Saturday, January 30, 2010

WTH Happened to January???

I am really starting to feel like Rip Van Wrinkle (ha ha, I know the right name!!)... I was JUST enjoying all my crazy Christmas crap - which reminds me of something else, I LOVE funny cocktail napkins. Swoozies is like crack to me...OMG somebody needs to keep me out of that store. I could spend hours and waaay too much money (sorry WM) on funny napkins. Lucky for me two of my favorites were gifts from two of my fav girlfriends. One said,"Here's to PEACE and Joy and Lots of FAKE sparkly CRAP" I just loved that one at Christmas...might use that in my Christmas card next year!! And the one I have out now says,"Let's eat DRINK and pray our butts fit in our VELVET PANTS"...and after all the crap we ate over Christmas it is just perfect! Course any dumbass with a big ass knows NOT to be caught dead in velvet pants. But, the napkin makes me smile and that's what it's all about.

Back to the fact that it is January 30!!! I just recovered from Christmas let down/take down and January is gone...but that's okay, cause Feb.2 is a BIG DAY!!! I can't all starts with the Oscar nominations - one of my bucket list items is to one year just be there in LA LA land for the Oscars. Note I said JUST be in LA...not on stage thanking God and Everyone I ever Knew for my little man statue...that would be beyond exciting and hell on earth for me at the same time. Ya'll know if you have been reading since the beginning of this blog that I used to joke about going to Oprah one day...truth is I'd much rather be in the audience than on her the audience usually gets good crap. Wonder if the guests do too??? Just want to be clear on that wish...there is good - center stage not so much. You can imagine if I'm this excited about the nominations how crazy I get watching the actual show and all the fun red carpet shows before!!! HEAVEN. And the beauty of Direct TV has enhanced my life in so many watching delayed so you can fastforward thru the boring speeches. Unless the person boring me to tears is hot then ya just mute it and look at them.

Also, on this big day several new books are coming out so a trip to my favorite place on the planet is on the schedule too...the bookstore or anyplace that has books for sale - TARGET rocks people!! What is not to love except for the gianormous amount of money I keep pumping into that place...BOOKS, music, really cute clothes, home stuff, food & wine (one less stop to shop) and OMG the Jewelry!!! If you have been skipping the accessory section you are missing out...GREAT stuff. I get more compliments on my Target jewelry than all my real stuff. Even Wonderman is happy cause I told him several years ago to save his money at the jewelry store and just support my little Target habit...he prolly spent less back in the day when he was coming home with little boxes - shhh, hope he's not reading this one.... He's been to Target too so he understands - might not like my costly little habit - but he's been bitten by the Target Bug too.

Hopefully, a movie I missed is coming out on DVD on 2/2 - love it when that happens and I can't wait for Zombieland - very sad I missed it in theatres but will rush to buy it. Kids loved it and will watch over and over and over...need to go see Avatar - mainly cause it is winning awards and makin a boat load of money. Personally, watching a bunch of blue people does not appeal to me. Hope it proves me wrong. I'm just finally getting used to all the orange people. And they are everywhere and I finally quit worrying that my tv was going out when I realizied that was just the spray tan craze. All my vampires are a nice shade of white so I know the tv is okay. Now, I'm terrified of skin cancer so I get the message that tanning is bad for us. But, just not digging the orange skin either. Couple of weeks ago we had a sunny day and tennis called and I got dressed and almost passed out when I saw my white (skinnier and somewhat toned - thanks Reebox ReTone shoes!!)legs....OMG. Nothing worse. Except very white tummies. Soooo, I dug out a bottle of Jergens Natural Glow Express - medium to tan skintones - it was awesome!! Instantly better and not too orange, still smells and that is a major prob for me cause I am all about SMELLING good. However, smelly won over whiter than white legs. Then before I could get my newly tanned legs on the tennis court the Texas Temperature dropped 20 degrees and it didn't matter afterall cause I got to put my tights on!! Nothing hides lumps and bumps AND white legs better than good running tights. Wish someone would invent a fleshtone pair you could wear year round...that's my new mission!!Gonna bring back "panty hose"...makes me cringe just to say "panty hose" - NASTY...will have to rename my new invention much to do and so little time!!! I've been rambling on so much today it's prolly already Feb!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beauty Sale Alert

I'm interrupting my own pajama day/read a good book time to bring you this info...forgot to earlier when I was on redoing my blog colors...speaking of colors and this ALERT rush to CVS today!!! Hope this sale is still on for you too...Revlon buy one get one FREE!!! Love that - now I do need to add I'm not sure if all products are included but the ones I got yesterday are and I love them!!!

