Monday, November 12, 2012

Just Trust Me...

I can't believe I haven't blogged since October 5th! All my mad blogging skills have gone to waste...I can't remember breakfast much less any mad blogging skills I learned over a month ago. Time to call MH again. Good thing she likes wine too. And yes, I have that blogging bible somewhere but I have been too busy scaring little kids wanting candy and getting ready for Christmas to read that much less blog here....but - I do have some really awesome things to share. I don't even know where to start so this will be all over the place with GOODSTUFF TO SHARE!!

1. Levi's Skinny Mid rise Jeans!! - not your daughters, not your mom's and not your teenager's cute jeans that you need a belt just to sit down in and get back up - without looking like someone on that Cops show with a flashlight in his face and six inches of plaid boxers showing. These jeans are really cute and you can get them at Kohls for under 40$! HOLLAR!!

2. Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Eye Cream - if you are not using a separate moisturizer for your eyes you are an idiot. Face cream does not count. Trust me and just go buy one. And a daily moisturizer for your face WITH a sunscreen in it too. And a BODY moisturizer with sunscreen to use everyday. Even if you are not going outside. And if I hear one more person say, "I didn't put on my sunscreen today because it was cloudy..." - I am going to hurt someone and go straight to jail. Skin cancer is a very serious thing and the sun causes it. So shut up and protect your skin. EVERYDAY. And go get a body scan once a  year. FROM a doctor.

3. All my friends know that I am a candle fiend and one day may accidentally burn my house down. Can not tell you how excited I am with my newest candle discovery thanks to Amy and Dee....Fake candles have been around for awhile but here is the kicker - these not only flicker like real candles - they have a freakin timer that turns them on for 5 hours and off for for 19 hours!! don't have to do a thing...just sit back and enjoy with no fear of fire :))) These are fantastic for places like my hurricane lamps in high places by my's a little late but I will try to upload a pic. Okay, that is not happening - I've been trying for 45 minutes to upload from my Google+ and that should have done it but NO not so much. Just trust me again - these candles are fantastic and you can get them at Hobby Lobby or Home Depot - and they even look like candles!! I still burn my scented ones for the smell but I keep them in easy to reach places. Hopefully, I won't burn my house down with fewer actual flames going.

4. Quick and Easy dinner - all you need is a rotisserie chicken, penne, Knorr Alfredo sauce mix, heavy whipping cream, garlic, mushrooms, broccoli, milk and butter. Heat your chicken up in oven by directions on package. Remove and eat all the crispy skin off while no one is looking. Swear it came skinless if they ask. Don't forget to clean or lick off your greasy fingers. Dead give away. Steam your broccoli and boil your penne. Follow directions on Knorr packet except for use a cup of heavy whipping cream and 3/4 c of milk and butter. Only if you want it to taste good. You already ate the chicken skin so trust me. Use the cream. Add minced garlic clove and mushrooms. Whisk together and bring to boil. Turn to low and keep stirring occasionally while you eat chicken skin bits and pick chicken off the bone. Dump everything into one big pot and keep warm until ready to serve within 10 minutes or pasta will overcook. Yum!!!

5. Seems I wasted a ton of time trying upload frickin picture of I'm going to go read and will try to learn how to upload pics again.  This will come in handy if I want to show you some fun decorating ideas. Like real bloggers. The kind with pictures and videos. Except I don't plan on videos. I cannot stand to see myself on video. Which explains why I had to give up my acting career.

Notice how I started with skinny jeans and ended with a recipe for chicken skin and heavy cream...well the broccoli is good for you and I did give you a stern warning about skin cancer and why you should wear sunscreen. And how to not burn down your house!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Who Knew???

How Cool Is This

I now have mad blogging skills!!! I and both of my followers owe a HUGE thank you to my biggest blog fan and now proud blogger of her own amazing blog ...I'm hoping that I have correctly used her first lesson in how to make a hyper link ...with any luck you can just go to her blog by clicking on that different colored line of words :). If not, I f'ed up and she should not be held responsible. I may still be a work in progress. I know this comes as huge shock and surprise to all who know me, but an evolved person owns her faults.  Also, in case your are wondering I am using the large font key and the centering thingy today. Never knew they existed until my blog lesson yesterday. I'm sorry, I know I am just showing off, but I can't help myself. 

Miss Hammertime also passed on her blogger bible - Blogging for Dummies - to me yesterday....this was beyond exciting for me cause I jokingly said I needed that and had no idea that one actually had already been written. Good to know I am not the only blogger that has been doing this for years with no idea what the hell I'm doing. That seems to happen to me a lot.  Kinda like the amazing salmon dinner I tried to whip up last night. Some things really are just better when ordered in restaurants. 

Back to my new bible....just wait til I actually read it. THEN you will truly be impressed with my new and improved mad blogging skills. I truthfully did not open it last night cause I was running late for happy hour with Wonderman. Which pushed my amazing Salmon dinner back and well, lets just say thank god I raised my boychild to be able to feed himself, while waiting for mommy's amazing dinners. No one went to bed hungry. Really glad I remembered to put the amazing amount of left over salmon in the disposal and not the trash can. Fish and trash cans are never a good idea. This I  know.

For my finale today - I am running off to bookclub this morning...we read Bossypants and it is hilarious. Big fan. Just started reading Where We Belong by Emily Griffin. Can't wait to get back to that. Which leads to my finale....I am now going to add a picture to this blog post. I KNOW!! HOW COOL IS THIS???

The answer is that I am very thankful to Miss Hammertime!!! After viewing my preview of this post - that is where I remove all goofs and correct all misspelled words. Usually. - it looks like there is a pretty good chance I f'd up the hyper link thingy. If so, don't forget to check out her blog.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cha Cha Change...

Change is good right? Sometimes as things age they get better, like wine and cheese - two of my favorite things that go together. I've made a few changes to make the blog more viewer friendly to people that are aging and are tired of having to go find a pair of glasses when all ya want to do is read the freakin blog...or write the freakin blog. And as we all - of a certain age - know it is sometimes not only a pain to go get the glasses but to find them and then remember why or where we needed them in the first place. These changes to eyes and memory are not so good. That is where wine and cheese make everything better. Here is where I am crossing my fingers and hoping with all these changes in font size and color, vision, memory, etc. that the ability to post these blogs with paragraphs will magically happen....

This should be a new paragraph or break in body of my rant.

Excellent!! It is working in the preview!! Hopefully, it will still be working in the finished blog post. If so, I think I will go back to previous blogs and try to insert these much needed breaks in non stop ramble. This has bothered me more than it has bothered you.

Next, I need to figure out how to use pictures. I really need need a Blogging For Dummies manual...My friend and biggest fan - MH has started an awesome blog called - PreppyEmptyNester and it puts this one to shame. She has all the bells and whistles. I am sooo jealous. Hoping she will feel sorry for me and share her mad blogging skills with me soon.

So consider this post an experiment post...I won't know until I hit the publish post button if all these changes I've been slaving over are actually going to be applied. Been to this pony show before - hours of playing with font size and color and layout and.....same old blog!! No one ever said change was easy. Cross your fingers for me!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

My Reality TV

I have confessed to being a TV addict in the past. I admit to taping more TV than I should. People that brag they don't watch TV or DO NOT EVEN OWN A TV - annoy me. Still, I like a few - a very special few. And I find that most of these people actually do watch tv they just for some reason don't want to admit it. Trust me, I've watched plenty of TV that I don't want to admit to either. And most of what I do watch and love gets cancelled - Moonlight, every show Matthew Perry has been in since Friends, Easy Streets, Friday Night Lights (Thank you Direct TV again for bringing that back)...the list goes on. As for reality TV - I'm torn. I have never watched any of the Survivors, Race or Apprentice shows. A couple of episodes of Biggest Loser. I absolutely hate all the House hunting shows....not sure why. Love seeing decorated houses but not people choosing between 3 crap choices. I KNOW I am the only person on the planet that feels this way. I apologize.

