Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School

Wow... been awhile. Almost forgot how to login!! That would be embarrassing. Stop laughing it could very well happen...then what??? Better write this stuff down somewhere...been busy with Baby Girl. College. Lots to do and be happy/sad about. Won't know until YOU do it and then you'll go ,"Oh, that's why she went kinda a wonky for a while!!" Just yesterday she was this amazing little person that just filled my everyday with wonder just by watching her breathe. Trust me this was a HUGE part of my day. Then, I got to spend the day just dressing her up...and changing parts of her clothes that needed changing. Soon it was just watching her move around. Then sounds. Then words. Then steps. And all the million little things that happen every day when your whole world becomes this little person that you and someone special made. MADE. We all know how that happens, but when it does and you did it. Well, it all changes. And then the time just goes....flies and keeps going and before you know it - it is all happening and you love it but you want to slow it all down but you can't. You just hold on tight and try to make it last. And take lots of pictures and if you are really smart you will journal around those pictures cause you will not believe all the stuff you forget. And then one day... you realize you are done and it is time to let go......and it will be the happiest/hardiest/easiest/longest day of your life. And then you hug her one more time - really tight and walk away and get in your car and start driving home....ten minutes later you start texting her to make sure SHE is alright cause YOU are but you are just worried about her.... and that my friends is sending your first born off to college. Amazing and wonderful and so proud. Fly Baby Girl...Fly.
Okay. She prolly wants and deserves a new name now. Cause she is all grown up and flown away so she deserves it. And she is prolly gonna wanta kill me for getting all mushy. See, she thinks I didn't cry when she left and that really ticked her off. But, I'm just a tough old bird that doesn't like to do that in front of the little ones I have been guarding and protecting all these years. But, I am crying and using lots and lots and lots of tissues right now. And even though I was gonna write about some really important , amazing and new things I just love and can't live without - all I can think about is her. And how much she means to us and how much we will miss her and how very, very, very proud we are of her. Fly Baby Girl Fly....

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