Revlon AGE Defying (GOT to love that!!!Cause you know we are all defying and denying the fact that we are getting older. Not saying we aren't having birthdays -cause that with any luck means presents - just that we are getting older looking)Spa Face Illuminator - Okay, who did I lose on that one? Take out the stuff in the () and you will have the name of the product. Now if you are trying to find your youthful glow again and you would like for it to come out of a bottle or tube then this is for you!!! AND it has an SPF of 18 - bonus!! Now I used the 030 Gold Light today and it looks great(not braggin, talking bout the product folks...pretty is as pretty does and braggin is never pretty. Mamma raised me right) Goes on a little oompa loompa at first but don't panic is settles down to normal in a minute. If you are worried about what color you need -stop - that is the beauty of buy one get one free!!! Get the two closest to what you think. Hopefully, one works. If not, blend them. And you'll have light one for winter and dark one for summer when you accidentally get a little help from the sun. Don't forget to check it out in a mirror with nothing but outdoor light. Very important - please don't make me tell you it's not a good match. Also, the lighter one is good for under the eyes.

I also love my new eye shadows -polished bronze and brushed copper - great on all eye colors. I know the mags say "older" eyes shouldn't use too much frost or glitter but these are subtle and a little of that keeps it on our old crepe eyes which is what they really mean but don't want to say and lose a subscriber...

And remember - if you hurry and have a CVS card - two for one is a great time to try something new. And there may even be a coupon around that will make it even better. Yes, I love a good deal. But I love good products even better.

Now you all know I love Latisse - for lashes and brows - and I love, love, love Maybelline's NEW Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara...thick and long and who doesn't love that ;) ??? Mascara!! Hello!!! But, I have to call Bulls*&^ on their tv ad campaign. First of all - those eyelashes are freaky. I love long and thick but not only are these OBVIOUSLY not real they don't even look good. Sometimes bigger really isn't better. Wait - we are still talking about mascara right? Yes. So to the folks at Maybelline here is what I think. Stop that silly ad you paid waaay too much money to some ad genius for and just use a real person that uses your mascara and likes it a lot...I'm available and prolly cheaper too. Ya'll let me know if you like this mascara. I know Melinda does!! Heyyy!

So go beautify yourselves...nothing wrong with that. Just don't go all Heidi on me!!OMG. Is she for real??? Well, obviously not any more, but I'm talking about what is or isn't in her head. WTH is this poor lost soul thinking? I feel the most sorry for her poor mother. Babygirl, just go ahead and stab me in the heart if you ever EVER EVER...go on national tv airing all your crazy. Not that you have any crazy. Just if you ever do - think of your poor mama first and don't DO IT!! Instead of spending all that money (and boy, I really hoped she had to PAY for it) on the outside she should have found a really good shrink and worked on the inside. I know I said on my other blog I wasn't going to talk about her anymore but sometimes we learn the most from other people's mistakes...and whew, isn't that a lot more fun than when we make'em??

So back to jammie day and my good book and all my taped the way, I'm reading Beautiful Creatures - odd but no, it has nothing to do with today's topic!!!- I really like it, have no idea what is going on yet or where it's going and it's a good thing. Not that I'm stupid!! Just that it is so unusual and different and well done. You kinda think ya know but the suspense is really good so far. Will let ya know - now let me go read!!! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 Stuff I Love

Wow, time - TIME is flying by so fast. Every day, every minute. It truly just takes my breathe away. What matters, what do you care about, what should I blog about??? It is truly overwhelming and with all that is going on in the world - I do have to stop and ask .... what the f am I doing??? I cannot solve the problems in Haiti right now. My donations are welcome - but really??? The logistics of making them MATTER are overwhelming. True. Shut up. Just send some money people... that is truly what they need to help get people on the ground. Pretty sure I'm not going, so I will do a little and send some money. You can too. Doesn't have to be a lot. 10 bucks. Now - on to the other stuff...