In the beginning, I loved the Housewives shows because I did enjoy seeing where and how they all lived in different parts of the country. Until they all evolved into a screaming hot mess of nasty women behaving badly. Middle school was bad enough - reliving mean girls as grown women is not how I want to spend my TV viewing time. So this afternoon, I was enjoying my latest issue of People magazine (another guilty pleasure) when I read the story about Jacqueline Laurita's son and their struggle with his diagnosis of Autism. The unknown and randomness of this disease terrifies us all. Her story was heartbreaking and inspiring just like so many that deal with this reality. She is undecided as to whether she will be back for another season of Housewives. I quit watching her show many seasons ago. The fighting and table throwing and back stabbing is not entertainment to me. I may be an addict but it is for quality TV.

That is when I thought - what if she did a reality show based on her family and their journey with their son's diagnosis and life. They already have let cameras into their world, why not let it be something real that could reach out to other families going through the same ordeal. I'd much rather watch positive family role model shows than TV crap like Honey Boo Boo - do not get me started on that embarrassment of riches. Someone tied me to a chair and forced me to watch ONE episode. TV hell in it's finest hour. I may just be a TV addict but I think the world needs more positive Reality Shows. Good examples of how real people are living and dealing with the realities we all face. That would be my hope for MY Reality TV. And to Jacqueline and her family - I wish them all the best. Thanks for sharing your story in People magazine.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Natural Order

There is a natural order to life...for those of us who have children we expect them to outlive us. If we are blessed, they do. Sometimes those children are pets, and most of the time, we outlive them. This does not make it easier or right. Most of the time this is one, if not the most difficult times we will share with our children. There is nothing harder than losing a loved one and having to call or explain it to your child. Today was one of those days. Our sweet baby boy of 15 years left us today. He was loved beyond and back by our children and even further to us in their eyes and hearts. Truly no words to describe how sad we are to say good bye to our little guy. "Max, you were the best and most handsome dog in the world."

Friday, July 20, 2012

Birthday Flu

Another year has come and gone and I've got to admit turning 51 was a whole lot easier than saying goodbye to Forty Something. Sure things are sagging, bagging and lagging but there is relief and freedom in saying "So WHAT?" I'm Fifty Something and it's supposed to!!! See in our forties we are all under the illusion that we are still in our Thirties and that we should still look like it and act like we are 29. What a wonderful feeling it is to be at a place where it's time to say, "This is what happens and it's okay"....If these are our Golden Years (okay, that freaks me a little bit - guess I'm not 100% ready to deal with that reality) then I say let's celebrate and really make them fun. Which sometimes can lead to Birthday Flu. I've warned ya'll about Wine Flu before, so I should have known better when my same girlfriend that infected me with that, wanted to take me out to celebrate my birthday and catch up. Oh, we celebrated all right and then we continued to catch up for another four or so hours. And celebrated that too. I am truly old enough to KNOW BETTER and young enough TO DO IT ANYWAY. As usual I had a blast with her but, not so much the next morning at my 10:00 dental appointment to have two permanent crowns hammered in. A big ole case of Birthday Flu did not make this a very fun experience. The super duper bright light Dr. Mazin needed in order to see inside my wide open mouth and pounding head did not offer any Birthday Flu relief either. Worst of all this final of four visits did not include ANY laughing gas or slobber shots for pain!! Cause they needed me to let them know HOW THE CROWNS FELT INSIDE MY POUNDING HEAD. Like I could tell the difference between tooth pain and my pounding head....note to self - Never celebrate anything the night before dentist appointment. EVER. The following day involved another great friend and a day of fun in downtown McKinney. I apologize to any readers not able to enjoy my brag fest on the joys of McKinney, Tx. Come as soon as you can! We started with lunch at Gregory's Bistro. Also the place my family took me for Birthday Dinner this week. Lydia and Gregory are amazing and the food is ridiculously good. Since it is BYOB we get to stop by The McKinney Wine Merchant across the street and grab a bottle of terrific wine. Awesome wine shop and he is really good at tracking down your favorite hard to find wine and ordering it for you. Great prices too. On the same street is Nan Lee's for beautiful jewelry and Pumps for amazing and current shoes and one of a kind designer jewelry. We also made a stop in Sharla's and what a treat that was. My first time in her chair and she showed me the magic of her terrific skin care line and make up that made me look and feel like 50 something wasn't that big a deal...And this isn't even an entire block of downtown McKinney! And in case you didn't know it is also home to Sean Lowe - Everyone's favorite bachelor that Emily just sent home. Those of us with unmarried daughters are secretly happy she made the biggest mistake with that boneheaded decision...maybe we should throw him a welcome home party with all our available daughters??? Believe it or not but I ended up back at Gregory's that very same night for dinner with the hubs and friends. Yes, it is THAT GOOD. Tonight is Friday and I am looking forward to making Jenn O's chicken & pasta dish I blogged about earlier. Will check with her first and pass on her recipe soon if she is good with that. A quiet night at home sounds good. Going to call it Birthday Flu Recovery time. Still got 11 days of Birthmonth left to celebrate :))Time to rest and rally!! 51 is FUN!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sip and See

I love cheers me up just to walk thru the baby section at my Happy Place/ clothes, baby shoes, baby, baby, baby. Love them. I am just a little bit shocked that I am old enough to have so many friends with - GRAND Babies. Some of these friends are EVEN younger than me. AND they are GRANDPARENTS!! I'm sorry but, if turning 50 doesn't drive the point home or having people in their 30's respectfully call you MAM, then having friends that are first time grandparents is a wake up call to YOU ARE OLD AS CRAP NOW!! When did this happen? Been wondering who that old lady in the mirror was... Which brings me to the Sip and See....remember Baby Showers? Lots of cute baby stuff, little fancy finger food & mints in the appropriate color - pink or blue or mint? The guest of honor is miserable but excited and extremely anxious for the little one to arrive. She and probably a few of the guests are all ready to pop. Lots of ohhing and awwing over all the kajillion presents?? It doesn't even matter if it is their first or 3rd,4th, or 5th baby...can you imagine a baby shower for the Dugger Woman with 200 kids? Point is baby showers are necessary but can be boring, someone is fat, exhausted and really ready for someone to join the party. And they are very sober. Nine months sober. I really remember wanting a margarita when I was in the hospital having Griffin...Really wanting it. Flash forward to today's Sip and See...picture a room full of very attractive and well kept women of a certain age. My age. We are so happy to be there and to catch up with each other. And SEE our friend's precious, amazing, beautiful GRAND baby!! The BABY is at the party!! She is dressed in the cutest pink tutu with headband bow and she is perfect. Simply divine - for hours while we fight over who gets to hold her. And while we all eat the most delicious food (thanks to my friend and hostess with some killer cooking skills - JennO and in the beautiful home of my other friend DB - the mama of beautiful child gets to relax, eat and enjoy a few chambord and white wine fizzies. Along with all her very thankful guests. As we oooh and awwwe over her precious sweet baby girl! I'm thinking this Grandparent thing is not so bad :)))And I am definitely on board with this whole Sip and See idea. Sip a little something yummy, love on a little precious sweet baby and then go home!! I've got this G-Ma thing down pat!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How Did I Miss This...

