Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beauty Sale Alert

I'm interrupting my own pajama day/read a good book time to bring you this info...forgot to earlier when I was on redoing my blog colors...speaking of colors and this ALERT rush to CVS today!!! Hope this sale is still on for you too...Revlon buy one get one FREE!!! Love that - now I do need to add I'm not sure if all products are included but the ones I got yesterday are and I love them!!!

Revlon AGE Defying (GOT to love that!!!Cause you know we are all defying and denying the fact that we are getting older. Not saying we aren't having birthdays -cause that with any luck means presents - just that we are getting older looking)Spa Face Illuminator - Okay, who did I lose on that one? Take out the stuff in the () and you will have the name of the product. Now if you are trying to find your youthful glow again and you would like for it to come out of a bottle or tube then this is for you!!! AND it has an SPF of 18 - bonus!! Now I used the 030 Gold Light today and it looks great(not braggin, talking bout the product folks...pretty is as pretty does and braggin is never pretty. Mamma raised me right) Goes on a little oompa loompa at first but don't panic is settles down to normal in a minute. If you are worried about what color you need -stop - that is the beauty of buy one get one free!!! Get the two closest to what you think. Hopefully, one works. If not, blend them. And you'll have light one for winter and dark one for summer when you accidentally get a little help from the sun. Don't forget to check it out in a mirror with nothing but outdoor light. Very important - please don't make me tell you it's not a good match. Also, the lighter one is good for under the eyes.

I also love my new eye shadows -polished bronze and brushed copper - great on all eye colors. I know the mags say "older" eyes shouldn't use too much frost or glitter but these are subtle and a little of that keeps it on our old crepe eyes which is what they really mean but don't want to say and lose a subscriber...

And remember - if you hurry and have a CVS card - two for one is a great time to try something new. And there may even be a coupon around that will make it even better. Yes, I love a good deal. But I love good products even better.

Now you all know I love Latisse - for lashes and brows - and I love, love, love Maybelline's NEW Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara...thick and long and who doesn't love that ;) ??? Mascara!! Hello!!! But, I have to call Bulls*&^ on their tv ad campaign. First of all - those eyelashes are freaky. I love long and thick but not only are these OBVIOUSLY not real they don't even look good. Sometimes bigger really isn't better. Wait - we are still talking about mascara right? Yes. So to the folks at Maybelline here is what I think. Stop that silly ad you paid waaay too much money to some ad genius for and just use a real person that uses your mascara and likes it a lot...I'm available and prolly cheaper too. Ya'll let me know if you like this mascara. I know Melinda does!! Heyyy!

So go beautify yourselves...nothing wrong with that. Just don't go all Heidi on me!!OMG. Is she for real??? Well, obviously not any more, but I'm talking about what is or isn't in her head. WTH is this poor lost soul thinking? I feel the most sorry for her poor mother. Babygirl, just go ahead and stab me in the heart if you ever EVER EVER...go on national tv airing all your crazy. Not that you have any crazy. Just if you ever do - think of your poor mama first and don't DO IT!! Instead of spending all that money (and boy, I really hoped she had to PAY for it) on the outside she should have found a really good shrink and worked on the inside. I know I said on my other blog I wasn't going to talk about her anymore but sometimes we learn the most from other people's mistakes...and whew, isn't that a lot more fun than when we make'em??

So back to jammie day and my good book and all my taped the way, I'm reading Beautiful Creatures - odd but no, it has nothing to do with today's topic!!!- I really like it, have no idea what is going on yet or where it's going and it's a good thing. Not that I'm stupid!! Just that it is so unusual and different and well done. You kinda think ya know but the suspense is really good so far. Will let ya know - now let me go read!!! :)


  1. Fun post for me! My brother-in-law works for Revlon so I'll have to send it on to him! I also just got Latisse so the jury is still out of that one for me. You'd think it would do SOMETHING for the $'s! Eye brows too? How bout hair on head?

    Susan Miller

  2. Thanks, Susan! Keep using the Latisse it is amazing and I am sure someone somewhere is working on making this a product for hair too...ka-ching!! I love my long eyelashes but am the most thrilled with the eyebrows!! I always wanted Brooke Shield's eyebrows - funny for me is that she is their "face". Now my new ones are blonde and need color but I actually have hair there now to color!! Revlon makes great brow products too.