Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Rabbit Hole

It's official...I am an addict. I have a problem and I prolly need some help. I'm a blogaholic. It is the rain's fault. It's been raining here for days and I've been planted in front of my computer and while I was trolling around the other day I fell thru this rabbit hole into the World of Blogland. Call me Alice in Blogland. WHO KNEW!!! I am not the one and only blogger out there...people have been doing this for YEARS! Crap - I thought it was just me and that Julie chick that likes to cook and got lucky and famous. Turns out we are not alone. Which kind of sucks cause that means WE are prolly not going to Opa anytime soon unless we purchase tickets and fly ourselves up there. Not a totally bad idea. Guess I can stop waiting for that phone call too. Whatever. Back to the rabbit hole - I discovered this whole other place called where lots of really amazing people have been writing forever. So in addition to this fun little daytime gig of mine I decided to add on there too. I'll still yak here about all the Good Stuff and over there I'll just yak about whatever the hell I feel like!! The Good, The Bad and the FUGLY... sounds like fun to me! So check me out at when ya get a chance. I will pass on the names of some of my favorite new blogs soon - it's the rabbit hole thing - not sure how you get there.

Got something else really exciting to report due to the rain - I told ya'll about the Moroccanoil hair stuff but what I didn't know then is that EVEN after being rained on my hair is still straight!!! OMG DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS??? There is a possibility that I can go to the beach and have normal hair!!! I am serious...this is BEYOND huge for me. My favorite episode of Friends of all time is the one where they all go to the beach and as soon as Monica steps off the plane her hair starts expanding...funny when it is her not so much when it is me. I sooo felt her pain. Always thought a beach wedding would be so wonderful until I grew up and realized that is not the look I'd be going for in my bridal pictures. Talk about Bridezilla. Wonderman would have run screaming down the beach when faced with a lifetime of that hair. See I was smart. I waited until the HONEYMOON until I let him see me with beach hair. Ha! Too late sucker you done bought this cow and her crazy beach hair!!Then a couple of years ago my family moved to freakin FLORIDA - hello??? Guess you know what that means? I don't go home very much. Now they know why...but wait - if this miracle oil(better name than Moroccanoil) works in the rain AND at the beach then YES, I can go home again!!! Right now I need to get out of the rabbit hole and off my fanny and pretend to do some housework or let the dogs out - wow it's almost lunch time!! WTH did the morning go??? Help me...will you be my sponsor...

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