I have always been the first to admit I have a tv problem....thank God for Tivo, Direct TV and now the holy grail UNIVERSE!! What they all boil down to is - 1. NO COMMERCIALS, unless they are cool and funny - like those baby commercials and that chick in plaid talking to that dude about matching stuff. FUNNY. Don't remember what they are supposed to be selling but that is not my problem. 2. Being able to watch what I want to watch when I am good and damn ready. Which is why I have 88 episodes of New Adventures of Old Christine, 12 episodes of Duck Dynasty, two seasons of Weeds, and a whole bunch of Cake Boss Crap that my BabyGirl is obsessed with. Not into people making cupcakes like it is a freakin Olympic sport. Seriously. It.Is.Not.A.Sport. A big ole sugar rush but not a sport. But, back to what is watch worthy and I almost missed. Old Christine... !! Who knew? Especially the second season and I have always loved Wanda Sykes!! OMG. That is one funny woman. Her voice alone makes me laugh out loud. Or LOL. ALOT. As for Duck Dynasty my kids sorta had to drag me kickin and screaming. Okay, they got me a little tipsy on my favorite wine and held my eyelids open while they fed me popcorn and made me watch. And yes, I LOVED IT!! What is not to love about this show. Being from the SOUTH of some SOUTHERN state this show reminded me of all those sweet southern boys I had so much fun with and could not run away from fast enough. Good thing I am such a fast runner. I had no desire to spend the rest of my life sitting around while they went "huntin" and bringing home "dinner" for me to skin and cook. Notice the word SKIN - very important cause in the south you might not only shop for and cook and clean up after dinner but you might also be expected to actually SKIN your freakin dinner. I prefer my vegetables already SKINNED and packaged and FREAKIN PREWASHED. Guess where I stand on my meat? But, I can appreciate a great show with a bunch of bearded fools in camouflage with the next hunter. And they are FANTASTIC!! Do not get me wrong. I love this show. But, I will admit to Uncle Si that I am the original Uppity girl that he warned his nephew not to marry. However, I am also a damn good cook. Just want someone else to skin and prepare it for the grill for me and then step back. Cause this Uppity, preppy, prisspot can GRILL. Burning Love - Ben Stiller's spoof on the Bachelor at And speaking of things I almost missed here are a few of things I just don't get... 1. Adam Sandler. And any movie he is in. How and better yet, WHY do these movies still get made? WHO is paying for this? And don't say all 12-15 year old boys cause that is just well, actually, a major insult to ALL BOYS 12-15 Years old. Really. The worst movies and don't even get me started on his personal acting skills. REALLY? Again, I keep hearing how hard it is and how long it takes to get a movie made in Hollywood and THIS keeps happening? WTF??? I think he must be mobbed up and they just need to wash that money somewhere. 2. Marc Jacobs - Okay. I know I don't run in the high fashion circles. But, I do dream in my Vogue, Bazaar and Instyle magazines...not to mention my fierce Pinterest Dream Closet...but, his ads are just butt ugly. They even make really famous actresses look kinda well, just butt ugly. And Prada? Again, butt ugly. Now, Chanel? A girl can dream!!! Valentino?? Hello Beautiful. Manolo and Choo? LOOBS? Hells yes! LOUIS V? Worth every penny. And as for Michael Kors??? Don't even. I have a very close friend - spent almost a $1000.00 on a handbag and billfold. Within 3 weeks the handbag came apart on the inside seams...kid you not. She went back to the MK store with her receipt and was told by the MANAGER he was so sorry for her but he didn't want to take the hit on his store numbers by returning it cause he would have to eat it. TRUE.FREAKIN.STORY. Moral good girls? If you must, only by his crap at Nordstroms where they stand my their customers and not their CRAPPY suppliers when their shoddy designer goods fall apart. But, back to the Good Stuff (and Go Stuff the BAD stuff) here are some latest additions to things I love and you might need.... Maybelline's Eye Tatto Cream eyeshadow - it really does stay on and doesn't crease- even by the pool on a hot Texas day. I did that for research purposes people!! Of course, I don't put on makeup to just sit by my pool!! I was testing it out for all of you... Blotting papers - use these instead of caking your face up with powder when you are "glowing' too much. Okay, if you sweat like a hooker in church or at a political rally - stop over powdering your face. BLOT it away. Retinol cream for your body...this is still a work in progress but I am seeing progress. I think. I found a fairly cheap (under 10$) jar of retinol cream online. I have been using it on my crepy old lady skin spots - knees and elbow and upper inner arms if you must know!! Maybe I am delusional but I think it is actually making a difference. If retinol is such a miracle worker for our faces why wouldn't it work on our bodies? Will post name of it in a week or two - need to make sure it is really working. But don't you love the idea? As for cellulite? I am still going with tan it.Nothing seems to get rid of it. Even weight loss. Which might even be worse for it. Bummer. Still will go with skinny if I can.That and staying horizontal as much a possible. Gravity is not our friend. We all look better laying around versus standing up. So check out the Ducks, Christine and anything on the USA channel - fantastic tv happening there!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Soda in the City

I love New York...everything about it. The energy, the people - who have always been beyond friendly to me and mine - the restaurants, the plays, the sex....sorry - I really did LOVE that show. Movies, not so much. Not as much as the show. Not sure if you are all up on current events but thanks to the Dallas Morning News, WSJ, US, People, Facebook and the Wendy Show - girlfriend knows. All. This past week Mayor Bloomberg has been very busy trying to convince the good people of NY that they are all obese and that they are, because they are all guzzling Ginormous, over sized, calorie laden sodas. So instead of just saying,"Hey, yous guys - YEA, you overweight fat slobs! STOP KILLING YOURSELVES AND YOUR GINORMOUS OVER SIZED KIDS with liquid crap! Drink some WADDER!" Oh, no - he wants the Government to step in and PASS A LAW that makes it illegal to DRINK LARGE SODAS!!! I swear - I've had a glass or four - but I am not MAKING THIS SHIT UP!! Read it in the paper folks. Can you even begin to imagine what would happen in the Great State of Texas if our elected officials tried to pass a law against BIG Sodas??? Austin would succeed from the union. No Doubt.

Now, I know some of you that know me well, are shocked and surprised that I am getting all political. I was raised Southern Methodist/Presbyterian. We don't shout, clap or God forbid DANCE in church. We do drink, cuss and dance to African American music with wild abandon outside of church. We never ever discuss Politics. There is a reason why there are curtains around our polling booths. It should be nobody's business who we vote for. I even removed ALL of our land line phones from  their plugs. Just because I could not stand the CONSTANT ringing of all the candidates that wanted to poll me and discuss who I was thinking about voting for in any upcoming election. Here was my standard answer - "For the ASSHOLE not interrupting my dinner ASSHOLE!". And still, the phone kept ringing. These are not always the sharpest tools in the shed. Just tools.

Anyhoooo....I'm pretty sure taking away the right to drink Big SODAS would be right up there with taking away Big Guns. Which is not going to fly in Texas and I really hope those obese New Yorkers are going to agree. Cause girlfriend is no political dumb blonde. If someone wants to outlaw oversized Sodas...DO YOU NOT SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING PEOPLE??? WAKE UP!!! STAND UP AND DEFEND THE FATTIES!! They should be able to drink all the oversized sodas they want. Then go on a diet if lugging around excess amounts of weight bothers them. Just think about it's oversized sodas tomorrow it is oversized BOTTLES OF WINE!!! HELLO!!! This is how is how it starts people.

