Monday, July 6, 2009

fireworks, tennis, marshmellows

Another 4th has come and gone...nothing beats fireworks from your own backyard - or a close neighbor's - lots of friends, cold beer, good wine & food. Our new favorite summer treat - an old faithful made a new way....s'mores! The night we ran out of wood was a good thing cause my brilliant 14yr. old decided to try "roasting" them inside on the gas stove. Duh, hello?? Quick, easy and safe as long as you remember to turn it off. And no bugs!!! We are finally using the heck out of those fondue forks...perfect for gassing a marshmellow!! And even better than graham crackers - try the Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafer cookies - OMG!!!Slap a charred marshmellow between two and just wait. Delicious. Be right back...with sticky fingers.

Okay, I'm also suffering from Wimbleton Withdrawals...nonstop tennis for two weeks - What a way to end it!!! Love my Roger and ANDY either way a win for all tennis fans. Time to get off my fanny and go put all I've learned watching the pros to use playing my frenemies...

And of my very favorite things - shopping online. All the stuff you need but sometimes just don't want to hand over at the check out counter to the cute young boy like the best thongs & bras ever - Target!!! - Or any embarrassing personal products - and I'm not talking about anything "NASTY"...although I think you can get those there too. Not that I have. But could.

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