Saturday, January 30, 2010

WTH Happened to January???

I am really starting to feel like Rip Van Wrinkle (ha ha, I know the right name!!)... I was JUST enjoying all my crazy Christmas crap - which reminds me of something else, I LOVE funny cocktail napkins. Swoozies is like crack to me...OMG somebody needs to keep me out of that store. I could spend hours and waaay too much money (sorry WM) on funny napkins. Lucky for me two of my favorites were gifts from two of my fav girlfriends. One said,"Here's to PEACE and Joy and Lots of FAKE sparkly CRAP" I just loved that one at Christmas...might use that in my Christmas card next year!! And the one I have out now says,"Let's eat DRINK and pray our butts fit in our VELVET PANTS"...and after all the crap we ate over Christmas it is just perfect! Course any dumbass with a big ass knows NOT to be caught dead in velvet pants. But, the napkin makes me smile and that's what it's all about.

Back to the fact that it is January 30!!! I just recovered from Christmas let down/take down and January is gone...but that's okay, cause Feb.2 is a BIG DAY!!! I can't all starts with the Oscar nominations - one of my bucket list items is to one year just be there in LA LA land for the Oscars. Note I said JUST be in LA...not on stage thanking God and Everyone I ever Knew for my little man statue...that would be beyond exciting and hell on earth for me at the same time. Ya'll know if you have been reading since the beginning of this blog that I used to joke about going to Oprah one day...truth is I'd much rather be in the audience than on her the audience usually gets good crap. Wonder if the guests do too??? Just want to be clear on that wish...there is good - center stage not so much. You can imagine if I'm this excited about the nominations how crazy I get watching the actual show and all the fun red carpet shows before!!! HEAVEN. And the beauty of Direct TV has enhanced my life in so many watching delayed so you can fastforward thru the boring speeches. Unless the person boring me to tears is hot then ya just mute it and look at them.

Also, on this big day several new books are coming out so a trip to my favorite place on the planet is on the schedule too...the bookstore or anyplace that has books for sale - TARGET rocks people!! What is not to love except for the gianormous amount of money I keep pumping into that place...BOOKS, music, really cute clothes, home stuff, food & wine (one less stop to shop) and OMG the Jewelry!!! If you have been skipping the accessory section you are missing out...GREAT stuff. I get more compliments on my Target jewelry than all my real stuff. Even Wonderman is happy cause I told him several years ago to save his money at the jewelry store and just support my little Target habit...he prolly spent less back in the day when he was coming home with little boxes - shhh, hope he's not reading this one.... He's been to Target too so he understands - might not like my costly little habit - but he's been bitten by the Target Bug too.

Hopefully, a movie I missed is coming out on DVD on 2/2 - love it when that happens and I can't wait for Zombieland - very sad I missed it in theatres but will rush to buy it. Kids loved it and will watch over and over and over...need to go see Avatar - mainly cause it is winning awards and makin a boat load of money. Personally, watching a bunch of blue people does not appeal to me. Hope it proves me wrong. I'm just finally getting used to all the orange people. And they are everywhere and I finally quit worrying that my tv was going out when I realizied that was just the spray tan craze. All my vampires are a nice shade of white so I know the tv is okay. Now, I'm terrified of skin cancer so I get the message that tanning is bad for us. But, just not digging the orange skin either. Couple of weeks ago we had a sunny day and tennis called and I got dressed and almost passed out when I saw my white (skinnier and somewhat toned - thanks Reebox ReTone shoes!!)legs....OMG. Nothing worse. Except very white tummies. Soooo, I dug out a bottle of Jergens Natural Glow Express - medium to tan skintones - it was awesome!! Instantly better and not too orange, still smells and that is a major prob for me cause I am all about SMELLING good. However, smelly won over whiter than white legs. Then before I could get my newly tanned legs on the tennis court the Texas Temperature dropped 20 degrees and it didn't matter afterall cause I got to put my tights on!! Nothing hides lumps and bumps AND white legs better than good running tights. Wish someone would invent a fleshtone pair you could wear year round...that's my new mission!!Gonna bring back "panty hose"...makes me cringe just to say "panty hose" - NASTY...will have to rename my new invention much to do and so little time!!! I've been rambling on so much today it's prolly already Feb!!!

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