We need to look out for each other and stick together - Big Sodas and Wine Bottles unite. And here is my solution Mayor Bloomberg. You need to chill, take a sip and sit down and watch Dr. OZ. I know you are very busy - trying to pass laws, calling people and interrupting their dinners to talk them into voting for you, but all you need to do is put your feet up, grab a bag of BAKED ALL NATURAL WHITE CHEESE PUFFS (should be their own food group called yum) and a soda/wine of your choice and listen to the WIZARD...He knows all the answers to weight loss. Here are a few he recommends, and I and more than a few friends, know that they work!! REALLY WORK....EVEN IF YOU EAT AND DRINK ALL THE BIG ASS SODAS/WINE BOTTLES YOU WANT. How cool is that?? 1. Raspberry Ketones - don't trust me Google it. 2. Green Coffee Bean Extract - just Google it. 3. 7-Keto DHEA - Google 4. Biotin - for hair and nails - just run to Sam's and buy the Natrol Biotin extra strength - WORKS!! No I did not misspell(did not know that word had two ss and ll's...I am not smarter than a Fifth Grader - DAMN IT!) Natrol. That is a brand name. What the F were they thinking? Product works and is cheap, got to love that. 5. And a whole bunch more - just go to The Wizard....or Dr. Oz's website and all the stuff he talks about I'm taking about half and yes, it is working.

 Here is my next great idea. If all the over the counter skin care creams are working for my face - What can I be slathering on the rest of my body? Cause shit is happening from the chin down and it needs to stop.....YESTERDAY. Unfortunately, when I finally got the message in my mid Thirties that I was going to regret all the sun damage I'd been doing to my face - someone forgot to remind me that I'd be really sad when my neck, chest, arms and legs began to age. It is awfully hard to rock a freakin turtleneck, long sleeves and long pants in frickin 110 degree heat. I've been hinting that maybe we SHOULD bring pantyhose back - if we could think of a name that doesn't have the word panty in it. How bout - Miracle Legs - as in, your saggy, flabby, lumpy legs will look better if you wear our Miracle Legs??? Don't laugh - that Spanx bitch has made a boatload of money and who ever would have thought the whole world - Men included, MANX for God's sake - would be squeezing and contorting their rolls of fat into very expensive, unattractive, uncomfortable BEIGE PANTYHOSE!!! FOR YOUR FREAKIN BODY!! See - SHE JUST CHANGED THE NAME FROM PANTY HOSE TO SPANX!!! Guess she is smarter than a freakin Fifth Grader. Bet she loves Big Sodas and Big Wine Bottles cause the more FATTIES the more PANTYHOSE/SPANX...DANG it...I new it was the word panty that was the problem...not Big Sodas or Big Wine Bottles!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Almost Summer

Two more days and my baby will officially be a Senior in High School!! Wow, time really does fly. And in two more days it will officially be summer at our house. This is where the time thing can get interesting. Will it fly or drag by in an unending blur of what's to eat?? Do??? You know what I mean. I've said before the only way to survive teenagers is to just let them sleep. Nyquil works too. Honestly, when they are sleeping you can almost pretend they are sweet little babies again. Except you don't have to nurse them or change their diapers. And if you are still nursing them - then you are a FREAK and need serious help. Now you know how I feel about the woman on the cover of Time magazine. Back to sleeping teenagers. I have had friends to complain about all they do is sleep. How they HAVE to WAKE them up or they'd sleep til noon. Really?? I say be really freaking quiet and if you are lucky they will snooze thru breakfast and lunch!! Two less meals to make and clean up!! Score. Of course, you have to make a really big dinner to fill them up, but once in the kitchen works for me. An order of Dominoes for appetizer course followed by a pasta dish and brownies and everyone is fat and happy. And speaking of Dominoes - make sure your teen has a job!! Mine is slinging pizzas at Dominoes and it is awesome. Teens and down/awake time is a scary thing. I prefer mine in uniform saying, "Thanks for calling Dominoes. How can I help you?" Sure beats - I'm so bored whats for lunch? Or God forbid, " I'm thirsty can I nurse?".....let'em sleep and get a job I say!! Summer time to me is all about the pool and sitting outside with a great book while something really delicious is cooking on the grill. Add some veggies roasting in the oven and a really good, crisp, cold white wine and I am a happy girl. And a good book. Right now I am pretending it is almost summer. I had everything ready to grill and roast when Wonderman came home from work with an entire pan of something wonderful left over from an in office lunch. Talk about timing. You have never seen anyone throw stuff back in the fridge as fast as I did. I didn't even mind I'd spent and entire morning on Pinterest copying my fav recipes from my board - More Junk for my Trunk/recipes - That trip to the grocery store was not a waste and now I have a fab dinner tonight and something all ready for tomorrow night. Score. Back to books and wine. Book is hilarious - Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson. She has been one of my favorite bloggers since I started doing this. Both of us blogged on a site called pnn.something or other...not sure it is still there. But, she was a big freaking deal on that. FAMOUS. Crazy, stupid, SHE DID NOT SAY THAT OUT LOUD funny. Could not get enough of her or her balls to walls sense of humor. She even helped me fly my own freak flag in the beginning of my blog. Sadly, I've calmed my freak flag just alittle lately. You have to be brave to let the f bombs drop freely. My kids have started reading and that reigns me in just a little bit. It was easier for me back when I was still doing this anonymously, Which is why my hubs is called Wonderman, and he is. My kids are babygirl and boychild. Now that some of my nearest and dearest are actually reading this, I haved tamed my inner fbomb. Reading Jenny Larson makes me miss that inner voice inside my head that is usually screaming it at all the freakin idiot drivers I am forced to deal with. Just cause they like to drive their cars too. In my way. Back to Jenny's book. It is freakingly FUCKING funny. Her fault, her fault. She is fearless and funny and if 1/4 of the crap she is making me spew good wine out of my nose is true. Then DANG. Buy this girl's book. Pour yourself a cold, crisp glass of wine and fight off the freaking nats and enjoy the start of almost summer time. And speaking of wine and nats...don't get me started. I'm thinking either a wine spoon to scoop them out is needed or maybe an adult sippy cup made out of glass so we can sip our wine all classy like without any freaking nats!! So here's to summer! Let your teens sleep - their growing brains need it/whole lot less for you to deal with, grab a good book, throw stuff on the grill or back in the fridge and pour your wine in an adult sippy cup!!! Enjoy.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

You Need This

If you hate the time it takes to dry your hair you are going to love this new brush by Goody - me. Stop reading right now and run to Target (where I got mine) or any drugstore that sells Goody products. GO!! This brush will change your life. And it only costs 11.99...I predict they will become hard to find and will be selling on EBay for $100's. No joke - it really does cut the drying time by more than half. And I was able to get my crazy curly hair straight too. I have only seen the paddle brush in magazine ads and stores. I have been using a round brush and it took me a minute to get the hang of the paddle brush. This one has micro fibers between the bristles and it feels very gentle on your hair. I just got mine after LB told me she had it and loved it...I've used it once and wish I had actually timed my blowout. I think it only took about 12 minutes. It usually takes about 30-45 minutes. Yes, people. I call it my arm workout and I am exhausted by the time it is done. Has a lot to do with why I only blow it out about 2 times a week. The bad news is now I'll need to drag myself to the gym more often for arm work. Still loving the brush. I even took it with me when I went to get my hair cut yesterday and my hair guru was amazed by it and was getting hers after work. I continue to hear that everyone is loving the Garnier BB face cream. It really does make your skin look amazing. I also love this new powder by Physicians Formula. I know that when we reach a certain age we are told not to use powder. I try to keep it light and only on tzone. Except for this new goes all over and it is awesome. It is Youthful Wear - Translucent Illuminating Finish. It is sheer and light and just makes you glow. Make sure it is the Illuminating finish. I've also decided to join the fake and bake crowd. I know I have made fun of all the umpaloompas on TV. I am trying to avoid the orange orangutan look. My boychild is having way too much fun calling me Snookie now. I've done three spray tans and all but the last one turned out great. Let's just say bronzed palms and foot soles were not the look I was going for. The barrier cream they provide did not work and someone didn't clean out the floor of machine from previous customer. EWWW. Yes, I will stand on flip flops next time I go. I also went to my friend TM the Self Tanning Queen and she recommended her fav tanning product to use at home...Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Bronzing Self Tanning Lotion. I'm really liking it and the price - $15.00. Babygirl and I had been using one from Nordstroms called Xtan and let's just say it is MORE than $15 bucks. Both work, I just have always hated the smell. Decided I could live with the smell for a few hours over the sight of my legs without color. I just wish I was talented enough with the tanner to create muscle tone and smooth tight skin. Bet that would be a best seller and more than $15. Even though I hate them I still think we should bring back panty hose. First let's change that name. That would help. I heard Leggs Eggs were coming back,all thanks to Princess Katherine who wears hose on occasion. I'm seriously thinking about investing in some Wolford sheer leggings myself. That sounds so much better. Til then I'll be tanning and smelling :) So I guess it is time for Snookie to shut up and go hit the me - go get the brush pronto!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hat & Heel Heaven

