Sunday, September 20, 2009

Read the Fine Print

Okay, I am still missing my black background for the record. Wonderman is happier cause he says he can read this easier now on his crackberry driving down the road on the way to his tennis match that he is 35 minutes late for...I KNOW not a good idea. If you only read this once a week you are screwed and lost and don't know what hell I'm talking about and that is your own freakin fault. Yesterday there were all these hilarious ads for vibrators attached to my site and now it all PG mascara ads!!! THEY really are reading and watching and it is starting to OOOK me out!!! I honestly think my phones might be tapped. AND I prolly should have actually read all the little printed words on the ad sense page before I clicked yes you can have my firstborn child if I violate any policies and rules. MY BAD - honey, I know you love your new life at A & M but now you have to go with the creepy,scary people in black that just tore down your door. Mommy loves you and I'll read the fine print next time!!! Promise....

I know I acted all OMG and all but secretly I thought those ads were kinda cool. Like tattos. As long as someone else has one - I'm cool with that....kinda like it. Scared to have/get one but hey, I'll look at yours. It's the whole good girl thing. I've walked a fine line but pretty much managed to not cross it too many times in 48 yrs. Lot to be said about that. And a whole lot more I prolly got away with cause I aint no dummy and it always helps to play the I LOOK LIKE A GOOD GIRL card. We all know Bad Girls have more fun - hells yes they do - but they also have to put up with all the gossip and stares and crap that would just totally freak me out. So, I'm just a bad girl in my head. With a boat load of chicken shit mixed in holding me back from my inner total bad girl...I'm the good girl that coulda woulda shoulda been a bad girl. And still managed to have a whole lot of fun without all the drama.

Anywhooo...back to fine print and ads!!! Not sure if I'm allowed to talk about this and I will go back and read the fine print on the whole ads thing but I'm really tempted to write about stuff just to see what kind of ads it would generate...this is so not like MAD MEN....that really sucks too. Cause okay, this is bad bad bad girl talking but come on!! Who wouldn't like a little one on one bizzznus meeting with Don Draper????(Poor Wonderman prolly just spun off the road right now!! Hunney - I done toll you to stop driving and crackin your berry!!!) I am sure Don would be able to advise me on the best ads for my writing style and content. And if not who really cares - as long as you get a little one on one with Mr. Draper. Have you even watched MAD MEN??? Do you know what I'm talking about...I mean not me but my evil bad girl twin sister that has a major crush on John Hamm/Don Draper....well, then stop reading me right now for jes a minute and go download MAD MEN...It's all about advertising in the 60's and even more about being baaaad. So ya'll go catch up on MM and I'll go read the freakin fine print...I'm coming Baby Girl - Mama loves you!And you too Wonderman!!!

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