Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun Faux Finishes

In the spirit of why I started this blog - to share some good stuff - I have to share something that may not be in my blog's best interest. Pinterest. If you have not discovered it yet it is time to join the party. Loads of fun for everyone and every interest. It is also so addictive you will probably never return to this blog again. You will also find entire days and nights spent sitting in front of your laptop while chaos, famine and mountains of laundry grow all around you. I apologize to members of your immediate family that will soon become victims of this latest time suck on your attention and ability to care about them and their needs. They thought Words With Friends was bad....nothing and I mean nothing compares to Pinterest. I think I'll get ahead of the curve and start a treatment center for Pinfiends to come to for rest and recovery. I think we are going to need alot of these. So check it out with the warning that it is a gateway to lots of lost time well spent...

I have become obsessed with decorating my house...I blame it on Pinterest and Donna Decorates Dallas on HGTV...check your listings and set your tv to record this wonderful show. She and her daughters do amazing decorating transformations in real homes in the Dallas area every show. So much fun and no matter what your personal style is - you will learn something that will work for your home. My new fav thing to do now is pause the tv and take a pic so I can remember something she has done or an idea I want to try. If I ever win the lottery I know who is coming to my house!! I made a trip to her store during Christmas break and was thrilled to meet her daughter Ashley who runs the store and helps with the decorating end too. She was AMAZING and excited to start working on season 2. I can't wait!!

I finally did a faux finish in my dining room this weekend and was thrilled with the results. I used Annie Sloan Soft Wax, paintable wallpaper and a little oil rubbed bronze metallic paint. I'll be posting pics to my NEW facebook page for the blog - I KNOW! Fancy!! I got this fab idea from my friend Madonna who also started a really fun blog for old people. I haven't read it yet cause I'm not old. Heard it was really funny though. It's called -anyway, she has a fb page for it so of course I had to have one too! I am also excited cause I can upload pics to fb but not sure how to do it here. Sad but true. I'll post pics there and plug my blog at the same time :)) And yes, I've read her blog cause I'm OLDENOUGHTOKNOWBETTER and YOUNGENOUGHTODOITANYWAY. So check my page out on fb - - just give me a day or two to work out a few kinks.

Here are some of my fav products that I have been using to faux finish my face :)
1. Cannot tell you how important moisturizers are to older, soon to be older and never wants to get older skin. I've got so many people hooked on Pond's Dry Skin Cream. Wonderman loves it and his rosacea has never looked better. I also love Olay Regenerest UV Cream SPF 30 for daytime. And I finally got hooked on my little brush cleaner by Olay. I have friends that love the Clarisonic one but I can't make myself spend the extra for that one. Olay's really has made a difference.

2. Thanks to a sample gift from Sephora I am crazy about Laura Mercier products now. LOVE THESE - tinted moisturizer spf20 Illuminating in bare radiance. I just mix a dot with my Revlon Age Dyfing creme makeup and you get a soft glow without too much shine or glitter. And we ALL need a little glow. I also love her eye base product in Wheat. It really keeps my shadow on all day. And her mascara is fantastic. Sorry Stiletto - you are still the best priced mascara!! And my new fav lipstick ever is Brown Sugar. Perfect for everyone.

3. Maybelline has a new eyebrow pencil out and it is fantastic. It is called Master Shape and I love the dark brown. Remember they frame your eyes and make such a difference. As we age we lose them and they also fade in color. Give them a little faux finish and erase years from your face.

4. And the best faux finish for your face is your smile. Keep one on and you will look 10 years younger. As long as you are not smiling with a mouth of dull dingy teeth. EEEWWW. Crest makes great whitestrips that really get the job done. My fav way now though is their AMAZING toothpaste. I haven't needed the strips in months. Crest Complete with extra white & Scope Outlast is the best toothpaste and whitener ever.

So go discover the world of Pinterest if ya haven't already, check out OLDENOUGHTOKNOWBETTER, on fb, Donna on HGTV and keep coming back here for more Good Stuff.

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