The Hubs and I are just recovering from our recent visit to Hat & Heel Heaven. Some of you might know it as the Kentucky Derby. I heard there were some horses and betting involved. Wonderman/Hubs knows more about the betting. I was too busy slobbering over all the amazing hats and heels and dresses and people. Yes, I watched the horses and those tiny little people on their backs run around the track. Couldn't help it - we had amazing box seats on the grass - eye level with the thunder of those beasts and riders all decked out in a rainbow of colors. While the horses were resting, we could turn the other way and watch the sea of humanity in the famous infield. Our box was right on top of the tunnel that everyone entering the infield suites and well the field had to go through. I never got tired of watching the hats, the people and the people staggering around. That would be the fault of too many mint juleps. Lucky for me these are an acquired taste. I never acquired a taste for bourbon. I prefer my mint with chocolate. Add some chocolate to the julep and I'd be staggering with the rest of them. Back to the hats. I spend about 4 days out of 7 wearing a baseball hat due to tennis or walking or just being too lazy to dry my hair. Washing is easy, it's the drying that takes forever and a lot of arm muscle. I am also fond of wearing hats at the pool. I have more than one straw hat for that. I have even managed to limit myself to one really cute cowboy hat. I do live in Texas after all. The count is slightly higher on cowboy boots. Oddly enough at the Derby boots are not so much in demand. I was told by my Derby experts that heels would be required at all events. Now I have heels. Love my heels. Wonderman really loves my heels. My heels just don't always love me. Or my feet. Most of my heels only leave my closet to go to dinner. Dinner that involves a fancy place with valet parking. So yes, the thought of wearing heels to events that involved actually walking great distances and standing in them for hours had me slightly freaked out. But, I was determined to suck it up and walk proud with my sisters. No one ever said beauty didn't have a price. Back to the hats - It is all about the hats at Hat Heaven. Cisco set us up with Hats by Dee. They have been making hats in Louisville forever. They were so easy to work with online and over the phone. Did I mention I LOVE hats??? I was in Hat Heaven all day. Could not stop admiring all the hats around me or even pick out one to be my favorite. Just too many to admire and choose from. I even managed to wear my heels without too much agony. Lucky for me our amazing event crew - Back 9 Promotions - did an excellent job for us/Cisco and our guests. This was not their first time at this dog and pony show. They provided flip flops for all the girls and our barking dogs. After a couple of hours, all but a few of us were proudly strutting back to the motor coach - fancy for bus - carrying our fabulous shoes, while enjoying the comfort of our flip flops. I'm not saying I didn't leave the weekend without a few blisters. I did. I also met some really amazing new people and got to know some friends even better. We were also thrilled to meet Bob Evans, Chairman and CEO of Churchill Downs. Through him we were so honored to meet Dakota Meyer, Marine Medal of Honor Recipient. As for the horses - they were beautiful and fierce. The Derby is truly a bucket list event. We were so blessed to be there. My heels are back in the closet and my hats arrived home today by UPS and with a little help from my new friend Jan. I am fighting the urge to wear them while running errands. I guess I really should just go with the baseball cap for that. Still. Hat & Heel withdrawal isn't easy. Till next the mean time - here is a drink that I do like...Let's call it the Skinny GirlyGirl Beerita : one can of Bacardi's frozen margarita mix, 4- 6 lite beers & one packet of crystal lite drink mix, tequila to your tasting - mix and pour!! Cheers to beeritas, hats & heels!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

Or 50 Shades of Red if someone catches you reading this book. Which is probably why most of the Kajillion women in the world are reading it on Kindles, Ipads, Iphones or other devices. I've been reading my naughty books on my iphone for awhile. Kind of miss those covers though.

I was so surprised that I almost missed the Grey Party...thanks to SJ and NH recreating THE SCENE from When Sally Had an Orgasm the other day at lunch just talking about this book. Hilarious - trust me they like this book A LOT. Being the know it all that I am they were so excited to share something with me that I had not heard about. Within two days every paper and magazine had a story on this book phenom. It was the cover of Entertainment Weekly and top of book lists covered by Wall Street Journal. Movie deal is already signed.

Story is the author was just kind of blogging a takeoff story on the Twilight series. Kind of Bella and Edward for grownups. With major kinky hangups. Not gonna spoil any plot or story lines. Actually not a lot of that yet. Just lots and lots of kinky sex. Easy to see how this book gets everyone off. Pun intended. Most of us are too busy and too tired to actually have sex. When we do I'm just guessing it is probably a little vanilla. Nothing wrong with vanilla. This book puts sex out there in the Ben & Jerry category. Lots of sex beyond vanilla. It is no secret that I am a big fan of what I call my Happy Books and my hubs calls our Foreplay Books. Hey, everyone is happy. And I was so happy to see my friends going on and on and on about a book. Especially the one that "doesn't read" books. They are even rereading this book.:)

I'm on book two out of the three. I'll admit book one lived up to my standards of "happy" book material. Not loving the main characters though due to character issues. He's a control freak and she is a major whiner. Lack of plot not a problem cause the sex was hot. By book two the shock of kinky sex was wearing off and even their sex was starting to sound vanilla. And she was stressing and whining cause he was too rich and fabulous. And he was so busy telling her when to sit, eat, wear a coat...seriously. What happened to the whips and chains??? Not to rain on anyone's parade but, I need a plot and characters I can relate to. Right now I'm more interested in the body guard. What's his story??

So if you are enjoying 50 Shades of Grey or if not and ya want to read some books that will keep you up at night and not just reading :))) try some of my favorites. Just type in books in that handy little search box in the upper left corner of my blog. It will take you to previous posts. Check out the Vampireholic Post...several series of books are listed. Check one out. Dare ya.

Stuff, Stuff, and More Stuff!!

I've been busy blogging in my head...just not here where you can read it. Just like I've been really busy in my pretend Pinterest world. I am so busy collecting amazing recipes that I am too busy to actually cook them. I am also in love with every single thing in my Dream Closet Board. I have so many amazing outfits to choose from I can't decide and therefore never leave my house...don't get me started on my Dream House and Fantasy Backyard Boards. Not to mention all the ridiculously awesome craft projects I've posted - I mean PINNED - to my I Can Do This Board....When I really have time to spare you will find me laughing at all the cute and funny things I pin on my Just Giggles board. I am not sure where the time in my day goes...I barely have enough time left to squeeze in Face Book, emails and Words With Frienemies. So I do apologize for not finding the time to share the Good Stuff here.

