to finish Destined for an Early Grave - book 4 in a series by Jeaniene Frost, great Vampire series. Got her done today, and started The Help by Kathryn Stockett for bookclub. Would love to know what Wendy thinks about this book. It really makes you realize how much has changed for black women in my lifetime. Keep rockin Daytime TV Wendy!!! And if you are a laundry basket queen like me you have got to get the Downy Wrinkle Releaser Spray!!! Just spray the wrinkled clothes and throw them back in the dryer with a clean, wet washcloth and dry for about 20 minutes. Now don't forget them - Go Hang Them Up!!!

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