Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sip and See

I love cheers me up just to walk thru the baby section at my Happy Place/ clothes, baby shoes, baby, baby, baby. Love them. I am just a little bit shocked that I am old enough to have so many friends with - GRAND Babies. Some of these friends are EVEN younger than me. AND they are GRANDPARENTS!! I'm sorry but, if turning 50 doesn't drive the point home or having people in their 30's respectfully call you MAM, then having friends that are first time grandparents is a wake up call to YOU ARE OLD AS CRAP NOW!! When did this happen? Been wondering who that old lady in the mirror was... Which brings me to the Sip and See....remember Baby Showers? Lots of cute baby stuff, little fancy finger food & mints in the appropriate color - pink or blue or mint? The guest of honor is miserable but excited and extremely anxious for the little one to arrive. She and probably a few of the guests are all ready to pop. Lots of ohhing and awwing over all the kajillion presents?? It doesn't even matter if it is their first or 3rd,4th, or 5th baby...can you imagine a baby shower for the Dugger Woman with 200 kids? Point is baby showers are necessary but can be boring, someone is fat, exhausted and really ready for someone to join the party. And they are very sober. Nine months sober. I really remember wanting a margarita when I was in the hospital having Griffin...Really wanting it. Flash forward to today's Sip and See...picture a room full of very attractive and well kept women of a certain age. My age. We are so happy to be there and to catch up with each other. And SEE our friend's precious, amazing, beautiful GRAND baby!! The BABY is at the party!! She is dressed in the cutest pink tutu with headband bow and she is perfect. Simply divine - for hours while we fight over who gets to hold her. And while we all eat the most delicious food (thanks to my friend and hostess with some killer cooking skills - JennO and in the beautiful home of my other friend DB - the mama of beautiful child gets to relax, eat and enjoy a few chambord and white wine fizzies. Along with all her very thankful guests. As we oooh and awwwe over her precious sweet baby girl! I'm thinking this Grandparent thing is not so bad :)))And I am definitely on board with this whole Sip and See idea. Sip a little something yummy, love on a little precious sweet baby and then go home!! I've got this G-Ma thing down pat!!

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