So Let's get to the sharing!! I've got lots of stuff to share just nothing to give away - even Oprah had to stop with all that. How is she anyway? Never have found that Oxygen or O channel. Speaking of channels - we switched to AT&T Universe and I have to tell you I LOVE it!!! All my fav shows and I can watch them anywhere in my house. I am so excited about that. Even better we kept our tv signal yesterday when tornadoes tried to blow us all in Dallas away...

Back to the stuff - in no particular order:

BB Creams - newest face stuff hitting the shelves here. Been a big seller in Asia for awhile. All the big lines are coming out with one. I've been using Garnier's Skin Renew BB Cream. BB stands for beauty balm. Think tinted moisturizer with extra benefits like sunscreen and line and pore minimizing properties.

Neutrogena Clear Face Sunblock SPF 55...I really like this because I can wear it under BB or base and it gives extra protection on days I am out in sun having fun. For body sunblock my new fave is Ocean Potion SPF 30 anti- aging. It smells amazing and gives your skin a little glow. Thanks LV for sharing this with me :))

For days you are having a breakout I ordered this next find online- LaRoche-Posay Effaclar Duo - dual action acne treatment. Worth the trouble and shipping - it works. Even better than several prescription lotions. I'd been having a little side effect to all the wonderful benefits of being on hormones. They do make you look and feel younger. They also can trigger acne. This product has really helped keep that under control. I do hate talking about zits cause the minute I do - BAM - big honkin zit.

New favorite mascara - Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume...not crazy about 3D movies but this mascara is great. It thickens without looking like Tammy Faye Baker (RIP) and it doesn't flake off during the heat. It also washes off without removing your eyelashes. Each and every one of those is precious. Especially if you are growing them with Latisse. I have several friends using the knock off versions and they are very happy with the results.

Hoof Alive has saved my fingernails...due to thyroid problems my nails were a wreck. Constant peeling was driving me crazy. It was impossible to keep my favorite nail colors on so I just had to give up and go bare. Found this at Mikes Health Food Store (Love Love Love)...I'm sure it has an interesting story involving horses but all I cared about was my nails. Finally! The splitting has stopped. This stuff works and smells amazing. I keep little jars everywhere and just rub it on and my nails and cuticles look the best ever.

My other life changing find at Mike's came from Dr. Oz and Mike is having a hard time keeping it stocked. Raspberry Ketones. Just google it. Bottom line - I am down 6 lbs. and that includes Spring Break week - about half of that without changing my diet. Even when I over eat & drink it doesn't show up on the scale. Loving that.

More Magazine...In case you are thinking I'm an obnoxious know it all - I'm not. I just love reading More Magazine. And I love sharing things I love with you. April was full of great ideas and I was so excited to see some of my fav things mentioned. Great tips for women of all ages. My favorite eye pencil Urban Decay 24/7 gunmetal was mentioned in Tips in Your 50's. I also use an illuminator under my eyes most days instead of concealor. It doesn't cake up in fine lines. On days when bags are really bad, I do use a concealor but just on bottom of eye socket/top of cheek bone. This works better than too close to the eye. My cream blush is by Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick in Black Honey. A lot of companies are coming out with glosses with staying power...I love gloss and Rimmel has one called Stay Glossy that is glossy without being sticky and no icky smell. Not big on smelly glosses. Not sure it lasts all 6 hours just cause I tend to reapply out of habit.

And that's all I have for today. Time to go to my real closet and move the mounds of clothes around. No wonder I'd rather stay in my Pinterest Dream Closet.

Friday, March 2, 2012

I''m not the Fat Elvis...

I am so glad I did not lead with this....Bon Jovi did...Google it. We all know Elvis had problems and he got fat and died. I've already talked about Saint Whitney, and no she didnt get fat, she just died. Not my fault, dont' shoot me. I did however, call out Rush Limbaugh on my FB... and that did generate just a little bit of chatter..whatev. I still stand by he is a total idiot. NO filter - He is just out for the big buck and please dear GOD let somebody still be listening so I have a radio job. Yes, you do. As long as sponsors pay. Heard you lost of few and so not sorry to hear that. Calling a college student a slut and whore because she wants her insurance company to pay part of her health care costs for birth control... A SLUT AND PROSTITUTE...really, did ya throw some stones too?? The man addicted to pain meds?? Really...a college student WORKING and wanting her insurance company to help cover the cost of birth control? Did anyone notice the word "working", NOT a free handout. Just so glad you didn't say that about my daughter. I am more than happy to make sure this is not a problem. Because I can. I just wish every girl/woman could. If you want to stop abortions then step up and help cover the costs of birth control. Or step up and adopt, pay for and send every unplanned child to college. Go right ahead. Put your money - for being a shock jockey - where your mouth is. PAY UP. Cause if birth control isn't covered...somebody is paying for it. Long term or short term. Babies are a gift from God but, they should be wanted, planned for and provided for.Period.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Drugs Don't Care

Been a busy week...everyone is obsessed with the latest media shocker. Still. Tried really hard to keep my mouth shut on this one. This is supposed to be about the Good Stuff. Sometimes stuff happens. Bad stuff happens to good people and we have no answers. Good, sweet boys sign up and defend our country and pay with their lives. EVERYDAY. Good boys. Our boys and GIRLS. They choose to do the right thing and sign up and go to war so we can all live our lives. Maybe if they are lucky they will get to ride in a parade. Usually after they are severely injured. And only if they are special. Sometimes we even join together and build them a home and that is great. Rarely, though do we fly flags at half mast in THEIR honor. Too many boys and girls, too many flags. Heard the flags in New Jersey flew at half mast this week...not for a fallen soldier though. Rumor has it flags flew at half mast to honor someone that was born with a God given TALENT. Someone really special. She had an entire Baptist Church Congregation and loving family supporting her. AND apparently - the whole frickin world. AND that was not enough. She didn't go to war. She didn't risk her life for others. She risked her life to get high. She wasted her amazing voice - her gift from God - over and over for drugs. Tragedy? Yes. Big surprise? I don't think so. Flags at HALF MAST? I don't think so. Gave her life? No, she wasted her life. Did heaven get another angel to sing in the choir? No. Heaven got another drug addict to sing in the choir. Sad? Most definitely. Save the flags for our children that go to war. Drugs don't care.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New in the Diet World

I've already confessed to being newly addicted to Pinterest and you can follow me there too - for some reason my little attempt to add a link is not working. Shocker. Really hate being computer illiterate. Need to do something about that. Anyway, back to New Diet News. I just came out of my Pinterest Coma and realized that not only had hours gone by, darkness fallen, dogs done God know what only God knows where...I had actually missed lunch and dinner and OMG HAPPY HOUR!!! All thanks to being on Pinterest and okay, trying to figure out how to PIN stuff to Pinterest which is different from just repinning all the cool stuff someone else pins first. I got cool stuff and ideas...just can't figure out how to make that pin it button work. That is how hours went by after I spent hours repinning all kinds of fun stuff.

So, here I sit, full of great ideas for all kinds of stuff to make my life richer and fuller and prettier. But, kinda hungry and definitely thirsty. Not to worry, thirst is being quenched. Mama got her priorities right. Hubs is playing tennis and Boy Child is slingin Pizzas for Dominoes. Hear the quiet??? Ahhh....

