Wednesday, April 4, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

Or 50 Shades of Red if someone catches you reading this book. Which is probably why most of the Kajillion women in the world are reading it on Kindles, Ipads, Iphones or other devices. I've been reading my naughty books on my iphone for awhile. Kind of miss those covers though.

I was so surprised that I almost missed the Grey Party...thanks to SJ and NH recreating THE SCENE from When Sally Had an Orgasm the other day at lunch just talking about this book. Hilarious - trust me they like this book A LOT. Being the know it all that I am they were so excited to share something with me that I had not heard about. Within two days every paper and magazine had a story on this book phenom. It was the cover of Entertainment Weekly and top of book lists covered by Wall Street Journal. Movie deal is already signed.

Story is the author was just kind of blogging a takeoff story on the Twilight series. Kind of Bella and Edward for grownups. With major kinky hangups. Not gonna spoil any plot or story lines. Actually not a lot of that yet. Just lots and lots of kinky sex. Easy to see how this book gets everyone off. Pun intended. Most of us are too busy and too tired to actually have sex. When we do I'm just guessing it is probably a little vanilla. Nothing wrong with vanilla. This book puts sex out there in the Ben & Jerry category. Lots of sex beyond vanilla. It is no secret that I am a big fan of what I call my Happy Books and my hubs calls our Foreplay Books. Hey, everyone is happy. And I was so happy to see my friends going on and on and on about a book. Especially the one that "doesn't read" books. They are even rereading this book.:)

I'm on book two out of the three. I'll admit book one lived up to my standards of "happy" book material. Not loving the main characters though due to character issues. He's a control freak and she is a major whiner. Lack of plot not a problem cause the sex was hot. By book two the shock of kinky sex was wearing off and even their sex was starting to sound vanilla. And she was stressing and whining cause he was too rich and fabulous. And he was so busy telling her when to sit, eat, wear a coat...seriously. What happened to the whips and chains??? Not to rain on anyone's parade but, I need a plot and characters I can relate to. Right now I'm more interested in the body guard. What's his story??

So if you are enjoying 50 Shades of Grey or if not and ya want to read some books that will keep you up at night and not just reading :))) try some of my favorites. Just type in books in that handy little search box in the upper left corner of my blog. It will take you to previous posts. Check out the Vampireholic Post...several series of books are listed. Check one out. Dare ya.

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