Thursday, February 2, 2012


I was all set to blog about aging and women and Demi's trainwreck....I even tried to leave Demi out of it. Turning 50 is enough to send most of us into a tailspin...I can't imagine the problems of living in the eye of the media in Hollywood. Of course, I am fascinated by it and read all the latest and watch the tabloid shows. I am not throwing stones. I feed that machine. And, I go to the movies, watch the tv shows and in my own small way support their livelihood. That does not give me the right to judge or think I know what they are really going through. So I stored my earlier blog.

After a nice dinner out with my hubbs I came home and discovered on my Yahoo news feed that someone was messing with Ellen. Shit is about to hit the fan. Not that she needs my support - she is going to get it anyway. LEAVE ELLEN ALONE!! If you happen to be a homophobic freak hiding behind the Bible and Family values - think again. You are nothing but a bully. Calling yourselves 100 million MOMS is first of all an insult to the rest of us moms. Most of us are trying to raise children that are kind and accepting of others. Not slushy throwing brats afraid of anyone that happens to be different. Different is not a disease. I like boys - Ellen likes girls - we are both wonderful people - what is your problem with that? Life would be so simple if everyone could just agree on that. Right? Old, fat, gay, young, skinny, smart, funny....we are all just people. God made and loves us all. AMEN. Can we just leave it at that? If Jesus loved the sinners and the lepers - what part of being a "Christian" are you missing? Seriously, YOU are trying to get JC Penney to fire Ellen? Because she loves someone? Wow. It is really that simple. She loves someone that happens to be another woman. Why does that threaten you? She does her best everyday to make us smile. She is funny and smart and she helps so many people everyday, not because she is famous and can. But, because she wants to. I am angry for her that you chose to attack her, but I am more sorry for you, that you believe you should. As a mom, I will pray for you tonight. Because I believe MY GOD made us all. I believe he loves me, Ellen & you. I believe he wants us all to love one another. I respect Ellen and all the things she stands for. She brings so much good into the world. I will become a first time shopper at JCP because of her. And I will pray for you and your children. That you might learn to love those that are different and wonderful in their own way.

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