Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back to the Real World

I have returned to the land of the living. I am still wearing real clothes and it is 8:10pm...I have had them on almost all day!!! In case you are not a faithful reader I am sharing this proudly because I have been living in pj's for the last 3 months. Okay, that is slightly exaggerated - it just seems that way because it is January and I am perfectly happy staying inside - in my comfy clothes for days on end. Eventually the madness sets in and neighbors and friends may start to wonder where I am....they seemed like such a happy family. You get the idea. I could so be a happy hermit. Yesterday everyone finally went where they were supposed to be...hubs at work, kids at school (college & high school) and I had the day at home. Except for one little favor the hubs asked for....bunch of suits in town for big important company meetings - husband speak for I will be very busy with very important things all week and out every night eating really good meals. Which is wife speak for "Dang, you mean we get to eat junk food and wait for Dad to come home?" Everybody is happy. Then came the favor of the suits brought his wife along. Which is wife speak for "Partay!!! Hotel living - room service, hotel sex and no one yelling Mommy!" Of course, our hubs are worried we will be bored or shopping so mine asked if I would mind taking strange wife I've never met out to lunch. ON MY FIRST DAY OF THANK GOD EVERYONE IS WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. Which means I am doing whatever it is I do that makes me happy. I know I have a very good life. I am very very thankful for that. He doesn't' ask for much or ever really complain when the bed is not made up so - I said "Of course, I live to get dressed (in real f&*^()N clothes) and take out a strange woman to lunch". I am thinking - "Oh, buddy this is going to cost you big time. BIG TIME."

Fast forward to me driving nervously to her hotel to pick her up and here is the worst part...he is RIGHT AGAIN!!! She is awesome and amazing and it is the best blind date lunch ever!! We have so much fun and talk each others ears off....I even forget to tell her to pretend we hated each other so we can buy new shoes as our husband's punishment for asking us to go to lunch together!! Can't wait to meet her husband and visit our new best friends in California...

Each day and each person we meet is such a gift - I am so thankful that I got dressed and made a new friend and remembered why we are so lucky to be here in the real world.... To 2011 - new friends, current friends and to Facebook friends I stalk daily - I am thankful for all of you and that you are a part of my real world...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Happy Almost Valentine's Day!! Okay, I know it is still January...but not for long. And I know Christmas is gone and I really never blogged about that and here is why. I am EXHAUSTED...who knew it was so much work. Well, all of us crazy moms that go to town for weeks with the decorating, shopping, wrapping, cooking, cards, parties and all the other stuff we do nonstop all year long. Yes, I am a touch cranky. I am still in my jammies cause snow is on the ground for the third or fourth day (feels like weeks) I've lost count. This is Texas not Vermont so cut me a little slack here. I know the roads are fine and have been clear all along but the kids lost a day of school which means I am now way off schedule. My world has still not returned to normal after the holidays and snow days are enough to send me over the edge. I just got Christmas down last week which was worth a blog all it's own titled - WHO SIGNED ME UP FOR THIS - but before I could find the time to whine/wine about that we got slammed with a big ole snow storm. When I said I was ready to hibernate for a couple of days to recover from the Christmas takedown/letdown I meant I wanted some just for me alone time....not hibernation due to snow storm/school cancelation!!! And to top it off this is finals week which means yes, we still get up at 6:30 but they get out of school at 11:30!!! What is the point??? Trust me teenage brains are not at their peak at 7:30...they would test so much better from 11:00 - 2:30!!! Did I mention there is still snow on the ground and it is 22 degrees in TEXAS!!!

Now I love a beautiful snowy day - and this has been one of the prettiest snows ever, a true Winter Wonderland. I'm just WONDERING:

1. How long can puppies survive in the snow? Cause mine are begging to go out and I'm begging them to come back in.

2. How many soup bowls do we have? I think I've washed about 62 in 3 days.

3. How do you get teenage boys to wear a coat? Jacket? Hat? Gloves? I gave up he had on pants. Luckily, he came back in before the puppies.

4. Is it okay to add a little mommies little helper to hot chocolate? Normally I drink my coffee black but did I mention the snow and all the extra work involved? Guilt over leaving puppies out in the snow?? The time and effort to get two coats on least they are wearing a coat.

5. Can we really eat and survive on all the crap in the pantry? Is it okay to eat the frozen mystery meat in the spare freezer? Is it a good idea to make black bean soup instead...think about it.

6. If I'm not leaving the house do I really need to wear anything but pj's? Does changing into a clean pair count? Speaking of clean - do I really need to shower?

7. How does anyone live with snow on the ground for months??

8. If I don't want to cook and the roads aren't safe to drive on is it really awful to expect the delivery boy to bring us dinner??? Or would he be happy with a big ole tip??

9. Where do they get all the crazies for all the crazies shows my kids have been watching???Have you seen Toddlers and Tiaras, My Strange Addiction, Extreme Couponing - I'm not kidding these are all shows on tv just ask your teens. Did I mention that these are reality style shows full of wackos??? I wonder have we always had this many loonies or do we just know about them now cause they are all on TV??? Warning - you will not be able to stop watching either. I wonder what that says about us normal people...?

10. If and when my life returns to normal will I even recognize it? When will this snow melt? Where is Molly's coat? Did Gman pass his finals? Can we go out tonight for dinner? Can I wear my pj's if we do???