Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday noon

Whew - what a weekend! I've discovered the perfect way to eazze back into the real world on Monday. Stay in bed until at least NOON...didn't quite make that but I'm still in pj's so that helps. Dog is up but kids still down so not too bad so far. I have never understood why some Parents freak and make such a big deal when their teenagers want to sleep late. Really?? I say let 'em sleep all day. That's just a little more me time without someone demanding a - let's make a list shall we?
1. ride somewhere - usually involves you taking and picking up.
2. non stop food service - as in I'm hungry feed me something else - again and again and...
3. money for them to go somewhere/do something - give it to them so they will go away
4. help finding something that they left laying around - that you picked up and put away...
5. hogging the tv that all my shows are taped on - they don't demand that they just beat me to it.
6. You get the does Letterman come up with 10 every night??? I know I left something out but you get the idea. Let them SLEEP people!!!

Diet report ALERT - It is working and all looks good for the big one tomorrow - not only did I follow the plan with as little food intake as possible I had an excellent chance to dance my fanny off Sat. night thanks to the amazing performance of MR. KEITH URBAN and friends!! Best concert ever...had to eat a little to have the energy to dance my boots off. My apologies to all those folks sitting in the box -really appreciate the tickets and food/booze spread - but I guess I'm really a floor ticket kind of girl...and remember we all look better in tight jeans standing up!!! It was dark too and I just kept dancing and jumping around (like all the cool kids) so no one touched me around the waist....that Wonderful Man I married (let's just call him Wonderman) assured me I did not look STUPID and that he was enjoying the show -(me shakin all God gave me) and Keith and the boys too. Smart man. I didn't marry no dummy. Do not try to stop or control me - wait if he is Wonderman can I be Wonderwoman? No, we have one already and I hate that costume...Wonderwife -not feeling that either sounds like I should be really into housework...never mind I'll think of something else. Focus. Do not try to stop or control me when I am having FUN. Just sit back and enjoy or get up and join in. A great time was had by all. And those really nice people behind me said "No, really we can see just fine" so I do mean all.
And then to top it all off we had even more dancing and fun at church on Sunday...we have a really fun church where everyone is encouraged to dance, sing, clap and praise Jesus the whole time. More on that another time. This week we had the best church band ever - Royal Tailor - that is the name of the band & a dry cleaning place apparently. They were great and we danced and sang along the entire time. Not used to needing a shower after church but I did. And honestly, we were raised in a quiet church but we are loving this fun church and are starting to loosen up a little and really get into it. This church is awesome and the kids love it. Nuff said. Check out the bands site and go buy their cd - I'd give ya one but remember I'm not Opa(names have been changed so I don't piss her off and blow my chance to sit with her when I'm rich and famous).
Crap kids are up and starving -cause they slept thru breakfast & midmorning meal and almost lunch so I need to go feed them and let the dog out again. Dang and I was on a roll too.....

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