Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What is the good stuff???

My favorite things. Who am I? Well, the good news is I'm not Oprah. Not that I don't LOVE OPRAH...she is awesome and she gives away a lot of great shit. Bad news is YOU can't afford it. AND you are not on OPRAH. So you do not pass go and collect lots of great stuff. NO SHIT. Now for some good news. Okay, slightly better favorite things you can afford. Because for them to be my favorite things - I HAVE them and no one GAVE them to me (yet anyway... that will come a little later). And I too like OPRAH like to share - I just can't give them to you. But, I can tell you about them and if you like - you too can go buy them somewhere. And hopefully that will lead to more people buying them and then some body that makes them will get to keep their job and so on.... Important news - not good or bad - there is no random order in what I like or why I decide to share my favorite some days you may likey and some days you may not. Too bad. I will try to make you happy but if not TOO bad. Here is what I like - things I can afford without making my husband too crazy (what he doesn't know won't hurt him, dang he just came home and read that. May have to do some damage control - don't ask) That was close but I am back and ready to go....good stuff??? Where to start? Who am I??? Female - almost 48 years younger...born blonde (key word born)...former teacher now stay home mom/driver/home CEO/BOSS. Won't get me very far on a future job resume but that is not my problem today. Here are a few things I love today:

Latisse - yes!! It does eyelashes and eyebrows are longer, thicker and even darker. Not sure which one makes me happier but yes! It works. Now, how am I using it? With my own eyeliner brush and I only squeeze ONE drop into the top of the itty bitty bottle that COSTS $100.00. My bottle has lasted over 4 months...again - my brush and ONE drop will do both eyes and eyebrows. I KNOW!! How cool is that. Very cost effective my way. Side effects for me - ZERO. And yes, people have noticed and asked me if I finally learned to apply false eyelashes. Answer is no.

Food stuff - run to Sam's and buy the Tuscany Brushetta ...sold in a big jar with all the pasta and cheese. Amazing stuff - eat it with a spoon (that good) or over pasta, on sliced bread or my very favorite way on top of pizza on the grill. How do I do Pizza on the grill??? You will never call Papa Johns again...sorry Papa. But if I do that is who I call. If I have my favorite pizza in the freezer here is what I do. Any thin crust pizza will work. I prefer either California Pizza or Primo's (Cost Co has this at a great price)...turn your gas grill on high. Get it as hot as it will go. Rub olive oil on the bottom of your frozen pizza and season will a little extra garlic powder. ( I do). Then put it on the grill close the grill and turn it OFF, and leave it closed for 10 minutes. Just set the timer and don't mess around with it. And don't forget to turn the grill off. Pizza will be delicious. If you are using a white or margarita pizza top with the Tuscany Brushetta sauce. YUM. Any bottle of wine of your choice will work.

Books - I told you this would be random stuff. I like books that make me laugh, crying is okay as long as I'm not too depressed. I have lots of self confidence so self help books bore the crap out of do most that try to enlighten me. Scary is okay as long as I can sleep and not freak myself out...but mostly I just want to enjoy and be happy. So my favorite books are:

City of Thieves - David Benioff - Big thanks to Mr. Benioff for sharing this amazing story and Borders for telling me I just couldn't leave their store that day without buying it.

All Janet Evanovich - Stephanie Plum novels and I am on number 15 right now...hurry up with the next one!!! And Whatever happened to the Movie????

Loving all things Vampire...started with the Twilight series...and Moonlight the tv show that some Idiot cancelled. Read all Charlaine Harris Sooky Stackhouse series which led to True Blood on showtime. Love them. For those that like it even darker and with way more sex try Laurell K Hamilton's series with Anita hot hot...nuff said.

Pat Conroy's Prince of Tides is still my all time favorite book ever...hated the movie. Can't wait for his newest book to come out this fall.

Harlan Coben's Myron Boloitar series is great and so are all his stand alone books. But dig up his original series.

TV - just go buy any system that allows you to record what you want to watch when you want to watch. We will discuss programs later....No live tv....slow and boring.

Time to log off - getting sleepy and sloppy....hope you come back!

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