Just devoured the Golden me shallow. YES, I love every minute of this award show....who is sitting where and who are they talking too...waaay more fun than who is on stage!!! Even though the host tonight was hilarious!!! I admit my Direct tv account is worked overtime... tape everything I can. LOVE Blockbuster online...I can never EVER get anything back when it is due...this service is amazing!!! They send you stuff in the mail and you can keep it for fin'g ever!!! I'm in heaven...I've had the second season of ARMY WIVES for about six weeks. THEY don't care!! LOve that. Love the show...just been a little busy with life and Christmas...Christmas is big at my house. Takes me awhile to put it up, enjoy, and take it down. Don't mess with Mama...decortating mode is not pretty. House all done is. And to all those sweet friends that thought I paid someone to do it - I LOVE you!! What a compliment!!!

So 2010 - the things I love and I think you will too!!! I'm going to start with just the products. Simple and you can decide and go buy what matters to you...

1. Fit Flops or Reebox Easy tone shoes - if your feet aren't happy - YOU aren't happy!! If they actually tone anything too - well that is just a big freakin bonus!! These shoes feel so good you really won't care about the other stuff. And, yes, I think they do try and decide.

2. Latisse - yes!! Your eyelashes and eyebrows will grow...promise. Then try Maybelline Stiletto Voluptious Mascara!!! Best ever!!! LONG and FULL...don't forget Latisse. Worth every Penny!!!

3. Once you get eyebrows ( or if you don't and you just want them ) use Anastasia's Brow Pen to fill them in...I love the Universal Deep Shade. Thanks to Latisse I have eyebrows but they are still blonde. LIKE my NATURAL haircolor that needs L'oreal thank you very much to stay blonde.

4. From across the POND are several products - This one is available at Target - No. 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum --- lots of words in that one. Kept reading about it all over the place and yes, it is a cult item...finally, bought it, used it and yes, now I'm telling you - try it. I Really like it. MY skin seems smoother and better and brighter after using it. Remember - no one is paying me to say this... just my opinion...It's in the Boots line of products at Target..

5. Rimmel - another British line...everywhere - drugstores - the new polish French Manicure Pro line is great!!! Stays on and lasts - really like it.Eye colors in Lynx are really pretty for all color eyes - my hint is to always use the darkest color of the set CLOSEST to you your eyelashes....darkest color on the lids and lightest color at your brows....makes YOUR eyecolor pop. Everytime. And that is what you want - people to notice your eye color not your eye shadow....

6. Urban*Decay eyeliner - 24/7 my two favorite colors are Underground and gunmetal - if you are over not let the bright colors and all freak you out...These eyeliners last forever and are worth the money. Go to proud and stand tall and buy them...Check out girl told me the eye shadows were amazing too... haven't tried them yet but will let ya know.

7. Covergirl Olay simply ageless line - concealer and foundation - LOVE Ellen - so proud of CG for using her in their advertising - if you like her show you will love her books - watch and go buy and support smart, funny women everywhere!!!And this makeup is really good too!! The trick to all foundation is just put it where you need it....pat it on. Do not spread it like it's icing on a cake. That looks fake. Just where you need it. And just pat it on...

8. For just a little bit of color - but soooo important - bare minerals - rose radiance is the most amazing and natural blush ever....little bit will make your eyes pop and yours cheeks can lift up your whole face.

9. Last but not least - just remember this is all just paint on an old barn. And all barns look better with a little paint. All faces look better with a big ole smile... A really big smile that makes your eyes crinkle up - a smile that shows you really feel it. Really feel and enjoy life - every minute and every day... it is all flying by so fast...

Finally - what do I's simple really. I love knowing that something I said or wrote matters to you. Because YOU are important. I could be writing to myself in a HIDDEN diary right now - but I'm not. I'm bloggin online and asking my friends and loved ones to read this. So, I really like it when you tell me something I wrote about made you laugh, made you smile or made your life better. I love really sweet friends that give me beautiful elf shoe wine glasses because she missed my girl party, girlfriends that call me to play tennis cause we found out at the last minute we are challenging in for another level - WTF?? - Amazing friends that introduce me to the sweetest dogs on the planet that I now just have to have ...and I'm thankful for my amazing daughter who shows me that she is smart and strong and able to take care of herself. I am proud of her little brother that is following in her footsteps and is willing and able to take care of all of us...and to Wonderman...who patiently waits while I spend extra hours just blogging about stuff...I am so thankful.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Jan. 4th! Back to Reality Day!!

