Saturday, July 11, 2009

Girly Girl Diet part 2

Well, I am happy to report so far so good. One day on the GGDiet and I am down a pound. Not bad. A pound a day sounds good to me. However, I think I need to tweak it jes a bit...I did great with breakfast and lunch and before I knew it was 5:00(dinner time). And I really wasn't hungry yet.

May have been due to the heatstroke, from walking 4 freakin miles at 12:00 in the triple digit heat....and no thank you, my car is running just fine - I was walking on purpose to help sweat out all the extra "water" weight I've gained from eating sunflower seeds. Now I still think my scale is broken but that extra 7 lbs. might have come from all the salty sunflower seeds I've been enjoying lately. A lot. So I did not touch a single one yesterday. I also did not have a single roasted/gassed marshmallow sandwich cookie either thank you very much. If you do not know what I am talking about - stop, scroll down to the first blog entry and start at the beginning like a sane normal person would. Then you will be up to speed.

Back to me. One pound down so that is not the problem. The problem happened around dinner time ...which believe it or not, got delayed until after 6:00ish (kinda like real dinner when I cook food around 8:00ish) and I was only a few bites/sips into my first helping/glass when I noticed my hands and arms were feeling kinda shaky. Now normally this happens much later, so naturally I was a little concerned - what with the early heatstroke an all this did not seem like a good sign. Also don't forget GG Liquid Diet means no food and I had not had a single solid anything all day. This is also about the time I realized my head was also starting to pound and not in a good way. Enough that my dinner/wine did not look so good anymore and that is when I knew it was something serious. Now I think it was dinner - My favorite chardonnay by the way, Fat Bastard (Seriously, can't help it, I didn't name it but I just love it!!) - on top of lunch and breakfast all sloshing around in there without anything to hold it all together, like bread!! Or any kind of carbs. So I carefully made a spot in my freezer for my glass of dinner which was getting lukewarm while I was all shaky and not sipping. This happens alot in Texas with the triple digits all day and yes, even in the evenings. Do not be tempted to put ice into your drink in public...very tacky. You know who you are and yes, I still love you. Just poor a little less each time and keep the bottle in the coldest part of the fridge. Drink up and get UP and go pour a little more. See diet and exercise all in one.

Sorry back to dinner last night...well feeling too sick to enjoy dinner/wine was really bumming me out so I decided one little piece of low fat Sargento string cheese prolly wouldn't be a bad idea. And I didn't even have the crackers I love to go with it - yet. I was still all into the diet self control mode. By now dinner was nice and chilled and I felt much better. I some how managed to clean my plate/finish the glass cause we all know there are starving children in the world/sober kids somewhere I hope. Let's all just try to do our part and this whole world will be a better place. Even I know world peace is probably pushing it. Back to me. Time to tweak the Girly Girl's Liquid Diet...

Breakfast - keep it the same coffee and hot green tea - add one grapefruit. Rumor has it grapefruit is good for your metabolism and it is almost a liquid anyway.

Lunch - Same thing - Crystal light lemonade and green tea mixed - no food yet fatty!!!

Dinner - Okay, eat one piece of that string cheese above but be careful with the
cracker part. Like Lay's it's hard to eat just one...the cheese should help with the shakes. Better yet don't do the walking in the heat part and that will probably take care of the headache and shakes. Eat the damn cheese anyway. And don't forget to clean your plate/drink your wine. It's all about the children. Just do it. For them. And the world.

Wish me luck on day two.

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