Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Jan. 4th! Back to Reality Day!!

Well, reality is relative I guess...but, today for me it was back to reality....just a tad bit cold here and everywhere else it seems and gonna stay that way for a week it sounds like. Why do all old people talk on and on about the weather??? OMG!! WTF!! Why am I talking about the weather???? Must be 'cause my roots are showing and I need to be taking down Christmas and I have wayyy more fun an important things to talk and think about - thank you all - very much. Really wanted to put the fbomb in there somewhere but that is just the hormones out of don't want to shock anyone just coming to this blog that may be under the illusion that I am a sane, nice and normal person. It is wayyyy more fun to be the crazy, scary bitch. My children and hubby on the other hand are all locked together in a room away from scary mommy....silly me. Just feeling a little bit guilty about all the Christmas everywhere and my total lack of any desire to take it all down. I'm thinking, "Hey! I put it all up! YOU take it all down." Except then I'd be totally f&*G*& next year when I had to put it all up, I'll get to it when I get to it. First, I need to take care of my roots. By the hair is a very nice shade of blonde and not that crazy color in our Christmas card pics....naturally blonde hair is very hard to recreate out of a bottle and even harder to capture in pictures from Walgreens evidently...Even Griff's color was off and his is all natural.. Baby Girl's IS a gorgeous shade of red so she looked just fine. Wonderman doesn't give a shit what color his is - he's just thankful to have it again!!!

So today the boys had to go back to work and school and Baby Girl and I got to hang out and do fun stuff. That is why my roots are still growing and Christmas is still up....she goes back to college in a couple of weeks. I promise I'll do my hair, take down Christmas and at least get all the laundry clean. Even I won't promise to put it all away. Prolly not gonna happen in this life time. At least I'm honest. Crazy for sure but self aware and honest. Deal with it.

She spent some more of her Christmas money and we finally got to see the movie she's been begging to see. Have You Heard About the Morgan's?? Possibly the worst movie name ever...even the ticket girl had no clue what movie we were trying to see. Prolly, cause I couldn't remember the freakin name(not my fault) and I said "Two for the Morgans"...anyway, the critics have not been kind and even though I could watch Hugh Grant do just about anything (except have sex with a hooker - not proud of him for that but Hey!!! He manned up. Said he was very sorry so...still love him) and I was devastated when Sex in the City ended -so anyway we got our tickets and the theatre to OURSELVES!!! Don't ya just love that when it happens!!! I always think Wow, this must be what Katie Holmes/Cruise feels like everyday!!! By the time our movie finally started nine other people/paparazzi had crashed our private screening. Whatever, we were cool with it as long as they didn't interrupt by asking for our autographs.( They didn't)Let me tell you - sometimes the critics don't know nuthin. I personally got my money's worth. I laughed out LOUD every time Hugh Grant opened his mouth. Again - I love him. But for the price of a movie ticket??? So worth it. And I also heard other people laughing at times so I wasn't the only one out of ten having fun....then I came home to a fabulous pot roast dinner in the crock pot - I'd love to share the recipe - cause THAT is what I DO...but, I've been gassin on about food for the last three weeks and I don't want to bore anyone or make you fat. If you need a fab and easy dinner recipe let me know (kay, just love hearing you read my blog and this is cheap and easy plug for attention!!!) Then I watched the new episode of the Batchelor...let me just say - if you like a whole lot of crazy in your tv viewing you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SEASON!!! I know he is a Dallas boy and all but something is just a bit off about him and most of the chicks on the show this season. Ed and Jilly tried to help him out too tonight but I don't think he was listening cause I can promise you this - one or more of these girls will be boiling bunnies by the end of this season...then I watched the new show Cougar Town for the second time since it started. I KNOW...I told everyone I didn't like it and thought it was awful and was so disappointed cause I loved Courtney on Friends....HATED the first episode. Got to admit...not ashamed to say maybe I judged to soon...really liked it tonight. I still think she over acts sometimes but at least the writing was funnier to me than the first show. All relative I guess... So, to 2010!!! Hope you and all your loved ones had a wonderful holiday and that we will all be blessed and happy in this new year...

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