Back to new diet idea!!! The Pinterest Diet. Very simple really. Only one rule - NO EATING FOOD WHILE IN A PINTEREST COMA...which is the time that disappears when you take just a minute, you don't really have, to just check out one little thing on Pinterest. Right....three hours later - Pinterest Coma!! I figure if you are not eating while you are on Pinterest well, that is hours of your day you would normally be stuffing your face. So you can read and see great recipe ideas while you are on Pinterest - you just can't be eating any of them at the same time. Now...this might not seem fair but if it happens to be HAPPY HOUR somewhere then I think wine is allowed. Is this an awesome diet or what?? And every hour is happier with wine, don't ya think? Well, it's my diet and I do!! Now give me some push ups or jumping jacks or anything to make it look official. All the good diets include exercise tips. Here's mine. If you are drinking white wine, pour smaller glasses. Not only will it stay cold and crisp longer you will get exercise walking back and forth to fridge - make that lunging your way back to fridge. Do a couple of squats putting bottle back in fridge. If you prefer red wine follow same steps to counter and add squats there.

Also check out my two new additions to the blog - the search box - I am sooo excited about this!! You can check out things I've blogged about that you may have missed or can't remember ...for instance - type in liquid diet in the search box and you should find all the details for that very successful diet blogged about earlier. Or if you are worried about Wine Flu, which seems to be in season year can actually Google - Latest Flu Alert and you can read all about it there...Also, if you want to receive my blog to your email you can sign up for that on the email box...How cool is all that? And since I are computer stupid you can go to the blog's facebook page for pics, as I blog and want to share proof in picture form, as needed. Find it at thegoodstuffrocks on FB.

In closing, remember to love your body - God made us all and loves us all - wobbly bits an responsibly...

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I was all set to blog about aging and women and Demi's trainwreck....I even tried to leave Demi out of it. Turning 50 is enough to send most of us into a tailspin...I can't imagine the problems of living in the eye of the media in Hollywood. Of course, I am fascinated by it and read all the latest and watch the tabloid shows. I am not throwing stones. I feed that machine. And, I go to the movies, watch the tv shows and in my own small way support their livelihood. That does not give me the right to judge or think I know what they are really going through. So I stored my earlier blog.

After a nice dinner out with my hubbs I came home and discovered on my Yahoo news feed that someone was messing with Ellen. Shit is about to hit the fan. Not that she needs my support - she is going to get it anyway. LEAVE ELLEN ALONE!! If you happen to be a homophobic freak hiding behind the Bible and Family values - think again. You are nothing but a bully. Calling yourselves 100 million MOMS is first of all an insult to the rest of us moms. Most of us are trying to raise children that are kind and accepting of others. Not slushy throwing brats afraid of anyone that happens to be different. Different is not a disease. I like boys - Ellen likes girls - we are both wonderful people - what is your problem with that? Life would be so simple if everyone could just agree on that. Right? Old, fat, gay, young, skinny, smart, funny....we are all just people. God made and loves us all. AMEN. Can we just leave it at that? If Jesus loved the sinners and the lepers - what part of being a "Christian" are you missing? Seriously, YOU are trying to get JC Penney to fire Ellen? Because she loves someone? Wow. It is really that simple. She loves someone that happens to be another woman. Why does that threaten you? She does her best everyday to make us smile. She is funny and smart and she helps so many people everyday, not because she is famous and can. But, because she wants to. I am angry for her that you chose to attack her, but I am more sorry for you, that you believe you should. As a mom, I will pray for you tonight. Because I believe MY GOD made us all. I believe he loves me, Ellen & you. I believe he wants us all to love one another. I respect Ellen and all the things she stands for. She brings so much good into the world. I will become a first time shopper at JCP because of her. And I will pray for you and your children. That you might learn to love those that are different and wonderful in their own way.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun Faux Finishes

In the spirit of why I started this blog - to share some good stuff - I have to share something that may not be in my blog's best interest. Pinterest. If you have not discovered it yet it is time to join the party. Loads of fun for everyone and every interest. It is also so addictive you will probably never return to this blog again. You will also find entire days and nights spent sitting in front of your laptop while chaos, famine and mountains of laundry grow all around you. I apologize to members of your immediate family that will soon become victims of this latest time suck on your attention and ability to care about them and their needs. They thought Words With Friends was bad....nothing and I mean nothing compares to Pinterest. I think I'll get ahead of the curve and start a treatment center for Pinfiends to come to for rest and recovery. I think we are going to need alot of these. So check it out with the warning that it is a gateway to lots of lost time well spent...

I have become obsessed with decorating my house...I blame it on Pinterest and Donna Decorates Dallas on HGTV...check your listings and set your tv to record this wonderful show. She and her daughters do amazing decorating transformations in real homes in the Dallas area every show. So much fun and no matter what your personal style is - you will learn something that will work for your home. My new fav thing to do now is pause the tv and take a pic so I can remember something she has done or an idea I want to try. If I ever win the lottery I know who is coming to my house!! I made a trip to her store during Christmas break and was thrilled to meet her daughter Ashley who runs the store and helps with the decorating end too. She was AMAZING and excited to start working on season 2. I can't wait!!

I finally did a faux finish in my dining room this weekend and was thrilled with the results. I used Annie Sloan Soft Wax, paintable wallpaper and a little oil rubbed bronze metallic paint. I'll be posting pics to my NEW facebook page for the blog - I KNOW! Fancy!! I got this fab idea from my friend Madonna who also started a really fun blog for old people. I haven't read it yet cause I'm not old. Heard it was really funny though. It's called -anyway, she has a fb page for it so of course I had to have one too! I am also excited cause I can upload pics to fb but not sure how to do it here. Sad but true. I'll post pics there and plug my blog at the same time :)) And yes, I've read her blog cause I'm OLDENOUGHTOKNOWBETTER and YOUNGENOUGHTODOITANYWAY. So check my page out on fb - - just give me a day or two to work out a few kinks.

Here are some of my fav products that I have been using to faux finish my face :)
1. Cannot tell you how important moisturizers are to older, soon to be older and never wants to get older skin. I've got so many people hooked on Pond's Dry Skin Cream. Wonderman loves it and his rosacea has never looked better. I also love Olay Regenerest UV Cream SPF 30 for daytime. And I finally got hooked on my little brush cleaner by Olay. I have friends that love the Clarisonic one but I can't make myself spend the extra for that one. Olay's really has made a difference.

2. Thanks to a sample gift from Sephora I am crazy about Laura Mercier products now. LOVE THESE - tinted moisturizer spf20 Illuminating in bare radiance. I just mix a dot with my Revlon Age Dyfing creme makeup and you get a soft glow without too much shine or glitter. And we ALL need a little glow. I also love her eye base product in Wheat. It really keeps my shadow on all day. And her mascara is fantastic. Sorry Stiletto - you are still the best priced mascara!! And my new fav lipstick ever is Brown Sugar. Perfect for everyone.

3. Maybelline has a new eyebrow pencil out and it is fantastic. It is called Master Shape and I love the dark brown. Remember they frame your eyes and make such a difference. As we age we lose them and they also fade in color. Give them a little faux finish and erase years from your face.

4. And the best faux finish for your face is your smile. Keep one on and you will look 10 years younger. As long as you are not smiling with a mouth of dull dingy teeth. EEEWWW. Crest makes great whitestrips that really get the job done. My fav way now though is their AMAZING toothpaste. I haven't needed the strips in months. Crest Complete with extra white & Scope Outlast is the best toothpaste and whitener ever.

So go discover the world of Pinterest if ya haven't already, check out OLDENOUGHTOKNOWBETTER, on fb, Donna on HGTV and keep coming back here for more Good Stuff.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Girls Gone Wild

Have you been watching TV lately??? Is it just me - or have you noticed that we the female population seem to be spiralling out of control. And it seems to start fairly early...We have the Toddlers in Tiaras, Pregnant Teenagers, Those I'm 16 and deserve the World Party Brats, Bridezillas, All of the Housewives, Bachelor's choice contestants and don't forget the Moms of the those Toddlers or any female with the last name Kardashian(or as I like to call them KarCASHin)...Joe Francis must be in shock - these women make his original Girls Gone Wild seem boring and tame. I think he is in jail anyway.

