Friday, August 24, 2012

My Reality TV

I have confessed to being a TV addict in the past. I admit to taping more TV than I should. People that brag they don't watch TV or DO NOT EVEN OWN A TV - annoy me. Still, I like a few - a very special few. And I find that most of these people actually do watch tv they just for some reason don't want to admit it. Trust me, I've watched plenty of TV that I don't want to admit to either. And most of what I do watch and love gets cancelled - Moonlight, every show Matthew Perry has been in since Friends, Easy Streets, Friday Night Lights (Thank you Direct TV again for bringing that back)...the list goes on. As for reality TV - I'm torn. I have never watched any of the Survivors, Race or Apprentice shows. A couple of episodes of Biggest Loser. I absolutely hate all the House hunting shows....not sure why. Love seeing decorated houses but not people choosing between 3 crap choices. I KNOW I am the only person on the planet that feels this way. I apologize.

In the beginning, I loved the Housewives shows because I did enjoy seeing where and how they all lived in different parts of the country. Until they all evolved into a screaming hot mess of nasty women behaving badly. Middle school was bad enough - reliving mean girls as grown women is not how I want to spend my TV viewing time. So this afternoon, I was enjoying my latest issue of People magazine (another guilty pleasure) when I read the story about Jacqueline Laurita's son and their struggle with his diagnosis of Autism. The unknown and randomness of this disease terrifies us all. Her story was heartbreaking and inspiring just like so many that deal with this reality. She is undecided as to whether she will be back for another season of Housewives. I quit watching her show many seasons ago. The fighting and table throwing and back stabbing is not entertainment to me. I may be an addict but it is for quality TV.

That is when I thought - what if she did a reality show based on her family and their journey with their son's diagnosis and life. They already have let cameras into their world, why not let it be something real that could reach out to other families going through the same ordeal. I'd much rather watch positive family role model shows than TV crap like Honey Boo Boo - do not get me started on that embarrassment of riches. Someone tied me to a chair and forced me to watch ONE episode. TV hell in it's finest hour. I may just be a TV addict but I think the world needs more positive Reality Shows. Good examples of how real people are living and dealing with the realities we all face. That would be my hope for MY Reality TV. And to Jacqueline and her family - I wish them all the best. Thanks for sharing your story in People magazine.

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