Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm Just Saying...

Yes, if I had a twenty dollar bill(inflation)for every time I've SAID that...been trying to think of a way to write about a whole bunch of stuff that is on my mind but not really connected in any way. Pretty much what comes out of my mouth on any given day. Trick is to tie it all in and keep you reading. Here goes!

1. Stick with me on this one - It is October and as we know by all the pink it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I can't imagine anyone on the planet that hasn't been touched by cancer. One in four either has it, has had it, has a loved one with it, or is no longer with us because of it. All four are scary. And WE ALL want to wipe Cancer off the face of the earth. We are getting closer everyday. Research is making amazing breakthroughs and we all pray to see a cure in our lifetime. Here is my thought. I know the pink campaign has raised a lot of money, attention, and focus on finding a cure. But, we still don't have a CURE. People are still getting and dying from cancer every minute. Don't we have enough pink stuff? Can we just put all the money into research for a cure and a way to make this miracle drug available for everybody???? I really don't want or need another pink hat, sweater, watch, lipstick, fancy dinner with auction items, or walk a thon. Let's just put the money on the cure. At the least a more humane way to detect breast cancer. I'm just saying. Money on the problem and not going to the business of raising money. Just imagine if ALL the money went towards fighting cancer. I'm just saying...

2. Now, I've either lost you or not - hopefully, either way you are scratching your head and still reading. One of my favorite things about October is the return of regular tv. Reality tv VS. Real tv...wait that is confusing me and I'm writing this. Reality tv VS. Tv with actors. Scripted doesn't really work cause even reality tv is scripted. Come on!! YOU knew THAT. I admit I have my little train wreck reality shows and yes, I need a 12 step program for all the other shows I tape and follow. THANK YEW sweet baby Jesus for Direct TV or whatever you use to record your shows. Second to a cure for cancer in my lifetime. Amazing. By the way, in case you are freaking about me leading with cancer - let me tell you this. THE ONLY WAY TO DEAL WITH THIS F'ING DISEASE IS TO FIND THE FUNNY! Gonna go off on a tangent here...laughter really is the next best thing to a cure for cancer. Pity party should last about a minute and finding a way to laugh will get you through it. When Wonderman and I spent about 18 months in Cancerland along with the amazing support group of friends & family that carried us thru it with meals, rides, walks, & calls...what got us through the daily grind of cancer treatment was the amazing staff, patients and humor. We decided that if we were going to have to be there everyday for treatment then let's get this party started. We made the most amazing friendships while we were there. Staff, family and patients. Everyday. Somebody laughed. Most days even the sickest person there felt like they too were at the party. Steve Jobs just left the party. He was there and he did amazing things. I guess I'm saying no matter where you are, what you have, make everyday a party. Find something to laugh about. If you can do that in a cancer ward with an IV into your heart you can do that anywhere. Back to the funny...

Train wreck tv/reality tv - Toddlers and Tiaras - wow THIS is real tv with real people that actually spend the hard earned dollars they don't have to dress their little precious baby girls like Las Vegas Strippers. For a cheap crown I'm SORRY TIARA that cost about $2. Yes, I have watched it. I think my hell on earth would be living next door to someone on this freakin show. How do you pretend to relate to these people??? Here is the show I want to see - Toddlers to Teenagers with Tiaras...can you even imagine what is in store for these children. And their very disappointed moms when they don't go home with the Tiara or happy future??

Real Tv - with real actors, scripts, wait what is the difference again? Lots of new shows this fall. Some have quickly bitten the dust - Playboy Club anyone? Call me crazy but I thought it was very tame by tv standards(snicker) today. I read that "people" were outraged by it's offensive material. Guess they weren't watching American Horror Story. Or anything with the word Jersey or Housewife in it...We consider True Blood family viewing at our house - our kids can drive so cut us a little slack. Yes, It does make us all cringe most of the time. I guess if they are old enough to drive and almost go off to war we kind of slack off on the whole vampire porn scenes. Got to tell you though even our almost 17 year old son decided he probably won't watch any more American Horror Story, but if he does he won't with us around. Far enough. Totally get that. I loved Jessica Lange's character and her creepy daughter...but Coach Eric Taylor is ready to hit someone in the head with his very much deserved Emmy for what is happening to our beloved Tammy - I'm sorry this is real tv...Connie Britton is doing her thang and even though this is light years away from her role on my ALL TIME FAVORITE TV SHOW EVER YET...If you did not watch Friday Night Lights you are a MORON...stop reading this blog - go buy the entire series and thank me later. I'm just Connie Britton and want to love her new show but me and Wonderman will be watching without the boy child. Maybe.

Other new funny shows - Happy Endings, New Girl and Two Broke Girls. Is it just me or are we finally getting that Lucy, Marlo and Mary weren't the only funny women on tv that kept us all watching. Why is it taking so freakin long for the Hollywould Hotshots to realize WOMEN are funny and people love watching funny women. We will even pay MONEY to go to see movies with funny women. Funny. Who knew. I'm just saying...Bridesmaids, Horrible Bosses & anything with Kristen Wiig, Martha Plimpton, Betty White, Tina Fey, Kathryn Hahn or Melissa McCarthy in it?? Gilmore Girls shout out to great TV...another one to go buy the entire series and watch it with your girl children instead of spending money chasing 2 buck tiaras! I'm just saying!! And did she rock Saturday Night Live or what???

As usual I'm on a roll and someone is begging for food - Dinner again??? All I do somedays is feed these people. Speaking of food and feeding people - I promised to share my AMaZing Brownie recipe...and Tequila Soup. Only have time for one so here are the brownies and just keep coming back if ya want to know more about Tequila Soup...Blog Blackmail :)

Best Ever Brownies So Far - confession I use a box mix. Do whatever let's you sleep at night. Life is short use a box, except for wine - that is just wrong. I am finally getting over my cork only snobbery. Don't push me with the freakin box stuff. Back to brownies:

Box - I prefer Ghiradellis's (you know what I mean - do not make me go to pantry to get correct spelling...fancy chocolate place in San Francisco - brownie mix at Sam's in big box. Use two bags for 9 x 13 pan. Just double your box mix of choice. Thicker & bigger is better. Brownies people - focus.

Add to whatever mix you use 1 tbsp of Expresso Powder. Finally found it a Williams and Sonoma. No it is not instant coffee. That will not work. Trust me. Mall, W & S. $10 worth it. Then pour into pan and sprinkle Fluer de Sel salt - fancy sea salt FLAKES -good luck finding that - took forever. Go to fancy grocery stores or online. Again worth every penny. Use it on anything chocolate. Delish.

After salt add any topping of your choice - I used caramel candy corn this time and let me tell you. Major hit. Feeding frenzy. Don't worry when they disappear into the the brownines. They are there. And people go crazy trying to figure out what makes these brownies so good. This is also an excellent time of year to use leftover Halloween candy on top of brownies. Obviously, not the crap no one wants to eat. That is just nasty and should be thrown out. Use the good stuff. Life is short. Chop it up and after salt sprinkle it on before you bake.

Then undercook your brownies by at least 5 minutes. Allow to completely cool before you cut. There ya go...the goodstuff of life - I'm just saying!