Friday, March 2, 2012

I''m not the Fat Elvis...

I am so glad I did not lead with this....Bon Jovi did...Google it. We all know Elvis had problems and he got fat and died. I've already talked about Saint Whitney, and no she didnt get fat, she just died. Not my fault, dont' shoot me. I did however, call out Rush Limbaugh on my FB... and that did generate just a little bit of chatter..whatev. I still stand by he is a total idiot. NO filter - He is just out for the big buck and please dear GOD let somebody still be listening so I have a radio job. Yes, you do. As long as sponsors pay. Heard you lost of few and so not sorry to hear that. Calling a college student a slut and whore because she wants her insurance company to pay part of her health care costs for birth control... A SLUT AND PROSTITUTE...really, did ya throw some stones too?? The man addicted to pain meds?? Really...a college student WORKING and wanting her insurance company to help cover the cost of birth control? Did anyone notice the word "working", NOT a free handout. Just so glad you didn't say that about my daughter. I am more than happy to make sure this is not a problem. Because I can. I just wish every girl/woman could. If you want to stop abortions then step up and help cover the costs of birth control. Or step up and adopt, pay for and send every unplanned child to college. Go right ahead. Put your money - for being a shock jockey - where your mouth is. PAY UP. Cause if birth control isn't covered...somebody is paying for it. Long term or short term. Babies are a gift from God but, they should be wanted, planned for and provided for.Period.

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