I was glued to my TV last night for the start of the latest Bachelor season of train wreck/guilty pleasure TV. I understand that Fairy Tale TV Love has a 99.9% failure rate. What I don't understand is first of all - Where do these women come from? What is their real life like when they get booted off this show after they have shown their CRAZY to God and everybody!! Are the nutjobs truly this crazy or are they "acting"? And if they are just playing crazy what is the end game of that? When and why would any girl want to be the crazy crying bathroom chick? AND she is a BLOGGER!! Fantastic. Of course, we all knew something was a little off from the get go with this chick. Carrie Bradshaw copy cat? I'm sure by the end of the season we will find out that she thinks she IS Carrie Bradshaw.

I'm not sure how many seasons of these shows I've watched but I'm just waiting for the Celebrity Bachelor Show...We've got celebrities dancing, working with the Donald, swapping spouses, in rehab and starring in their own this is my life shows. Why not Celebrity Bachelor?? Bachelorette? Every week we'd get to watch Jake, Ryan, Ryan, Bradley or Derek date crazy women looking for love. Kind of like a tv version of reading the tabloids. Can you imagine the line of people trying out for a chance to find true love with Jennifer( neither have a ring on it)Chelsea, ScarJo, Cameron or the previously mentioned boys?? I'd even be okay with just Celebrities Dating Celebrities...lots of them are single and worried about where have all the Good Parts gone...

I think the reality is people are crazy. Some are crazy enough to get on TV and share that with God and everybody. Some are crazy just to sit home glued to their tv watching and wondering why people are so crazy. Which one are you? Got to go watch my shows....

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Soup Day from the Christmas House...

Happy New Year...some of us have reached the age where the years are flying by so fast it really will be Christmas again before we know it. I had a big case of that this Christmas. By the time I wrapped my mind around the fact that it was here again it was gone. So yes, I'm ringing in a new year and squeezing a few last days out of Christmas inside my house. I know most can't wait to get it all down and put away. I'm never in a hurry to do that until the morning I start. I'm still trying to figure out a way to just keep it all up all year. So far there are a few snags in my plan. Like Halloween. I go all crazy on the decorations for that too. I'm thinking I need a couple of houses. One could be the Christmas House. We will live there from November 25th. til January 2. Then we will move to the Not Christmas/Halloween House and stay there until October 1st when we will move to the Scary House. We can just stay put til time to move to Christmas House. Wonderman is beyond thrilled with my plan. I don't really see the problem with it beyond the fact that it will take gobs of money.

Today is New Years Day and I always look forward to a day of just hanging out and reflecting on the year gone by and the exciting one ahead. And soup. So happy we had a week of beautiful weather with a little cold snap overnight. Soup is just a little bit better when it is chilly outside. I know we are all supposed to be thinking about working out and hitting the gym to work off all the Christmas goodies we've been enjoying but you have to have your greens and peas today for luck and wealth. I like to make ours into a soup. It's fairly healthy - just a little bacon juice to add flavor...I thought I'd write it down and pass it on before I forget what I did. Kind of like my tequila soup - promised that recipe a few blogs back. Been so long not sure what I threw into the pot (blaming it on the tequila) cause that is usually how I make soup. Just dump whatever is available into chicken stock/broth and it is usually delicious. I also made a really great beef stew last week from a Rachel Ray recipe and I'll pass it on too. Might as well post several favorites - we are all going to become gym rats soon so lets feast and store some energy for these future workouts.

New Year's Day Health & Wealth Soup
5 slices of bacon
andouille sausage
1 bag of frozen turnip greens or mustard greens - for wealth in the new year
1 bag of frozen black eyed peas - for luck, good fortune and health in new year
1 carton of vegetable stock
1 carton of chicken stock
1 can of Rotel
salt, pepper, garlic, cumin to taste

Brown bacon in soup pot. Remove bacon and all but about 1-2 tablespoons of drippings. Eat bacon. Chop up andouille sausage and add to drippings - brown on ends. Add all remaining ingredients and bring to a boil for about 3-5 minutes. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 20-30 minutes. Enjoy :) tastes better if all items are purchased in advance. That way you can wake up - put the soup on - and enjoy in your jammies while watching football/chick flicks. Remember to share with any friends that stop by.

Here is the Beef Stew Recipe - Thanks Rachel Ray!!

2 bulbs garlic

EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for drizzling

Salt and pepper

1/4 to 1/3 pound bacon (not too smoky in flavor), cut into lardons (fat matchsticks)

1 stick butter, divided

2 1/2 to 3 pounds beef chuck, cut into 2-inch cubes

Flour, for dredging plus 2 tablespoons

3 carrots, sliced in 2-inch chunks on an angle

2 apples, such as Honeycrisp, peeled and chopped

2 to 3 ribs celery, chopped

1 large onion, chopped

2 fresh bay leaves

2 to 2 1/2 cups cloudy organic apple cider

2 cans beef consommé

Herb bouquet, a few sprigs each of thyme, parsley and sage tied together with kitchen string

2 1/2 pounds (about 5 potatoes) russet potatoes, peeled and cubed

2 to 3 large parsnips, peeled and cubed

1 1/2 cups sharp white cheddar, shredded

1 cup whole milk

Freshly grated nutmeg

1/4 cup chives, finely chopped


Preheat oven to 400°F. Cut ends of garlic bulbs to expose cloves. Drizzle with EVOO, season with salt and pepper, wrap in foil and roast to tender, 40-45 minutes. Remove garlic and reduce heat to 350°F. This part does take preplanning but it is so good!! Roasted garlic is much sweeter and you can use this in other recipes. It is also fantastic smeared on bread with olive oil...

Heat a large Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add a drizzle of EVOO and bacon. Brown and crisp bacon then remove and reserve. Pour off some of the fat out of the pan and add a couple of tablespoons butter. OMG - bacon juice and BUTTER!!

Pat meat dry and season liberally with salt and pepper. Dredge in flour and add to hot pot in batches. Cook to crispy and deep brown. Add more butter as needed, 2 tablespoons at a time. Reserve browned meat with the bacon.

Add carrot, apple, celery, onion, bay, salt and pepper to the pot and partially cover. Cook to soften vegetables for a few minutes then sprinkle with 2 tablespoons flour. Stir a minute then add cider, consommé, the roasted garlic cloves and stir to combine. Add reserved beef, bacon and herb bouquet to pan, bring to a boil then cover and transfer to oven *. Braise meat for 2 hours, until very tender and the sauce has thickened. Let stand 20 minutes while you cook potatoes.

Boil potatoes and parsnips in salted water until tender. Drain and return to hot pot; mash with 2 tablespoons butter, cheese and milk. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg; stir in chives.

Serve stew in shallow bowls with potatoes alongside. Got to admit this one is more complicated than the one I made up but it is worth the effort. *I also added some red wine to the meat after I brought it all to a boil. During the making of this stew we had a game plan change that involved a movie and dinner out - no worries, we just put it in the fridge and had a great dinner ready the next night. It just got better everytime we reheated it over the next week. Just add more beef stock as needed to keep it going. We actually never even bothered with the potatoes either. Just soup in a bowl = yum! I do want to try the potatoes soon.

All this talk about food is making me hungry - time for more soup! Check back in a day or two for a delicious breakfast casserole that is super easy and really good.
Hate to run but - the soup is on!!!