Thursday, May 24, 2012

You Need This

If you hate the time it takes to dry your hair you are going to love this new brush by Goody - me. Stop reading right now and run to Target (where I got mine) or any drugstore that sells Goody products. GO!! This brush will change your life. And it only costs 11.99...I predict they will become hard to find and will be selling on EBay for $100's. No joke - it really does cut the drying time by more than half. And I was able to get my crazy curly hair straight too. I have only seen the paddle brush in magazine ads and stores. I have been using a round brush and it took me a minute to get the hang of the paddle brush. This one has micro fibers between the bristles and it feels very gentle on your hair. I just got mine after LB told me she had it and loved it...I've used it once and wish I had actually timed my blowout. I think it only took about 12 minutes. It usually takes about 30-45 minutes. Yes, people. I call it my arm workout and I am exhausted by the time it is done. Has a lot to do with why I only blow it out about 2 times a week. The bad news is now I'll need to drag myself to the gym more often for arm work. Still loving the brush. I even took it with me when I went to get my hair cut yesterday and my hair guru was amazed by it and was getting hers after work. I continue to hear that everyone is loving the Garnier BB face cream. It really does make your skin look amazing. I also love this new powder by Physicians Formula. I know that when we reach a certain age we are told not to use powder. I try to keep it light and only on tzone. Except for this new goes all over and it is awesome. It is Youthful Wear - Translucent Illuminating Finish. It is sheer and light and just makes you glow. Make sure it is the Illuminating finish. I've also decided to join the fake and bake crowd. I know I have made fun of all the umpaloompas on TV. I am trying to avoid the orange orangutan look. My boychild is having way too much fun calling me Snookie now. I've done three spray tans and all but the last one turned out great. Let's just say bronzed palms and foot soles were not the look I was going for. The barrier cream they provide did not work and someone didn't clean out the floor of machine from previous customer. EWWW. Yes, I will stand on flip flops next time I go. I also went to my friend TM the Self Tanning Queen and she recommended her fav tanning product to use at home...Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Bronzing Self Tanning Lotion. I'm really liking it and the price - $15.00. Babygirl and I had been using one from Nordstroms called Xtan and let's just say it is MORE than $15 bucks. Both work, I just have always hated the smell. Decided I could live with the smell for a few hours over the sight of my legs without color. I just wish I was talented enough with the tanner to create muscle tone and smooth tight skin. Bet that would be a best seller and more than $15. Even though I hate them I still think we should bring back panty hose. First let's change that name. That would help. I heard Leggs Eggs were coming back,all thanks to Princess Katherine who wears hose on occasion. I'm seriously thinking about investing in some Wolford sheer leggings myself. That sounds so much better. Til then I'll be tanning and smelling :) So I guess it is time for Snookie to shut up and go hit the me - go get the brush pronto!!!

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