Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Drugs Don't Care

Been a busy week...everyone is obsessed with the latest media shocker. Still. Tried really hard to keep my mouth shut on this one. This is supposed to be about the Good Stuff. Sometimes stuff happens. Bad stuff happens to good people and we have no answers. Good, sweet boys sign up and defend our country and pay with their lives. EVERYDAY. Good boys. Our boys and GIRLS. They choose to do the right thing and sign up and go to war so we can all live our lives. Maybe if they are lucky they will get to ride in a parade. Usually after they are severely injured. And only if they are special. Sometimes we even join together and build them a home and that is great. Rarely, though do we fly flags at half mast in THEIR honor. Too many boys and girls, too many flags. Heard the flags in New Jersey flew at half mast this week...not for a fallen soldier though. Rumor has it flags flew at half mast to honor someone that was born with a God given TALENT. Someone really special. She had an entire Baptist Church Congregation and loving family supporting her. AND apparently - the whole frickin world. AND that was not enough. She didn't go to war. She didn't risk her life for others. She risked her life to get high. She wasted her amazing voice - her gift from God - over and over for drugs. Tragedy? Yes. Big surprise? I don't think so. Flags at HALF MAST? I don't think so. Gave her life? No, she wasted her life. Did heaven get another angel to sing in the choir? No. Heaven got another drug addict to sing in the choir. Sad? Most definitely. Save the flags for our children that go to war. Drugs don't care.

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