Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Work in Progress

It's Saturday morning house is quiet and I'm enjoying a nice hot cup of breakfast while I try to figure out the basics of this whole blog format stuff. I've been playing with font size and colors the last couple of days. It seems that with another birthday I am beginning to notice that small print has gotten smaller and harder to read. And while purple on black is favorite color combo of mine lots of little pretty purple words were starting to get blurry as I rambled now they are white and I think easier to read. And I love that whole zebra - black/white look as well. Good news is my sweet baby girl is coming home tonight and she is a computer wiz and she is going to help me make some cosmetic changes to my blog. Most important I am hoping she will help me fix the follower prob too...I know for a fact that I have a HUGE following of at least 8 BFF's and every single one of them has said "You are so funny!! Keep blogging!!! And yes, take me to see Oprah when she calls you". But not a single one of them or me can get them on my follower list. Now if I were the only one having a prob doing this I'd say well, its prolly the wine or I am just truly STUPID....but all of us???We can't all be Stupid....notice I didn't say we all couldn't be drinking wine...these are my BFF's afterall and I know my girls. They are not stupid but they do love their wine and they are all on my Girly Girl Liquid Diet too now....we are all gonna be so cute and skinny together in rehab with all the celebs. Forget going to LA on the hopes of seeing a celeb up close live and personal - jes drink up and head to rehab. Does insurance cover that?

Someone smarter than me also suggested that I break my ramblings up into more of a paragraph style so I am going to try that too. And this a good time to explain exactly what my writing style is and that most of the grammatical and spelling errors are done ON PURPOSE. (I have spellcheck people so when a word looks funny and I am not trying to be funny I either correct it with spellcheck or I use another word. That explains why this is prolly written on a third grade level...) I am sure by now you have figured out I just ramble on and on which means all my sentences tend to ramble on and on all together. My apologies to all my English teachers - you did your best and this is not your fault. I do it on purpose to make me happy and trick my readers into thinking "Oh, she's not an idiot - she's just funny and doing it on PURPOSE to be funnier." So there, all you smarty pants...until I sign a book/movie deal and some important person in charge of me is saying I have to stop and fix all that or they will not be giving me that big ole fat paycheck I am going to save my sanity and not worry about where the periods and commas really should go. You are smart enough to know that. So it is a win/win and everybody's happy. And hopefully laughing. If not maybe you need to read this blog with a glass of wine/dinner. I personally think I am WAAAY funnier around dinner time. Right now is breakfast and I'm a little worried that I'm not as funny now on caffiene/coffee - see the word caffiene looks "funny" to me and I do have spellcheck but I jes realized I don't know how to make it work and I don't know another word for it so I feel the need to explain. Time to have a dictionary handy. Now if this were dinner time/five o'clock somewhere I would not be so worried about any of this. So I think in the future I will only blog after dinner/glass of wine. You should prolly only read this after your dinner/glass of wine too.

Anyhoo...please keep reading and coming back and I'll keep trying to make it funnier and better and a good time will be had by all. And yes, I'll yak about more of my favorite things that you need to run out and buy. Just remember - Opa gives and I just share the info folks. So if you want to go to Opa with me one day keep reading my blog so that when she calls and says "Oh My Her!!! You are soooo funny and I just can't wait to meet you and all your followers/BFFS - I'm going to fly all of you to my show!!!You too will be on my list and off to see Opa!!!

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  1. You would include your MIL on the big Oprah Show! I always knew you could write! Love these funnies! Keep them up!