Well, reality is relative I guess...but, today for me it was back to reality....just a tad bit cold here and everywhere else it seems and gonna stay that way for a week it sounds like. Why do all old people talk on and on about the weather??? OMG!! WTF!! Why am I talking about the weather???? Must be 'cause my roots are showing and I need to be taking down Christmas and I have wayyy more fun an important things to talk and think about - thank you all - very much. Really wanted to put the fbomb in there somewhere but that is just the hormones out of don't want to shock anyone just coming to this blog that may be under the illusion that I am a sane, nice and normal person. It is wayyyy more fun to be the crazy, scary bitch. My children and hubby on the other hand are all locked together in a room away from scary mommy....silly me. Just feeling a little bit guilty about all the Christmas everywhere and my total lack of any desire to take it all down. I'm thinking, "Hey! I put it all up! YOU take it all down." Except then I'd be totally f&*G*& next year when I had to put it all up, I'll get to it when I get to it. First, I need to take care of my roots. By the hair is a very nice shade of blonde and not that crazy color in our Christmas card pics....naturally blonde hair is very hard to recreate out of a bottle and even harder to capture in pictures from Walgreens evidently...Even Griff's color was off and his is all natural.. Baby Girl's IS a gorgeous shade of red so she looked just fine. Wonderman doesn't give a shit what color his is - he's just thankful to have it again!!!

So today the boys had to go back to work and school and Baby Girl and I got to hang out and do fun stuff. That is why my roots are still growing and Christmas is still up....she goes back to college in a couple of weeks. I promise I'll do my hair, take down Christmas and at least get all the laundry clean. Even I won't promise to put it all away. Prolly not gonna happen in this life time. At least I'm honest. Crazy for sure but self aware and honest. Deal with it.

She spent some more of her Christmas money and we finally got to see the movie she's been begging to see. Have You Heard About the Morgan's?? Possibly the worst movie name ever...even the ticket girl had no clue what movie we were trying to see. Prolly, cause I couldn't remember the freakin name(not my fault) and I said "Two for the Morgans"...anyway, the critics have not been kind and even though I could watch Hugh Grant do just about anything (except have sex with a hooker - not proud of him for that but Hey!!! He manned up. Said he was very sorry so...still love him) and I was devastated when Sex in the City ended -so anyway we got our tickets and the theatre to OURSELVES!!! Don't ya just love that when it happens!!! I always think Wow, this must be what Katie Holmes/Cruise feels like everyday!!! By the time our movie finally started nine other people/paparazzi had crashed our private screening. Whatever, we were cool with it as long as they didn't interrupt by asking for our autographs.( They didn't)Let me tell you - sometimes the critics don't know nuthin. I personally got my money's worth. I laughed out LOUD every time Hugh Grant opened his mouth. Again - I love him. But for the price of a movie ticket??? So worth it. And I also heard other people laughing at times so I wasn't the only one out of ten having fun....then I came home to a fabulous pot roast dinner in the crock pot - I'd love to share the recipe - cause THAT is what I DO...but, I've been gassin on about food for the last three weeks and I don't want to bore anyone or make you fat. If you need a fab and easy dinner recipe let me know (kay, just love hearing you read my blog and this is cheap and easy plug for attention!!!) Then I watched the new episode of the Batchelor...let me just say - if you like a whole lot of crazy in your tv viewing you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SEASON!!! I know he is a Dallas boy and all but something is just a bit off about him and most of the chicks on the show this season. Ed and Jilly tried to help him out too tonight but I don't think he was listening cause I can promise you this - one or more of these girls will be boiling bunnies by the end of this season...then I watched the new show Cougar Town for the second time since it started. I KNOW...I told everyone I didn't like it and thought it was awful and was so disappointed cause I loved Courtney on Friends....HATED the first episode. Got to admit...not ashamed to say maybe I judged to soon...really liked it tonight. I still think she over acts sometimes but at least the writing was funnier to me than the first show. All relative I guess... So, to 2010!!! Hope you and all your loved ones had a wonderful holiday and that we will all be blessed and happy in this new year...