Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why Do I Blog....

Trust me I have been asked this a time or two and usually by people that don't actually know what a blog is or how to go about finding one or even believe it or not how to read one. I'll mention it and say "Oh, you should read mine sometime - I'll send you the link." I do and they email/snailmail me back and say "Thanks - I really do want to read it but where is it?" SWEAR to God. This is starting to feel like work people...just click on the little blue part that says Close your eyes & make a wish and pat your head....and there ya go. Now back to why I write a blog. Raise your hand if you have a facebook page - some of you have no clue what that is either but no one pays me enough to walk you thru that -and if you do have a facebook page now raise your hand if you have kids. Kids that are shocked and appalled and not too happy that you have joined the Facebook Train or God forbid you even have a Myspace page (Okay, that one was waaay beyond me). Now just imagine those same little snots that snicker and call you a creeper or loser cause you are tooo old for FB....just picture their formerly angelic faces when you tell them NOT ONLY are you armed and dangerous with FB but you - thank you very much have a BLOG.... Talk about a total freakin power rush!!! You will actually see them start to sweat as this all sinks in...and let me tell you there is nothing they want you yakking about if it involves them and you and the rest of the world. This works waaaay better than "Just wait til your father gets home!!" That never worked in my house anyway cause he was always FUNDADDY and I was the one they were worried about. Quick favorite kid story - Fundaddy had them all excited one day about taking them somewhere to do something fabulous and they looked at him and ran to me saying "Mommy CAN we???" Ha - now we know who is the boss - who's having fun now???Oh, yea Mommy cause she has a blog and even with teenagers that think they are in control I'm finding that if necessary all I have to say is "Go right ahead - I can't wait to blog about that" or "Don't make me blog about this" works really well too. You prolly don't even have to write a blog you can just pretend you do and scare the crap out of your kids. Trust me it is power and it feels good.

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